Tony Ortega to Become Executive Editor of Raw Story

Yes, I know that meaning :whistling: ( learned it while supervising my kids on video games :omg:) but I thought his comment was about their reporting on the Tea Party as if they slanted thir emphasis towards supporting the Tea Party..... my misunderstanding.. I didn't read anything at the site but the article on Tony coming aboard.

But if it's a liberal slant, I don't see where the issue is about the "Teabagger cult" in the above comment.


The Raw Story exposes the insanity of the cult of teabagging the same way The Bunker exposes the insanity of the cult of Scientology.

Purple Rain

It makes sense and I LIKE IT! :clap::thumbsup::hattip:

Me, too! I met J. Swift when I went to visit karen#1 in Los Angeles, and she and Jeffrey took me out to dinner on the Queen Mary - one of the most wonderful experiences of my life. I can't say how impressed I was with them individually and together. They were intelligent, kind, empathetic, funny, generous, interesting, and they just had great stories about life as well as Scientology. They knew interesting people and they'd done interesting things. I am so happy that J. Swift is OTVIIIisGrrr8! I never would have guessed it but it makes total sense now I know!

These developments are all very exciting!!