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Love Scientology's response but disappointed they didn't mention the 'provable bullshit' :coolwink:


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The screen shot of the TV program above has a header that says "Scientology on the rise in Australia". This makes no sense to me when the subject matter of the interview includes the FACT that only 2,100 Australians self-identified as Scientologist in the last census.

Shouldn't they have at least put a question mark at the end of the statement?

Although, perhaps in the prior census only 2,000 people claimed $cientology, making the latest figure an increase? Oh well. Whatever, I guess.


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The screen shot of the TV program above has a header that says "Scientology on the rise in Australia". This makes no sense....

Agreed - the tenet of the interview is that the purchase of large assets is nonsensical given the dwindling of numbers, and only has PR value.

I think the headline is there to get people to watch. It's like the headlines that get you to buy a celebrity magazine but the story is completely different to what the headline is suggesting.


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American journalist Tony Ortega talks about the perils of reporting on the secretive group.

It's a really good angle to get journalists interested - what sort of religion terrorises people who report on it, and why does society tolerate this behaviour?

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Tony reports on the Sydney event ( and this link is also about the Dutch court's ruling.)


Wow, what a first couple of days we had in Sydney. After we arrived following the 14-hour flight from Los Angeles, Bryan Seymour picked us up at the airport and took us directly to the Channel 7 studios, where we were put right onto The Morning Show for a lengthy segment that really got a lot of attention. Soon we were hearing that the mid-day show The Daily Edition wanted us, Bryan did his own piece, and we were also called in by the Sunrise program the next morning. Meanwhile, Steve Cannane was arranging for us to appear on numerous radio shows and TV over at the ABC network. We were basically running from one show to another all the way up to Friday night’s event at the Giant Dwarf Theatre in Redfern.

It was especially a treat for us that Ramana Dienes-Browning came early so we could finally meet her for the first time, backstage. And so many others made the scene, including many Bunkerites. The theater had 180 seats out and only a few weren’t filled. And what a great show put on by Steve Cannane and Bryan Seymour. We’re glad we were along for the ride!

Cannane will be with us in Melbourne for Sunday afternoon’s event at the Wheeler Center. (It’s “sold out,” but it’s also free, so come on by anyway even if you don’t have a ticket to see if there’s space). And then Bryan Seymour will be with us in Adelaide, where we’ll join Nick Xenophon, and Bryan is also coming with us to Perth!