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Good for her!
And good for him. Good for him.

Tory Christman (Magoo) | March 1, 2013 at 5:58 pm | Reply
Well put, Aeolus. Marty—-I hear often of peeps who are pissed at you, for one reason or another. One of the key things I hear is “Marty is really planning to take over the church”. After laughing a bit (and I’ve never met you personally—yet I feel w/ confidence I can say that ain’t your future, nor your goal)-with that in mind, I ask A) “What happened to Anonymous’ “Docs or STFU?” and B) I’m happy the attacks go to Marty. for awhile. Good…let him take some shit for awhile! Many of us have taken it for years” (and my guess would be you, Marty, helped run some of that…correct me if I’m wrong).

I greatly appreciated you posting my 26 step program to “slime me on the Net, Slime me with the Media and get me fired from my job”…. written by OSA and run on me, since 2006. If you have more programs on others, it may be a *great* time to post those, too

Also, I will remind you, Marty, of what many critics used to say to me, when OSA was writing literally thousands of flat out lies about me (on ARS) in the early 2000′s: “You must be doing “something” right that they are attacking you this badly”. I have no idea who these “Independents” are, my guess is you do?

Either way—I say MOVE ALONG PEEPS>>>>>anyone helping get people out of the Cult should at the very least be left alone…certainly not picked apart, or blamed. That IS what OSA does, all day long, usually very covertly. May I remind anyone reading this of the “OSA International Internet Top Secret Program’s goals:
1) Distract off of *any* hot topic, any way, any how.
2) Degrade any and all critics they do not want people to read or listen to…this includes of course “Divide and Conquer”
3) Slime the area (they don’t want read) with just crap—so people don’t even want to put their names on it.”

THOSE ARE THEIR 3 GOALS. IF you are contributing to ANY of 1, 2 or 3…you ARE ASSisting OSA, whether you know it or not. (And let me make s/t clear here: Obviously we all can disagree, talk, etc. That is entirely different than the above program—which is constant, they often won’t answer your questions, they do consistently post black pr or BS about ex-Scientologists, Critics, Anons, or Scios now out. It’s not the same as a natural discussion and IF you look, you can see it).

I’m always sorry to see any active critics picked apart….unless they are doing more harm than good, which happens too. Ahhhh how deep this web really is. My suggestion is: Speak up, Marty—it’s time. Transcending is great…except when people are left in the dust asking: “WTF about MY LIFE could you share that *may* give me some peace?”

From all that I’ve heard and read, both from others and yourself…..You helped run many OSA programs, or certainly knew about many and probably could share more w/ specific individuals. I don’t mean to put you on the spot—I know you’ll do whatever you will do, no matter what I say, including not posting this, which is certainly your right.. Please…for your sanity and theirs….consider sharing a few more each week.

May I add, as I see it, you’ve accomplished Part A—helping get many people safely out and speaking out, too. Many people have thanked you for this, and no doubt shall continue to do so, myself included.

IMNSHO: Part B needs to be more exposure of the C of $’s serious abuses.
If you have any knowledge of these actions, which I feel I can confidently say you do–why not share them? Once that is done…then Part C–_transcending can occur. My intention is to help you, and those I know who so desperately want to learn “Just the facts”. Will you help?

My best to all…Tory/Magoo ((And to the OSA ops, and anyone lurking: WTFU! Bail while u still CAN!))~~Your local, Friendly SP!


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Marty never replied to her. I guess his "confront" is too low. Comes from too many "overts". :duh:


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Marty never replied to her. I guess his "confront" is too low. Comes from too many "overts". :duh:

That he allowed the post is a good sign. Tory lays a lot out there for consideration - it might take a little while to sink in! :eyeroll:


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Tory wrote: " “WTF about MY LIFE could you share that *may* give me some peace?”

What she wrote ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

It's time to post that OP about me I don't give a **** what it says, but I want a xerox copy for my lawyers.

Arnie Lerma

PS; And I'll split whatever net cash comes of this action with you, after paying the lawyers and expenses.


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I just do not understand the mindset of the replies telling her to leave it/them alone :bigcry:


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That he allowed the post is a good sign. Tory lays a lot out there for consideration - it might take a little while to sink in! :eyeroll:

Yes. I am amazed he let it through. That would have never flown even a year ago. Maybe he approved it so his group could defend him, it doesn't matter. Having those sentiments out there in the sunshine, expressed with Magoo's good natured straightforwardness ... That's good stuff.