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Trained To Lie

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Did Marty and Mike do TR-L or were they just naturals?

This isn't to suggest they are lying now but they both certainly lied a lot for the CoS.
I never did TR-L either. I lied plenty "for the greatest good for the greatest number of scientologies", though. Nobody ever suggested I do TR-L, I musta been a natural, I guess.


He says he's no longer a scientologist yet still audits. He and wife are the most successfull critics ever.

He's very big on expanding and reforming. Read his blog?

Show me where he has ever said that.

Not a chance, he is not near a success or big critic, mainly just bitchy about his old boss, and still heavily in denial like many Indies imho.

Expanding near zero, reforming one pile into another pile, it all smells like Hubbard's con...that'll go well.

Yes~ :puke:

Now, back on topic, yes, trained to lie indeed, and pay big bucks to do so.


Here's the thing. I was part of the old GO-- mostly running the Narconons and schools, but also did intel work for them. I was never trained in TR L, but I was trained--- drilled, drilled, drilled-- in Reporter TR's which is also straight out lying by telling "acceptable truths".

I was quite the accomplished liar and deemed by the DSA (Director of OSA) as to having what LRH referred to as "flair", which meant could I could lie with ease.

This is not something I am proud of but when in the Scn mindfuck, I was in fact quite proud of it.

Now as I look back on it I am filled with dread and sorrow for my behavior. I admit freely to being "one of the bad guys" and aiding and abetting the insanity.

I appreciate Marty bringing this to our attention again, but he writes about it like he had nothing to do with it and it was "them over there".

Maybe he can look at it but not write about it. I don't know. Confronting the fact that you were involved in something evil and admitting it is quite difficult. I know this personally and my heart aches for my part in it.

I've done quite a lot to expose this cult as part of my own amends, but for some reason I can't seem to ever get rid of this guilt.

Sorry to be a downer, but this article set me off.