Traumatic Interrogation Stories?


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There are some very reliable people who knew Quentin IRL & say he was not homosexual. There is much - as someone else noted - information on this board about Quentin growing up & also his so called suicide.

There are people I respect who say he was murdered. From what I can find out - and believe - it looks like it was made to look like suicide, didn't kill him, so he was finished off while in a coma in the hospital.

Others say it was suicide. Anyway, lots of info to browse through & form you own opinion.

Didn't ask, but, I've often suspected from his behavior that old bat shit was a closet queen BUT I have NO evidence to back my opinion. It is in his own writing that somewhere around 11 -or 13 ?- " he was taught to masturbate".

Oh, somewhere the is the allegation that lrh molested Dianne & gave it up as a W/H in a session audited by Mary Sue.

lrh sure put a new level to being in a dysfunctional family !

The ood thing is that
we will never know
'cause most of people who knows\knew
would speak..because
if people speaks against LRH
they wil certainly be fair gamed.

Hubtubs sadism
drugs intake
sexual perversion

are taboo issues

Just take the Love Boat thread...
It sometiems appears it wast
the unprecedented theta funny cruiseon the planet...'cause
Theta Uncle Ron was aboard..:bwahaha:
you Know..You could hear his
loudly theta laughter and feel such unprecedented theta power
embracing you...

But the poor small kids locked in the chain locker
Nobody could hear their crying
they suddenly lost their bionic powerful OT earing
But they could hear Uncle Ron laughing of his sadistic orders

those were the good times...
and we will never know how it was funny!

It has been said that Quentin was found with anal sperm and then a second coroner report wouldn't mention it.
Concerning Diana, if it ever occured I supposed it came out in auditing...(certainly Diana)
But she certainly would have been handled right way for her out-ethics and why she pulled-it in
But hey...imagine one comeing out of the closet and speak out about an issue like that...
would ben virtually assassinated withn 24 hours....

Ron the humanitarian
is a myth that serves many interests and people!

Edit: Oufffffffffffffffffffffff I think I had an indigestion...I feel better now! :biggrin:
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We should be glad that Scientology is on the way out, at least in terms of membership. Because this is the dictatorship they wanted to impose on the whole world. A dictatorship of tech, with no recourse, no appeals, no remorse and no sorrow. No tear shed for the dead, no compassion for the living. LRH kept harping on the psychs saying man is an animal (which we are, by all accounts), but Scientology is far, far worse than that: Scientologists believe that we are an eternal soul, and that therefore the body is a secondary detail. And this eternal soul is whatever they say it is (who will contradict them?). Therefore your very notion of self is dependent upon the definitions and limits prescribed by the group. They can define, with a nice thick line, what affects your self (your eternal soul) and what does not. If they declare that rape doesn't affect the self, or that brutal interrogations doesn't affect the self, then you have no recourse. Basically, whatever makes the person a good Scientologist is part of their selves, and whatever makes people act against Scientology's interests is just MEST stuff. It is this, the basic redefinition of the self to fit the group's interests, that is more insidious than any other cult or group out there, which may redefine your values drastically but do not touch the self.


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For one who truly believes that Scientology Is The Only Way Out, then ANYTHING is permissible. Murder, and every sort of "fair game" would be allowed, subject ONLY to considerations of whether one could get away with it.

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For one who truly believes that Scientology Is The Only Way Out, then ANYTHING is permissible. Murder, and every sort of "fair game" would be allowed, subject ONLY to considerations of whether one could get away with it.

That's just the problem though. It's Scientology that instilled into us the idea that a "way out" was needed.

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That's just the problem though. It's Scientology that instilled into us the idea that a "way out" was needed.

Exactly! Yes. One of the biggest breakthroughs for me was questioning that whole concept of "the way out". Who said I needed one and what did I really feel about that? And didn't I deserve a choice and chance to stand back and look at what I truly felt inside, not blindly believe what I was told. Those questions changed a lot of things.


Wow! What a powerful thread. Thank you to all who have shared. Here's a hug: :hug:

Some excellent points have been made. The "no one would believe me" point is so common in abuse. It takes real courage to speak out.

Also the point about the intense insistence that the internal scientology justice system is the only way to deal with crimes. That is beyond dangerous.

It reminds me of a memo I read from a massive international company (engineering). The top executive over the whole company wrote the memo. The company had been involved in some very dirty deals in developing nations. It was a mess.

This CEO wrote words to the effect in his memo which was to EVERY employee (from the cleaners right up to biggest PhDed geeks) that if any of them knew of illegal/dodgy acts he (the CEO) wanted them to blow the whistle real hard. He wanted the company to survive in a truly legal, transparent, decent way. He wanted the outside scrutiny of external mechanisms to be freely available to every employee and welcomed those processes.

I have a copy of this memo somewhere. It blew me away when I read it because it was so completely the opposite to how the cult manages crimes. In essence this memo helped me "see the light" and leave the dirty cult. The cults first aim is to protect its own image (& corrupt secrets) and to hell with the individuals inherent sovereign nation rights to access due process arbitration, courts, etc.

Healthy groups can stand up to external inspection. They can thrive in a transparent environment. They thrive in the robust systems (not perfect, but at least an even playing field to some degree) and do not confine their members to only reporting illegal activities in an internal system. Healthy groups do not gather the "dirty secrets" of its members (ref: Life History; O/W write-ups; other folder data) to coerce loyalty and silence.

All scientology does is induce (often crippling) fear. Classic abuse tactic.