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Scientology helped me through life: Travolta

Scientology helped me through life: Travolta

Tuesday Apr 3 09:00 AEST

Actor John Travolta has defended the controversial Church of Scientology, claiming it helped him survive the pressures of life.

The star insisted that the religion, which is also practised by celebrity couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, has helped people all over the world.

He said: "I have been involved 32 years with Scientology and it's given me all the tools to survive in life that I need and it helped so many people.

"We're all over the world and we go out of our way to help people whether it's natural disasters or personal help with their lives. And I've always found it an enormous help and tool for me to survive better.

"Right from the start I always had a wherewithal because of their help to never self-destruct. I could always use the tools to better myself and become more able and more in communication with people and have more fun."

When asked about the headline-hitting claims that followers have to stay silent during childbirth, Travolta said: "It's pretty simple stuff really. All it is, is when there's a lot pain involved in a birth, and there can be for the baby and for the wife, often verbiage is recorded in the mind.

"Noise is different than verbiage. Screams if you have to is fine — it's the content or meaning of the word that could have impingement later on in life.

"Even when a person has an accident or hurts themselves it's just better to be quiet."

Speaking on the TV show Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, Travolta, who flew himself to London in his own private plane, revealed he wanted to play James Bond.

"I wanted to do James Bond although this new guy is awesome. He's fantastic. He's the one I've liked the most since Sean (Connery)," Travolta said.

Travolta also revealed that he had a ban when filming so he wouldn't work past 6pm.

He said: "I wanted to see my kids.
"I actually got it from Gene Hackman. I'd like to have a family life too and not just work till midnight every night. And it worked.

"I got to put the kids to bed and I got to have dinner with my wife and I got to learn my lines and go to sleep."
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