Travolta...Danger to Families & Basic Principles??...Germany 3/30/07


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Wanna bet, that in Germany…?

This post was written by Clarsonimus on 30 March, 2007 (01:41) | European News, Celebrity News, TV News, Germany News, Religious News, Odd News, Humor

Sorry to push it like this, but I just have to do a follow-up on yesterday's theme.
It seems that there is only one thing more frightening than Scientology in Germany at the moment, and thatâ's Scientologist guests on the TV show Wetten, dass…? (Wanna bet, that…?).

This show, the most successful one in Europe, has been horrifying loyal German-speaking viewers for decades on its own with its core gimmick of ordinary folks performing bizarre and completely senseless, if not rather difficult tasks before stupefied world-class celebrities who have no other choice but to watch (it's live).

They've been horrifying everyone without Scientologists all this time, in other words. So you can imagine how absolutely terrified everyone is right now at the prospect of seeing John Travolta stop by for a visit this weekend.

Some politicians are going as far as to ask that his invitation be withdrawn, as he presents a clear and present danger to Germany's families and basic principles (whatever they are). I must disagree here. As long as you don't watch too many of his movies or are flying anywhere near him (he's a pilot, remember?) I can't see that he's presenting much of a danger to anybody, other than himself.

But when it comes to Wetten, dass…?, damn. If this program hasn't managed to endanger everybody's basic principles by now, I wanna bet that nothing on European TV ever will.

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