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Travolta GMA interview

Discussion in 'John Travolta/Kelly Preston' started by Hypatia, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. Hypatia

    Hypatia Pagan

    Anyone see this?

    You'll have to sit through a clip of what looks like a really boring movie, but the interview is interesting.

    So he says people criticize it because they do not understand it and they should read a book.

    So, how does that help someone who's lost his family to disconnection or has been told he can't leave the base?

    I didn't expect anything else from this guy, but it's disgusting all the same.
  2. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    He criticises HBO Doco because he doesn't understand it. He should read Wright's book.
  3. Wants2Talk

    Wants2Talk Silver Meritorious Patron

    "Its been nothing but beautiful for me.":omg:
  4. looker

    looker Patron Meritorious

    Travolta is on letterman tonight

    Travolta is scheduled to be on Letterman tonight 4/20/15

    Im gonna set up my recorder
  5. looker

    looker Patron Meritorious

  6. mawena

    mawena Patron with Honors

    I think it's incredibly telling that he hosted the premiere of his movie in Clearwater and then gives an interview with GMA.

    A movie premiere in Clearwater??? The last one I can find was the premiere of Dolphin Tale (never heard of it myself).

    Needless to say it's abundantly clear that his media appearances are being tightly controlled and he's only allowed outside when the crowd can be controlled and the questions can be carefully scripted.

    I fear that poor Johnny is going deeper down the rabbit hole.
  7. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    It's gonna choke him in his nek.
  8. MissWog

    MissWog Silver Meritorious Patron

    Dolphin Tale & Dolphin Tale 2 are feel good family movies..but the premiere was in LA..but the film plot is tied to the Clearwater Aquarium! This is key bc just a few Google news searches about Scientology and the Clearwater Aquarium will fascinate did me! Just give it a try!

    **just a few days after the LA premiere, the Clearwater Aquarium had its own event, ONLY fitting since the facility plays a role/location to the script.

    now, why doesn't DM want to share real estate with the aquarium in downtown CW????

    sorry for the off topic post.
  9. mawena

    mawena Patron with Honors

    Ya it's an interesting battle. They seem to do everything they can to piss of the locals. It will bite them in the ass. Unfortunately for me I've spent so much time on the Tampa Bay Times that I keep hitting a pay wall every time I click on article....
  10. Soul of Ginnungagab

    Soul of Ginnungagab Patron with Honors

    It may very well be that someone criticize it because they don't understand it. But there is something much more serious and that is people criticizing criminal actions. Such actions are disgusting and not OK whether you understand the subject or not and whether it is a religion or not. Criminal actions and abuse is what a lot of people are upset about and that can not be excused by saying it is a matter of people not understanding the subject. No matter how many books they read and how enlightened they might be by that, abuse and criminal actions are still abuse and criminal actions and not OK.

  11. Boson Wog Stark

    Boson Wog Stark Patron Meritorious

    This is in his ABC interview, here. The "read a book" line makes me cringe. It irritates me. It is the same phrase "Louanne," the formerly ubiquitous Internet sock, used to write repeatedly, even to me personally.

    It is not something I've ever heard a wog say before, because it is awkward sounding and really doesn't make much sense, especially for me, since I'm a voracious reader. Therefore, I conclude it is a line fed to members by CoS for the purposes of handling the public. Or, someone came up with it as a crafty way to preach reading Scientology books, without saying they are Hubbard's or Scientology, as if "read a book" automatically means read a Scientology book, because are there really any others which are so important?

    I'm curious, do any former members remember the phrase "read a book" becoming common in CoS or something you should say to wogs?

    Travolta might be performing some kind of service if he told people that the Internet is revolutionizing society and has a lot of valuable information on it, and that most public libraries have e-book/audio book online lending programs, which make it easier than ever for people to have access to whatever books they want to read for free.

    He can't do that, because CoS is still following telex policies, and pushing people to buy expensive print books or expensive audio versions of Scientology books. CoS has not gone e-book at all, although they claim it's so important for everyone to "read a book," and have access to Hubbard's rambling blather.

    Although I like the way the interviewer segued from Travolta's movie to ANOTHER movie people are "interested" in, I think maybe she could have used the word "outraged" or "horrified" at the abuses that go on in Scientology, which celebrity members may not experience. And does he think that's possible, that not every member is treated as well as celebrities like himself?

    Maybe it's a gradual process, and interviewers will learn to push a little bit more each time, eventually maybe pulling out a scene from the movie, showing it, and asking a scilebrity to comment.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2015
  12. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    Absolutely! "Read a book" is taught as soon as a newbie gets reeled in and wants to tell others how good they feel and why. They are told not to try to answer questions, but to direct whoever they are talking to, to read a book. Connect them to "source" and let the con master do his work.
  13. Boson Wog Stark

    Boson Wog Stark Patron Meritorious

    Thanks. Well, I've been wondering about that for years. Travolta actually saying that just makes it glaring how brainwashed he is, that he doesn't "read a book" by a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, where he is a major subject, and on which the documentary is based.

    Instead he recommends Dianutty, a book which is unreadable, even for many long-standing cult members. Maybe an interviewer should ask Travolta if he thinks his mother repeatedly tried to abort him using a coat hanger, and that's why he thinks Dianutty is so important to read.
  14. Hypatia

    Hypatia Pagan

    Yes, the "read a book" line is facile and annoying. It doesn't address anything. And he says this airheaded crap without actually seeing "Going Clear"-even dumber.

    He's doing damage control on behalf of Scientology, Inc.
  15. MissWog

    MissWog Silver Meritorious Patron

    Read the book has been his, and many other Scilebrities, line for years and years.
    it is thought stopping and helps end the conversation..Tom has said it numerous times too..
    as in, until you read the book how can we possibly have a real discussion?
    the "read the book" line goes back as far as Heber on Donahue, IIRC.
  16. MissWog

    MissWog Silver Meritorious Patron

    Let me also say.. It's pretty amusing when a Scientologist asks "have you read the book?" When being questioned by a person challenging them..and the person replies "yes I have!"
    Kinda throws the Scientologist for a loop for a minute and they have to quickly get their TRs back in

    there are videos on YT with such confrontations.. Maybe someone remembers a few off hand and can post one? I know I've seen them but I don't know where to begin to find them.

    Hope I'm making sense..I realize that being out of an office for 4yrs and only using my iPad, my writing skills have gone to shit! Just like any skill, grammar, spelling and punctuation require practice and I'm embarrassingly second guessing my writing style more and more.
  17. KissMyStats

    KissMyStats Patron with Honors

    WTF does reading a book by LRH about Scientology have to do with why 2 of my good friends' children disconnected from them and caused them incredible grief and sadness? John Travolta has been drilled within an inch of his life by the OSA gulag with threats of disconnection to himself or he is more of a moron than I realized. Just makes me sick.
  18. Soul of Ginnungagab

    Soul of Ginnungagab Patron with Honors

    Well, the theme "read a book" has many variations probably depending on the circumstances. Just saying "read a book" is rather vague and not that productive. Many scientologists have applied more productive suggestions like suggesting to read a certain title like "Fundamentals of Thought" and telling where to get it. Some scientologists are selling books themselves; they have bought them from a Scientology organization with a discount so they can make some money themselves.

    I don't know how it works these days, but when I was in you could buy 25 books of the same title and get 50% discount. I actually bought 25 "Fundamentals of Thought" with 50% discount. But I am certainly not the selling type of person; that was one problem. Another problem was is that if you want to sell those books you need to spend time on it, so you do need to work hard in order to make the money by selling the books. And even I was hooked on Scientology I didn't want to spend more time on the subject when I was not in the org; when you are pushed to spend a lot of time on courses you really need a break even when you are a strong believer. I nevertheless later on did join the Sea Org and thereby was full time on the subject.

    Anyway, I didn't sell even one sample of those "Fundamentals of Thought". So I took the books back to the org and managed to sell the books back to org for the same amount of money that I paid for them. So maybe I do have salesman skills after all. :)

  19. WildKat

    WildKat Gold Meritorious Patron

    The best response to "read a book" is this:

    "I did read a's called "Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood, and the Prison of Belief".

    Best modern 'source' material there is right now!
  20. La La Lou Lou

    La La Lou Lou Crusader

    I have no idea how you managed to sell books to the org, but well done and vellkomen.

    The irony of him telling people to read a book before they criticise it when he hasn't watched the HBO documentary is noticed.