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Travolta GMA interview

Discussion in 'John Travolta/Kelly Preston' started by Hypatia, Apr 20, 2015.

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    Scieno-Scenaro: "Read A Book"

    So, before I pay for any Scientology training or
    auditing, I would still want to learn more about
    the advanced abilities that I am supposed to get
    and what people who have done it say.

    You really should read a book!

    Oh, I am planning to. Last night after we spoke
    I went on Amazon and ordered "Messiah or Madman",
    "Going Clear", "Bared Faced Messiah", "Blown For Good",
    "A Piece of Blue Sky", "Beyond Belief", "My Billion Year Old
    Contract", "Counterfeit Dreams", "Scientology; Abuse At
    The Top", "Inside Scientology" and "The Scandal of Scientology".

    You shouldn't read those!

    But you said "Read a Book".

    Yeah, but the LRH reference on that is
    that you should only read an LRH approved

    LRH approved. But he only approved people
    reading books by himself.

    Of course, he cares deeply about you and thus
    doesn't want you to get alter-ised tech that
    could harm your case or deny you your eternity.

    So you are telling me I am only allowed to
    read books by L. Ron Hubbard?

    What did Ron state in the LRH reference
    I just gave you?

    That I am only allowed to read
    books by L. Ron Hubbard.

    Great! Now you get it and you are on
    the road to total self determinism and freedom!

    Last edited: Apr 22, 2015