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Travolta thrills Clearwater crowd with donation


Platinum Meritorious Sponsor with bells on

This is what Travolta deserves. Rotten Tomatoes.


"John Travolta mumbles his way through the inert thriller The Forger"


".....this limply directed tale emerges as a case study of an all too familiar type of art crime: the making of bad movies."

"We always knew his laziness was going to catch up with him."


If Travolta went to OZ and the WIZARD granted him a BRAIN, he would think:

"Hey, all those devastating reviews! Whoa, all those humiliating critiques of my acting! Jesus, all those hideous downstats about my movies bombing! OHHH MYYYYYY GODDDDDDD that is exactly what "my church" and "my religion" did to Paul Haggis and that is exactly what they are going to do to me. I have got to get away from those seriously sociopathic evil motherfuckers today!!!"

But, of course there is no wizard in real life. And Scientologists don't believe in brains. So John simply thinks:

"Wow, the SPs are really invalidating me. I must really be winning! Cool!"