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Trial about Narconon set in New York on April 7 2016

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Trial set in New York on April 7 over Narconon drug rehab hiding connection to Scientology

In September 2014, we told you about a lawsuit against a Scientology “Narconon” drug rehab facility in Florida that was filed by a New York couple, Heidi and Nathaniel Gore. At that time, the lawsuit had survived a challenge by Narconon’s attorneys, who said it didn’t make sense for the Florida rehab to be sued in a New York court.
We’re bringing it up again because just a few days ago, Judge Edmead set the case for trial in her New York court, and the date is coming up fast — April 7.

Also, the Gores were asking for sanctions against the defendants, and they were making some pretty interesting allegations. They say that the owners of the particular Florida franchise they are suing dropped out of Scientology’s Narconon network in October 2013 and as a result were then instructed by the licensing company, Narconon International, to burn everything that said “Narconon” on it in a fire. That was the defendant’s explanation, anyway, for why they couldn’t respond to certain requests for information about Narconon and its ties to Scientology.

Wow. We’ve been reporting about how Narconon is going up in a ball of flame in the last few years, but we didn’t mean it literally.
http://tonyortega.org/2016/03/22/tr...-drug-rehab-hiding-connection-to-scientology/ - includes documents

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