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Trigger phrases that STILL freak us out

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I was thinking that part of the recovery process in being an ex member of CofS, pursuant to unindoctrination, is getting over/coming to terms with one's reaction to certain buzz phrases that were represented as extremely negative in the Scn philosophy and, of course, in CofS.

I have to admit, I still am having trouble with some of 'em. There are some that I actually LIKE- where I have gotten over their connotations, though. I think maybe it's different for different people. Maybe it would be fun to discuss this.

Here is one I'm cool with that's considered very negative in the Scn mindset:

Glee. Well, hell. I love glee. I'm a very gleeful person, in fact. It's even one of my favorite shows (US television show). But some people might not feel the same way. Indoctrination can leave remnants that linger for years to come.

Here's some that still make me shiver (and I admit that they shouldn't.):

Joking/Degrading Someone just today made a comment about it. I think the comment was cute. Nothing wrong with it. But I felt resistance, anyway. That's all me, of course. So why? Because I always thought there was a difference between employing humor and doing it to HURT. I do NOT have a problem with anyone making fun of Scn, Hubbard, CofS, etc, per se. I don't like some of the really mean spirited stuff but even with THAT, I really feel others are free to say whatever they like. Because they are.

But yeah, I have a hangup on J&Ding and I know it's my own thing with which I need to come to terms.

Reasonable is another one. I happen to think it's GREAT to be reasonable. But I still get a bit of a shiver when it comes up in conversation or I think of using it to describe something where it would be the most apt word.

Oh, here's a good one:

Open Minded-- Again, one SHOULD be open minded to things. It does NOT have to mean one cannot discern, sift or differentiate. But yeah, I still feel a bit of resistance to that one.

Now, what do those terms have in common? They're all words/terms that were redefined by LRH and given new connotations, followed by a lot of indoctrination not just through his works but from staff members and even public reinforcing each other on this. I think that's a key fact right there.

What do you guys think?


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Wow - thanks for this . . .

Great thread. This got me to thinking, and very interested in what the exes will say here.

I never thought about this - when I've posted on here. It never occurred to me that people would have a reaction to some of the terms/words I have used. Very interesting.

And I understand that, as I have a (kind of inverse) reaction whenever I bump into scn - or a quote/book or picutre of LRH, or a snarling scn'ist, or a spaced-out smiling one, for that matter - or if I see DM or TD - or even TC, Kirstie, etc - in any way shape or form. My nose wrinkles up, like a drug-dog sniffing dope - I (too) feel like baring my teeth and snarling. Here, bad stuff, here - LOL.

I am waiting, eagerly for replies.


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Cool Thread idea!

Since I wasn't ever in the CoS, I would be very interested in a quick summary of the thoughts/emotions/efforts that have been associated with these words.

For me. I try to link back to my experiences with each word you listed.

And when I think about words, I see them as representing a certain combination/configuration of mental energy/mass/emotion/significance in my mental space. So sometimes a word can get confused if there are two different meanings that are very closely related to each other, but it hasn't been fully inspected.

So what I do below is contrast the mental energy configuration of LRH's version with the alternative version. Hopefully by seeing the two different meanings for the same word, will separate the two out.

So for GLEE: I have a 7 year old nephew, who is always a bit neurotic, and when you get him cornered after he's just been abusive to someone, you can see the GLEE turn on... he really is terrified of punishment, and just hopes to escape, but can't escape. The emotional emanation is awful! And that is exactly what LRH described GLEE to be. But the word has other obvious higher toned connotations. So here is a case of LRH using an old word in a new way, and he probably should have made up a new word. Or... he did kind of "The Glee of Insanity". Differentiate the high toned Gleeful mirth from the subzero "Glee of Insanity", and accept that LRH effectively destroyed the high toned concept of Glee. A great High Toned Glee can be had by singing a great song in a Glee Club and having the sound just fill you with energy! That Rush of Euphoria is what High Toned Glee is all about... well, for me.

REASONABLE: If you are talking with a con-artist, his intention is to get progressive agreement along a 'reasonable' line of logic. To be "Reasonable" with such a person is suicide. Spot it and stand up for yourself and defend your UNREASONABLENESS! If your boss is demanding something that is completely backwards, and you try to modify/clarify, and you get hammered with a "are you trying to be reasonable?" response, here is an ARCx - the communication didn't go through and was refused. I can see how the concept of BEING REASONABLE or NOT could cause all kinds of ARCx. The basic point is whether or not it is rational to compromise, to entertain hypotheticals. If you're a general of an army, you don't want your troops compromising with your orders, you want EXECUTION. LRH didn't want compromise, he wanted his orders to be DUPLICATED and EXECUTED. Of course if you don't have the duplication (including WHY it is to be done), demanding Execution is going to ARCx and give bad results. (am I close on this?)

I'd like to learn more about the ways the other terms have been used... and created upsets. My gut feeling is that this kind of approach of separating out colloquial meanings from Scientology meanings - and looking at ARCx associated with the words will release the charge associated.

It is frustrating that LRH botched so many otherwise good and valid words with his new authoritative definions that don't quite allow for the old definitions to remain intact.

Accidental, careless, intentional - the result is Orwellian double speak. It is a very sad day when a beautiful word like 'glee' - a beautiful mental configuration of significance and energy - is no longer able to be easily communicated.

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The one that always got me was "sabotage". It was thrown out anytime something went wrong, which was pretty much always. You work day and night, 7 days a week, for no money, foresaking every other part of life you could be enjoying, ignoring and virtually abandoning anyone else around you, to do something you believe in, trying to meet impossible targets. And when you don't meet them: you get accused of sabotage.

sabotage: deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something), esp. for political or military advantage.

My thought was always, if you really think I'm guilty of sabotage, as defined above, why the hell do you even want me here? Shouldn't you be doing everything in your power to get rid of me? If you found someone in, say, the military or a corporation, who was actually guilty of sabotage - someone who had infiltrated the organization with the intent of causing harm - would you yell at him and tell him to fix it? No, of course, you would remove them, probably have them arrested, etc.

My point being that nobody really believed that anyone was guilty of sabotage. It was just the nastiest, most vicious and hurtful word they could think of to make you feel like crap.

The friendliest place in the world, eh?

Kathy (ImOut)

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I don't like PTS. I love the word Glee. I never accepted Scn's version of it. Or Open minded or reasonable.

I hate Thursday at 2. It took me years after being off staff (the short time I was on staff at a Mission) to even be able to look at a clock on Thursday. LOL!!!

Dev-T is an OK word. It really communicates when someone is putting crap all over your plate.

However, I do my best NOT to use Scn words. Sometimes it's the easiest choice, but I really don't like to. And on Saturday nights when we're out with the ex's now Ron Orgers, I hear Scn words all night long. :melodramatic: "He's PTS", etc, etc, etc. It drives me nuts.

Thankfully, hubby gets that I don't like the words and tries not to use them. And only on occasion when talking to GT on the phone, when it's the most fitting word in the conversation, we'll use a Scn word. But we always apologize for doing so. LOL!!!

Good thread, Fluff!


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The word "overt" makes me shrink inside.
The words "out ethics" makes me instantly rebelious
The words "personal Integrity" make me feel someone is gonna do a nasty
The word "statistics" makes me wanna go have a break or holiday
The word "exchange" makes me feel like I gonna be screwed or have to do something more
The word "theta" makes me cringe with embarrassment
The word "ethics" makes me think of torture, punishment, horrible discipline
"out tech" makes me want to howl and laugh
"LRH" = Wow I really got conned there!
I'm sure there's more

Thanks for starting this thread!:D


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entheta and natter are two trigger phrases for me.

Had thetanic not been available, natterwench would have been my second choice of username.


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Thetanic, for some reason I LUV that word natter! me 'n the CS used to have a great time doin it!:laugh:

Natter. It sounds all nice and crackely and happy!!! Honestly, we had sum of our best times doing that and had great laughs.

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Has a withhold been missed? Still makes me want to go for the jugular.

You little shit! That was the one I was going to post about! lol

It's not so much the regular English words that daffy laffy redefined. No problem getting over his redefinitions. It was the NEW words that he invented that pack a whollop. Missed withhold is top of my list. Grrrr! Out Ethics seems to come to mind next. ARC break...Oh please!

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Absolutely! There're some great examples here.

I was also thinking that this discussion could segue (at least in my mind- such as it is) into--"What scn phrases do you tend to use around the house without thinking - almost like a reflex?"

I remember using some Scnese and my Mom (a very well educated woman who spoke several languages) snapped "Oh, for god's sake, speak English." Plus I worked for private companies (not owned by Scn'ists) and so I just made sure I didn't use a bunch of Scnese. And it wasn't a problem. BUT I will admit that I do use it around the house a lot as my husband still considers himself to be a Scn'ist. I mean, we're perfectly capable of speaking without a bunch of Scnese, but some does creep in and also "You know what LRH said" does crop up a lot, particularly with John being the one saying the thing...but I sometimes chime in like that,too, to be perfectly honest.


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The ones that got/get me are "just disagree with the physical universe" usually followed-up with "make it go right."

The last usually from a senior to whom you've taken an (seemingly) unsolvable problem, who looks it over and has nothing useful to advise.:duh:



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Interesting phraseology

The ones that got/get me are "just disagree with the physical universe" usually followed-up with "make it go right."

The last usually from a senior to whom you've taken an (seemingly) unsolvable problem, who looks it over and has nothing useful to advise.:duh:


Interesting! Try this: "He expressed extreme disagreement with the physical universe, but, he did so in a fashion that was out gradient, and received a severe reality adjustment." Translation ... He drove like a maniac on an icy road and drove his car into a telphone pole. His car got the worst of it.

Try this: "Flowing me power will keep your lines free of MEST and keep your ethics clean." Translation ... have a check cut by 2pm Thursday or I will find a way of sending you to ethics and you will be in a world of shit.

Translating Scilonspeak into English ... could be as much fun as what Bill Maher used to do on his show ... that is, translate rap lyrics into whitespeak.



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Glee. Well, hell. I love glee. I'm a very gleeful person, in fact. It's even one of my favorite shows (US television show).
I loved glee even when I was IN. :D And Glee is one of my favorite TV shows too.

Would you like to take a personality test?

Freaks me out every time. :omg:
That's a good one.

The word that makes me cringe is "cluster"! If somebody would talk about peanut clusters or a science show talking about star clusters I would get very nervous! :nervous: I was always so afraid of "leaking" confidential information. I don't think that word will ever be a "normal" word for me.


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Haha, this reminds me of a funny story.

So I'm taking a class at my local community college, and people in the class are introducing themselves. We are telling interesting things that happened to us recently, and the girl next to me says, "well, I was in Clearwater last summer..."

Instantly she recognizes the look on my face and is like, "haha, I guess you know what almost happened to me there." I wasn't even aware I had reacted...


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After session you go to the examiner where your fleedle is noted. Then they say you need to route you to the reg and don't blow or we'll route you to ethics.:yes:

Before I get there and somebody in div 6 public says we need you to ok a donation of 1000 way to happiness phamplets off your account OK, K....:no:

Then my friend who is a HGC clerk/examiner asks if he can borrow $20 he is starving and dont gots no money.

GO SEE THE REG gets me angry :angry::angry:

We are the most ethical group on the planet gets me too. Horse Shit.


I'm not really bothered by any, except "What are your crimes?" still gets an involuntary reaction. :eyeroll:

At least these days I can see it, read it and hear it, without getting a physiological reaction. :)


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You want a day off???

- Are you stats up?


- What would Ron do?
- He/she's a DB.
- the greatest good
- wog

Lynn Fountain Campbell

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"Knowledge Report." I was embarrassed for the people who wrote some recent ones on me. They should have been called "Ignorance Reports." I think they were trying to give me wrong indications on purpose.