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Trigger phrases that STILL freak us out


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Wow, I feel refreshed after thinking of some of these!!

"You can't leave until you've gotten a product"

"______ must be complete before you secure"

"He won't make it up the Bridge"

"He'll never be accepted at Flag"

"That's out-Security" "That's/He's a threat to the Church"

"That's my money - what he has is ours, he can afford it"

PC does not buy a 12-Intensive Package ($26,400) - "There's out-Tech in his folder"

"Our 3rd Dynamic is your family"

"What are your crimes?"

"You are suppressive"

"You have a low confront of evil"
"You are in non-compliance" (N.B., it's impossible to comply to 50 off-hat orders at the same time!!)

"Joe got a black eye at the first pin prick"

I could go on and on!

One of the things that the members of ESMB have is certainly a high confront of evil. :yes: