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Trigger phrases that STILL freak us out


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When ever I wanted to go camping or anything, I had to make up the days I was going to be out of the course room, BEFORE I could go. I escaped shortly after that. So I guess the trigger phrase is You have to MAKE UP the time FIRST.

Critical remarks from others. My solution: Always stay away from people. I came here to see if I can fix that.

The only time I have ever heard LRH words in the past 6 years has been the last 2 years reading ESMB, WWP, OCMB so I don't have any examples like The Great Zorg in the next post.
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The Great Zorg

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"Knowledge Report" immediately followed by the ever popular "False Report Report", creating a chit war.

"Comm Ev" = Janitorial work needs to be done around here... let's see... who will it be...?

"Make It Go Right" = Do it without our money or resources. Don't "try", just "do".

"Your Stats Are Down" = screw them over any which way you can to get your post stats forever increasing (if this was even possible). Getting caught might lead to Comm Ev (above).

"Entheta!"= anything critical or negative, even if it's blatant and intolerable. Continuous "Entheta" might lead to "Comm Ev" (above).:duh:


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Interesting thread idea!

Hmm.. I did, just the other day, 'freak out' over a trigger phrase in another thread:
Well, Q & A means 'Questions and Answers'.. It's when someone asks another a question and the other provides an answer. It involves two, or more, persons. Ordinary communication really. <snip> Rest of post at link..
Hubbard redefined words and concepts like the was no tomorrow anyway.. Well.. My rantings about Q&A overthere prompted someone to invite me to become a fan of 'Clearbird' on FB.. (teasin' rapscallions!)

'Reasonable' has already been mentioned. Very bad and 'banky' to be reasonable according to mans best friend, Hubbard..

Reminds me of the Black Panther mechanism.. Also some Hubbardian conditioning:

Hubbard's black panther mechanism is another example of him trying to pull your leg. IMO, he really tries to persuade us to adobt a hostile mindset with this. He does it by 'omitting' something.

Link: A particularly ferocious black panther barring your way to the toilet
Very interesting read. Looks like Caroline Letkeman managed to provoke all that with an avatar. :D - Get's around Ghandi and mans best friend, the dog.

This has (surprizingly) something to with love and affinity. See, Hubturd omitted something from the 'Black Panther Mechanism', by which he seeks to describe the possible reactions a being can have in the face of danger:

(1) attack
(2) flee
(3) avoid
(4) neglect
(5) succumb

He forgot to mention 'cooperate', which obviously is the human way, and had it been the $cientology way we could all have been much happier. (I think Hubturd did that omission deliberatly. It is part of the mindfuck and is designed to remove love and compassion from your options and teach agressive 'attack' behavior.)

Just imagine that instead of a panther, it's your beloved spouse barring the way. Spitting mad at you for not doing the dishes or something... Now be a good $cientologist and attack? - Or what?

<edit> Found another good ink about this: http://www.ivymag.org/blckpanth.html



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The thetan knows. :dieslaughing:

You invalidated my knowingness. :dieslaughing:

The ever present but already mentioned, "Knowledge Report." Actually this is the "You invalidated my reality and this is what I have to say about that Report."

Also known as the "Tattle Tale."

Also known as, "The Proof I Am Keeping Scientology Working Even Though I Do Not Know What It Is Report."

Also known as, "My Assertions Are Knowledge Report."

Finally, for now, my favorite, "Ron = Love" :dieslaughing:



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I loved glee even when I was IN. :D And Glee is one of my favorite TV shows too.

That's a good one.

The word that makes me cringe is "cluster"! If somebody would talk about peanut clusters or a science show talking about star clusters I would get very nervous! :nervous: I was always so afraid of "leaking" confidential information. I don't think that word will ever be a "normal" word for me.

To me "cluster" is a word related to music. It is a bunch of notes played at the same time. A simple way to make a cluster is to put an arm on a piano pushing a lot of keys at the same time. Make the same thing in an orchestra, letting different instruments playing the notes similar to those pressed with the arm on the piano keys and you get quite a sound! When I later on encountered the same term with a different meaning in Scientology it was rather fun. Anyway, it is a normal English word, but it obviously has special meanings in different subjects. Well, that is a wide spread phenomenon that normal words are applied with special meanings within a subject.


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Another solution

Interesting thread idea!

Hmm.. I did, just the other day, 'freak out' over a trigger phrase in another thread:

A particularly ferocious black panther barring your way to the toilet[/url]

There is yet another solution ... drop trau and part company with your snake right in the middle of your friend's expensive Persian rug in his living room. That will teach him to allow his pets to deny his guests access to the john!

BTW, do us all a favor, get rid of that disgusting bobbing green hard-on on the head of your avatar, it is disgusting to look at already.



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"Those you see here made the grade. Those who aren't, didn't."

"Command Intention"

"Sales Quota"


"CSW" (to visit family)



"so and so is being handled in ethics"

"on watch" (to prevent a blow)

-Wiseman of the Watchtower


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How about " put it in writing."

Don't evaluate me.

Pick up the cans please.

Do you have a PTP?

I would like to indicate that your needle is floating. Would you like to write a Success story? (knowing that if you say no thanks you will be sent str8 to ethics.) :nervous:

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"Ethics" has definitely taken on a totally different meaning. And even after leaving CofS, some of this shit has a way of hanging on in our minds.

I tend to want to describe resistance to ideas and events as "ridges", even now.

Here's other phrases that seem to stick:

"Get yr necessity level up"

"Get over the top of it"

Conditions formulae terms- still sometimes tend to want to refer to those, too.

Oh, and let me rant just a little bit. I really hate the way CofS uses the term "parishioners". They don't have parishioners. They don't have PARISHES. You have to be Catholic (or live in Louisiana) for that. I mean, c'mon already.
When I was first on a.r.s., I used to use the term "congregants" which is probably not all that accurate, either, but is a damn sight better than claiming they have PARISHIONERS. God, that's ignorant!


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"Those you see here made the grade. Those who aren't, didn't."

"Command Intention"

"Sales Quota"


"CSW" (to visit family)



"so and so is being handled in ethics"

"on watch" (to prevent a blow)

-Wiseman of the Watchtower

CSW. Thanks, I forgot that one.

A CSW is actually good management technology. A person sees a problem, originates a resolution, then writes it up as a Completed Staff Work. The format has been in use long before scientology.

However, in scientology the CSW has degraded into a "request form" that has nothing to do with any staff work being completed.


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MAKE IT GO RIGHT makes me want to hurl......probably because when I was in, this is what became the 'catch phrase' anytime you asked a fellow staff member for help and they were too damned lazy to give you any!

After awhile it simply replaced any kind of helping......grrrrr........:angry:


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Here's some ...

"All hands", "stuffing party", "white glove inspection", "Let's give a hand to LRH" (mandatory applause to the the great icon on then wall). "what's your MU". "IAS", "Money", "Thursday", ... reactions, anyone?


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"No backflash"
"No case on post"
"That's Dev-t"
"That's just H,E & R" (God forbid we have HUMAN *emotion* and *reaction*!)
"That's third party"
"He/She's a Clear, you can't talk about them that way."
"Income equals outgo plus reserves"
"he/she is a *big* thetan"
"a thetan always knows"

and every single time scientology or its representatives describes anyone speaking out against crimes committed it scientology as "religious bigots" or as the act being "religious hate crime". Picketing is not a religious hate crime scientology – get over it already.


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I think the most powerful buzzphrases in Scientology are the ones most associated with inducement of trance
follow that phrase with the key dissonance inducing idea you want the scientologist to recall later while 'in' trance / session...

"Pick up the cans please
This is the session"

(example) Hubbard had three wives but lied saying he only had 2...

my vote for #2 is "Get your TRs IN!" ( enter trance now! )


- What would Ron do?

You're "Ser Fac'ing just knock it off"...
The "what would Ron do?" and the "don't ser fac on me" were common in ANZO. They both used to really piss me off.

Getting someone to look at what Ron would do and labeling a valid objection as a ser fac, were most often used used to manipulate people another into submission - Nasty stuff.

So often when people used "Ron" (instead of LRH, the old man), it was done for a reason, or it was associated with something which was sickening. It irked me and I got to hate the use of "Ron". Now when I see it in Scn newsletters it just saddens me.