Trouble writing your submission for the senate Inquiry?


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Ok, Carmel.
But that sounds self-defeating.
You want it done, but you won't assist people (like me) to it being done.

It's not about wanting to assist, we can't assist or we spoil your submission and make it void.

If someone asked me for FACTS (not opinions) I'd answer him with facts.
If someone asks me for opinions I'll answer to him with opinions.

You got it the wrong way around :)
They want an opinion based on facts, i.e. write your opinion and tell them the facts that have brought you to that opinion.

I won't be nattering. And I won't be nattering in submission
Perhaps, I don't understand the word "submission" itself as of now. Prior to that, to me it seemed that "submission" entails personal vision yet based on SPECIFICS - about particular problem.

Oh, its politics afterall, its okay to be a bit natterly :D
Anyway, you got the submission thing right. They do WANT your personal view, your opinion. You don't even have to base it on fact, if you can, all the better.
The particular problem problem here is the tax law though, not Scientology in the first place.[/QUOTE]

I don't see No reason here to denying questionnaire.

If you want make for yourself, that is perfectly fine.

BUT it has to be for yourself alone, what they really want is your OWN personal opinion, not influenced by anyone, the things that go through your mind, not the result of some team work.
Now, if we just publish a guideline, what to say, what questions to answer etc, they are not interested anymore.


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I have a couple of questions, do we have to say who we are, address and stuff? I don't mind if I do, but I would prefer not to. Otherwise I have nearly finished.

Aunty La la


I have a couple of questions, do we have to say who we are, address and stuff? I don't mind if I do, but I would prefer not to. Otherwise I have nearly finished.

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Say who you are on the email as a cover letter, but then don't put any details on the submission which you should make as an attachment inn word doc or pdf. (realise that the senate committee is doing far more than expected in relation to protecting those doing submissions)

All of what you send will be confidential if you're from outside of Oz.

Here's the site for details of who to send it to, and the email address to use:



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Are you having trouble with what the write on your submission?

You are not alone.

Without divulging too much of my submission I'll share what I've found to be a workable approach.

- Don't write about what you don't fully understand. If you aren't all over the High Court decision from 1983 or don't speak legalese, then don't try. You'll only confuse yourself. However if you do understand this stuff and want to dazzle the readers with your highbrow knowledge then please dive right in! :p

- Keep it simple. This is about whether a test should be brought in to see whether a religion or charity deserves tax exemption based on whether they do more harm or good. At present it is "presumed" that religions do good and so if you are classified as a religion then that presumption allows the automatic tax break. This rule would stop that presumption. It's what they brought in the the UK and seems to work well over there. Say why you support this bill and what you hope it would change.

- Write about what you know and what Scientology does that causes more ham than good. Emphasise that this proposed new law would help stop that harm and that tax payers would no longer help fund slave labour, disconnection, fraud, the RPF etc

- It doesn't have to be formal and highfalutin. You are just normal folk who speak normal language. You are Aussie tax payers who see a chance to give your opinion on this matter and are taking that opportunity. We are mostly office workers and labourers and farmers but our opinions are just as important as anyone else's. Mr & Mrs Average Aussie make up the majority of the voting population of this country. Our opinion counts. If you live in a different country explain your interest in this inquiry and why you hope this new law is passed.

- Don't change your style too much. Don't try to write like an academic if you aren't one. I mean use the spell checker and write as "well" as you can, but don't stress of the words too much.

- Write an outline and leave gaps. As you write stuff down it clears out of your head and makes room for more stuff (really it does!). As this new stuff pops in, go back and fill in the gaps and re write stuff if you think of a better way to say it.

- Walk away if you get stuck and come back to it later. I've had mine open on my PC for a week and as I think of stuff I write it down. Sometimes it's a paragraph, sometimes just a sentence or idea I want to include.

- Aim to have it 90% finished by this weekend (13th June) so that you still have a day or two to have a final read over it and polish it up without stressing yourself out. Don't leave it to the last minute but you do still have plenty of time.

I hope this helps. :D

This REALLY helped me - thank you for putting this together. My submission is started. I am working on it now, tonight and will finish it tomorrow. I can't promise it will be pretty, but I am NOT missing the deadline.


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Well, my Submission is in :)

May not be as Fancy as some,

but I hope it can add support to the Ex - Scientologists,

& make a difference :)

Cheers to all of you who have made a submission :happydance:
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