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Trump Supporter Scientologist allegedly makes death threats to Muslim Center

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I was going to post it as a new thread, but didn't because I saw it posted in the Trump politics thread. FWIW, I do think it deserves its own thread outside the politics section since it does involve Scientology.

Yes, and here is Tony Ortega's latest on this even though it's on the other thread.
Sister of L.A. Scientologist arrested for Muslim threats was Don Trump Jr’s executive assistant

In the meantime, we also learned from our sources that Feigin’s sister, Katherine Feigin, was also a Scientologist, which is reflected in Scientology publications. And when we did a little digging into her online presence, we discovered a pretty interesting fact.

From at least March 2014 to April 2015, Katherine Feigin was the executive and personal assistant to Donald Trump Jr, and during that time she also served on the executive committee of the Eric Trump Foundation. Her page at the foundation has been wiped, but we found this listing of her for the committee on the Internet Archive…


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I think that the judge who allowed the bail should be required to go live with this lost soul and receive 75 intensives of Scientology auditing until he cogs that Scientology is .....


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$cientology - making the able more able.




Another "product" of Hubbardspew road-to-OT crap - wonder if this guy has been quietly offloaded as an "illegal PC" yet? :hmm: