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Lulu Belle


2. MR. X 11/01 **#2**
What cult leader is in panic mode because there are several famous women, all of whom have left the cult lining up to come forward about him sexually assaulting/harassing them? Who are these ladies, you ask? Well it's the singer celeb spawn, the celeb spawn's eldest child, the sitcom and reality TV star, and that quirky Oscar nominated actress.
Cult leader: David Miscavige ("Scientology")
Singer celeb spawn: Lisa Marie Presley
Celebe spawn’s eldest child: Riley Keough
Sitcom and reality TV star: Leah Remini
Quirky Oscar nominated actress: Juliette Lewis

This alliterate flash in the pan former A+ lister dumped that crazy religion of hers back during the peak fame days when she caught a guy pleasuring himself while she was supposed to be unburdening so to speak. When she complained, a person there said it was her fault and that she should plan on signing up for $100K worth of courses to make up for it. Sharon Stone (Scientology)