Unbreakable Miss Lovely book tour coming to an Australian city near you!


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This morning at the Bunker the following tour dates have been added:

Oct 24: Sydney
Oct 26: Melbourne
Oct 28: Adelaide
Oct 30: Perth

I'm squealing like a fan girl!!!



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I just found out about this last night. In Sydney it is at the Giant Dwarf Theatre downtown. Steve Cannane of the ABC is hosting it and Nick Xenophon is special guest. Tickets are $15 and are onsale at the Giant Dwarf website under the title Scientology's Dirty Tricks....Then and Now. Here is the link. I wouldn't miss this for the world.



Operating teatime

We be in your theatres watching your programs. :)

Is that right? Have they added the 24th for sydney? If so wow it must be selling well :happydance:

Be it known I have a ticket for the 23rd 23rd FTW!!



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We're going on the Friday - I'd have to have had the day off work to go on Thursday. And no steenkin' cult is worth that.:no:

And maybe we'll have the Yarramalong judgement down by then. Hopefully one here the locals triumph over bullying trans-national multi-billion $ criminal scam enterprise.

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Melbourneites who are going ... can you PM me? When we know the Melbourne venue it will help too.
I may need a bit of help getting there but I bloody well will!