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Scientology Human Rights Abuse and Criminality Questionnaire for Former Members and Family

Factnet is seeking critical information about Scientology, Dianetics, their front groups and lawyers that only former members and their families can provide.

The information you provide in this questionnaire will help save lives and stop Scientology's alleged ongoing human rights abuse of children, young adults, families, critics and former members.

“Twenty five years of helping cult victims has thoroughly convinced me that the wrongdoing by destructive cults will stop ONLY when ALL profit is removed from that wrongdoing by holding the cult’s top executives PERSONALLY accountable before the law! If you or a loved one has been harmed by a cult, get a lawyer and sue the cult’s senior executives today. They are ultimately responsible for the harm that the cult has caused you and your loved ones. By getting full legal and financial restitution from the cult’s ill gotten profits you will not only help make your life whole again you will also do the most effective thing possible to prevent the cult from doing the same harm to others. Be encouraged, there are now many legal precedents established on cult abuse and mind control. Destructive cults have already paid former cult members hundreds of millions of dollars either though secret out-of-court settlements, pre-trial settlements or through enforced court judgments. Stop letting your former cult keep victimizing you. Use the law to go get your life made whole again and to help stop the wrongdoing, I did.” Lawrence Wollersheim co-founder of Factnet, former Scientology cult member. (Lawrence was paid a total of 9.2 plus million dollars in court judgments by the Scientology cult. To learn more click here.)

Notice: All questions or requests for a particular type of information in this questionnaire are to be considered as investigatory allegations. These allegations, opinions, and beliefs concern activities which may be a serious threat to public health and well being. This questionnaire also may contain statements or questions in which individuals are exercising their first amendment rights of religious freedom in openly dialoging on claimed religious matters or their former or current religious beliefs. "Undue influence" as used in this document could include threat of removal from post, a suppressive person declare, assignment to the RPF, termination of affiliation, threats, physical harm, etc. When speaking of Scientology executives we are particularly interested in David Miscavige the current head of Scientology. When speaking of Scientology lawyers we are particularly interested in William Drescher, Elliot Ableson and Ken Moxin.

Please immediately forward this updated questionnaire to every former member in your network. Getting this questionnaire into the hands of every former Scientology member who has had experience with Scientology is critical because:

1) Scientology is known to hide and destroy harmful information about itself.

2) Scientology members are forbidden to talk to each other about anything harmful that happens to them or others while involved with Scientology.

3) Scientology members are deceived by Scientology policies into keeping silent about any member casualties or illegal activities they might hear about or be part of.

4) Scientology has not stopped its abusive practices and is totally incapable of reforming itself.

5) Only by standing together against Scientology's abuses and disclosing them to the disinfecting light of public exposure will Scientology ever be brought to justice and the human rights abuses be solved.


1) We have learned the tragic lessons of recent cult tragedies like Jonestown Waco, and the Swiss Solar temple.

2) We have learned from the historic lesson of Nazi Germany what happens when you fail to stop a small, loud group of bullies.

3) The tide has turned. Scientology is no longer growing. There are now an estimated 1-2 million former members versus only about 50,000 active current members.

4) If you do not speak out, your silence will be used by Scientology as ongoing license to continue abusing others.

5) In many countries, laws similar to California's Restatement of Agency, Section 395f, provide additional legal motivation to speak out now. "An agent [staff members are agents] is privileged to reveal information confidentially acquired by him in the course of his agency in the protection of a SUPERIOR interest of himself or a third party." This questionnaire clearly spells out those superior interests.


Read this carefully! By policy and law you are personally responsible for the past, present, and future abuses of Scientology that you know about, were involved in, or can foresee repeating or occurring. If you are or were an agent of Scientology, your corporation and insurance company are also responsible.

If you are a staff member, look around you. How many people do you see who were in Scientology when it first began? (80-95% of everyone who gets into Scientology leaves or becomes inactive within 3-5 years).

Keep in mind that the Nuremberg war crime trials established that "following orders," "following policy" or "I didn't know" is not a defense against personal responsibility for human rights abuse if you are in a managerial or agency position for that organization. Your personal responsibility won't go away just because Scientology's childish "entheta" policies about negative information tell you to blindly ignore, not read, or not think about the serious allegations of this questionnaire.


It will be used to force Scientology to stop abusing its members, former members, and critics through ethical use of justice systems throughout the world.

1) It will be used to assemble summary reports for government agencies responsible to protect the public safety and mental health. These summary reports will compel the various government agencies to open new investigations into Scientology.

2) It will help to file new legal actions in the U.S. and other countries such as a civil RICO (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act) lawsuit, and an "all past victims" class action lawsuit. The U.S. Supreme court recently ruled that the RICO statutes could be used against groups forwarding ideological positions if a pattern could be shown of threatened violence, harassment, or actual violence. This ruling in an abortion rights case broadens RICO use beyond organized crime in the traditional sense to include cases like Scientology.

3) It will assist ongoing civil or criminal litigation.

4) It will be used to challenge the fraud of Scientology's non profit or religious tax exempt status with the IRS in the U.S. and with similar agencies in other countries.

5) It will assist investigative media reporters seeking to call the public's attention to Scientology's ongoing human rights abuses.


We are not able to take information over the phone. If you have any information about any question TYPE YOUR ANSWER IN ENGLISH preceded by the number of the question. Please be specific with as much relevant and detailed information as possible. Include the key "who, what, where, when, how," and also the names of other people who witnessed the activity. Please tell us how to contact other people who would or could have information on the topic.

For example, Question # 7, Answer, "I was there on June 23, 1993 in the LA office of the OSA and I was personally ordered by David Miscavige to destroy all Scientology records showing internal knowledge of attempted or actual suicides by members after receiving Scientology services. Three other OSA staff were there too. Their names were..."

We ask you to type the information so that we can mechanically scan your information into a computer database. This will help us manage and summarize the thousands of responses we expect to receive from all over the world.

If you ABSOLUTELY have no other way to get us your information to us, we will accept hand written reports and have them retyped them into our investigation database.

This questionnaire is divided into the following seven sections.

1) Questions for former or current members, their families, and friends
2) Questions for former staff members
3) Allegations about obstruction of justice and conspiracy
4) Allegations relating to the IRS and taxes
5) Allegations about financial fraud
6) Allegations about corporate fraud
7) Closing questions for everyone

It looks long, but you only need to answer questions about which you have personal information.

a) Keep in mind wherever the word "Scientology" is mentioned in a question, it also includes all of Scientology's organizations and its many front groups in every U.S. and foreign location during their forty year history. Front groups are organizations that forward all or part of Scientology's agenda, such as The Committee to Defend the First Amendment, Hubbard Dianetics Foundation, Citizens Commission on Human Rights, Narconon, The Say No to Drugs Campaign, Committee on Public Health and Safety, Task Force on Mental Retardation, Gerus Society, Dianetic Information Group, Committee to Reinvolve Ex-offenders, National Commission for Law Enforcement and Social Justice, Foundation for the Communication of Culture International, Doctors for Religious Liberty, Vanguard, April (a pseudo anti cult organization), Alliance to Protect Religious Liberty, Committee for a Safe Environment, American Citizens for Honesty in Government, The Way to Happiness Foundation, Whistle Blowers, HealthMed, Criminon, Applied Scholastics, Concerned Businessman's Association of America, Cry Out (an environmental group), Religious Research Foundation, Sterling Management, and WISE (World Institute of Scientology Enterprises).

b) If you wish to restrict the use of the information you submit to us, specify these restrictions. We will not take completely anonymous submissions, but if absolutely necessary you may use a code number, known only to you and to us, to identify your submission. [Coded submissions will not be eligible for the cash rewards. ]

c) The questionnaire items are not grammatically consistent. Some are questions, some are sentences, some are not even sentences. It is the topic that is important. Regardless of how the item is phrased, we are asking for any knowledge you may have about the topic.

d) Be sure to include your name, address, phone, and/or fax and e-mail address in your report. For electronic submissions, include a phone number we can use for call-back verification. For written submissions, include the words "I swear the preceding is true and correct," and your dated signature.

We need your responses as quickly as possible. These are the various ways to reach us.

1.) The preferred way is email for speed and ease of report handling, email to [email protected] with Scientology Investigation in the subject line:

2.) Snail mail if you must, Mail to Factnet, PO Box 1315 Ignacio, CO. 81137-1315


Please describe any knowledge you have of the following situations.

1) Any fraud or deception used to get money from members using their credit cards, or loans from lending institutions or their families

2) Any fraud, deception, or unethical high pressure tactics used in Scientology's sales, advertising, or registration actions

3) Any of Scientology's alleged financial frauds, not limited to postulate checks, credit card scams, student loan scams, Author Services "Special Properties" scams, or Scientology asset transfers

4) Any fraud or deception used by Scientology front groups to recruit new members into Scientology or attack Scientology's adversaries

5) Anyone who was fair gamed or had their reputation destroyed by Scientology

6) Any abusive or illegal practices surrounding Scientology's money back guarantee or policies governing refund or return of advance payments

7) Any abusive actions such as copyright and trademark abuse taken by Scientology to inhibit the religious freedom of its members or former members or to inhibit the freedom of such persons to practice their freely chosen religion

8) Any psychological or physical damage you suffered through your association with Scientology

8a) Have you experienced any of the following mental or emotional symptoms while in Scientology or since you left Scientology?
* "Floating" in and out of altered (dissociative) states of mind
* nightmares
* amnesia
* hallucinations or delusions
* Scientology-related phobias (e.g., fears that you won't be successful or will get sick or go insane)
* inability to break mental rhythms or repetitive thought loops
* violent outbursts
* suicidal or self destructive thoughts
* recurring depression and self depreciating thoughts
* inability to work
* difficulty making decisions for yourself
* general inability to compete tasks
* difficulty reading, studying or focusing
* other (please describe)

8b) Why do you believe the symptoms or health problems mentioned in #8 or #8a are related to your experience with Scientology?

9) Anyone who had to be hospitalized because of their involvement with Scientology

10) Any celebrities in or out of Scientology who have had similar symptoms or experiences

11) Any persons who were "baby watched" or subjected to isolation orders because they became psychotic or suicidal

12) Anyone not already reported on our January questionnaire who ever threatened, attempted or committed suicide in any way related to Scientology services

12a) What Scientology services was the person was taking, i.e., purification rundown, introspection RD, OT levels, false purpose RD, RPF, etc.?

12b) Who were the people delivering the service?

12c) Dates and location?

12d) If the individual was a staff member, what post(s) did he or she hold?

12e) What were the individual's actual reactions, emotional state, and unguarded comments about what was being done to them by Scientology?

12f) Names and addresses of family and friends who the individual may have confided in?

12g) How can we obtain further information?

13) Any scientology-related coercion to induce already weakened, infirm or ill persons to buy dangerous additional Scientology services, commit suicide, or speed their own deaths by abandoning normal medical practices for economic, convenience, or security or political reasons

14) Any psychological or physical damage caused to anyone else that could be related to receiving Scientology services

15) Any abusive actions taken by Scientology to use Scientology's copyrights and trademarks to stop members or ex-members from speaking out about Scientology abuses or illegal activities

16) Anyone who tried to get a refund of the money they paid to Scientology but was thwarted from getting it

17) Would you be interested in participating in an individual or collective legal action to get a complete refund of all money ever paid to Scientology? If so, please answer the following questions.

17a) What was the total amount you paid to Scientology?

17b) When and to what organizations?

17c) What representations were made to you about refunds?

17d) What representations were made to you that you feel were false or deceptive?

17e) When did you first discover what you believe were misrepresentations?

17f) Did you sign a written refund agreement?

17g) Do you have receipts for what you paid?


Please describe any knowledge you have of the following.

18) The names of former GO/OSA auditors, staff C/S's or medical officers or other staff who would have had access to information or been involved in the handling of member suicides, attempted suicides, psychoses or neuroses related to Scientology services

19) Scientology materials or internal knowledge reports (micro film computer reports etc) which mention the dangers or experimental nature of Scientology techniques, techniques that could induce psychosis or suicidal impulses, actual member attempted suicides or psychotic or neurotic episodes, or the putting the children of staff members at risk

20) Any coercion, for economic, convenience, or security reasons, to induce already weakened, infirm or ill persons to buy dangerous additional "services," commit suicide, or speed their own death by abandoning normal medical practices

21) Scientology child abuse, child neglect, improper health care, supervision, or education for children

22) Any type of physical or mental abuse of staff members, including such things as the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force), beatings, confinement, excessive work details, denial of adequate food, threat and coercion

23) Pregnant female staff members ordered to get abortions, or being worked so hard and getting such poor quality prenatal care and nutrition during pregnancy that they gave birth to deformed or low birthweight babies

24) Scientology letting staff members with cancer or other serious and expensive illness go without treatment until the cancer or other illness has progressed too far

25) Staff members who needed health care or operations being sent to emergency rooms or other government health services and told to say he/she was indigent and to hide the fact that they were a Scientology staff member

26) Any staff member who was physically or mentally coerced, abused or punished by David Miscavige or by his orders or by the orders of any other Scientology staff member

27) Any administrative Sea Org or non Sea Org staff member who was paid less than minimum wage and the appropriate overtime wage while working on staff (Religious organizations are not exempt from these regulations if the individual was primarily performing administrative or maintenance services versus religious services. So, you may still be entitled to these wages now plus penalties. Contact your local Department of Labor)

28) Any current or former staff member who was dismissed from the organization because they filed a complaint related to unfair labor practices

29) Any current or former staff member who was blackmailed, given sweetheart loans, or paid hush money to agree to never disclose illegal activities or abuse if or when they left Scientology

30) Any fraud perpetrated on any government agency by Scientology while you were a member

31) Anyone who threatened to commit or planned a crime against any adversary of Scientology, up to and including murder

32) Anyone who worked in Scientology's law firms or accounting firms who is no longer there because he/she felt the Scientology account was a legal risk

33) Scientology secretly funding bogus independent studies of its own effectiveness

34) Scientology falsely constructing or projecting a religious image to unfairly obtain tax, legal, and other economic advantages

35) Secret and non secret locations of all records, copies of records and archives of records for Scientology, including microfilms, CD, computer files, whether text or image, whether encrypted or not, or any other type of copies

36) Scientology records that have been destroyed by shredder, chemical, or other process

37) Scientology falsifying any financial record or transaction

38) Any artifice or device used by any Scientology-related corporations designed to deceive, prevent detection or inquiry, escape investigation, or mislead or hinder future investigation on the subject of asset transfers or corporate records

39) Any of Scientology's past or present law firms or accounting firms being knowledgeable of or involved in any deception or falsification of records


Please describe any knowledge you have of the following situations. These allegations concern any legal, government, or other action Scientology has been or is involved with in any country. In addition to the preceding, we are particularly interested in lawsuits involving former members like Gerry Armstrong, Arnie Lerma, Lawrence Wollersheim, the Tichbornes, Steve Fishman, etc.

40) Destruction of any evidence after it was ordered by the court

41) Alteration of any evidence or court records before, during, or after trial

42) Theft of any evidence or court records

43) Planting any false evidence in court records

44) Death threats or assault on any attorney or judge

45) Attempting to blackmail, bribe, or intimidate any attorney or law firm to impede their ability to prosecute a case against Scientology

46) Infiltration of any law firm to gather intelligence, to subvert opposition cases, or to intimidate the principals of opposing law firms into supporting positions adverse to their clients interests and favorable to Scientology's interests

47) Blackmail, intimidation, or bribery of any judge directly hearing any Scientology-related action or issue, or indirectly in a position to influence the case's outcome

48) Attempted or actual intimidation or bribery of key witnesses with the result that they did not appear at the trial, investigation, or hearing; or changed their testimony after swearing to it

49) Death threats, intimidation or harassment of the family members, friends or employers of anyone testifying or scheduled to testify against Scientology

50) Repeated perjury and fraud committed by Scientology's witnesses, executives, or attorneys upon the courts

51) Scientology attorneys or staff drilling Scientology witnesses how to lie on the stand or telling them it is O.K. to lie because of the greatest good, or that it was their valences or BT's (Body Thetans) lying, not them, or any other excuse

52) Scientology attorneys swearing out false affidavits or charges to intimidate, harass, stop, or discredit a critic or enemy

53) Theft or alteration of documents from opposing law firms

54) Theft of personal or business records from anyone opposing Scientology

55) Harassment of opposing parties by the creation of frivolous, malicious, or spurious lawsuits intended only to punish and silence the opposition

56) The creation of tangential lawsuits in which Scientology surreptitiously is the hidden controller and financier of both the plaintiff's and defendant's positions, attorneys, and witnesses. These may be lawsuits in which Scientology hoped to fraudulently create bogus periphery precedents to unfairly and illegally influence other adverse litigation

57) Arranging secret meetings with members of the court or government officials to influence ongoing actions

58) Repeated use of frivolous and expensive lawsuits to deter individuals or the media from stating anything hostile to Scientology whether factual or not

59) Scientology and/or its attorneys deliberately ignoring court orders

60) Scientology and/or its attorneys knowingly and deliberately doing everything possible to create their own mistrial to obstruct the justice process

61) Scientology and/or its attorneys knowingly and deliberately filing meritless complaints with legal, medical or other professional ethics boards to hinder opposing expert witnesses or attorneys

62) Scientology and/or its attorneys knowingly and deliberately using confidential materials, disclosures, or confessions given to Scientology by members for blackmail, to silence or to intimidate the individual

63) Scientology and/or its attorneys knowingly and deliberately using electronic eavesdropping or bugging against its adversaries

64) Infiltration of organizations that are enemies of Scientology by obtaining jobs under false pretenses or identification

65) Scientology and/or its attorneys knowingly and deliberately creating false identification and documents to aid in covert operations

66) Scientology and/or its attorneys knowingly and deliberately breaking and entering into the attorney offices of a critic or enemy

67) Scientology and/or its attorneys knowingly and deliberately forcibly detaining an enemy or critic

68) Scientology and/or its attorneys knowingly and deliberately staging a fake hit and run auto accident involving a pedestrian

69) Scientology and/or its attorneys knowingly and deliberately circulating false black PR stories about its adversaries

70) Scientology and/or its attorneys knowingly and deliberately framing critics for lewd sexual conduct

71) Scientology and/or its attorneys knowingly and deliberately framing a critic as being connected to organized crime

72) Scientology and/or its attorneys knowingly and deliberately planning or attempting to drive a person insane or get a person incarcerated in a mental institution

73) Scientology and/or its attorneys knowingly and deliberately impersonating a person to frame or discredit them

74) Scientology and/or its attorneys knowingly and deliberately sending bomb threats and/or framing someone else for it

75) Scientology and/or its attorneys knowingly and deliberately conspiring to commit murder or assault

76) Scientology and/or its attorneys knowingly and deliberately using a front law firm as a de facto extension of Scientology's intelligence division and intimidation intelligence strategy

77) Scientology and/or its attorneys knowingly and deliberately recruiting and using "do anything / report anything to get the fee" private investigators

78) Scientology and/or its attorneys knowingly and deliberately buying political influence

79) Scientology and/or its attorneys destroying or hiding documents or evidence ordered by a court


Please describe any knowledge you have of the Church of Scientology or its agents (attorneys and accountants) or front groups being involved financially or in the planning of any of the following situations. These questions would include legal or managerial assistance or intervention, gathering intelligence, covert operations, use of staff or any organization resource directly, indirectly, or through the use of undue influence over third parties or related entities.

80) Lobbying

81) Political activities such as opposing or proposing legislation or opposing or supporting candidates (This could include such means as telling members to write congressmen or make donations to particular candidates, or buying political influence for Scientology)

82) Using tax free income secretly or not so secretly to support litigation against private individuals or corporations

83) Use of tax exempt money for the benefit of for-profit entities (For example, any of Scientology's tax exempt organizations might be the source of money paid to ASI's "special properties" or Bridge Publications. That for-profit entity could then pay commissions, kickbacks, royalties, service awards, or any other type of reward or credit of value to individuals.)

84) Giving members investment advice directly or indirectly, or allowing investment advisors to give presentations in Scientology facilities or in association with a Scientology event or organization

86) Getting members involved in investment plans or tax avoidance plans

87) Conducting a trade or business primarily for profit and not in furtherance of its alleged religious and charitable tax exempt purposes

88) Using any of its tax free income or assets to destroy individuals or organizations it perceives as fair game

89) Using Author Service Inc.'s trust A and B, or any other corporation trust or estate, as a secret method of paying commissions, kickbacks, royalties, service awards or any other type of reward or credit of value to executives, principals, directors, officers, or the Hubbard estate

90) Any staff member, resource, or asset of any Scientology tax exempt organization being used to create, enhance, or maintain any facility, product, or service that creates a value for a private individual, for profit or private trust, estate, or for profit corporation

91) Individuals, trusts, estates, or other entities outside of Scientology who receive preferential treatment or benefit of value from any asset or resource in any of the Scientology-related corporations because of some special or undue influence relationship to Scientology in the past or present, or because of some special or undue influence relationship to Scientology's command structure or corporate officers

92) Any fraud or false statement in any application to the IRS to obtain a 501(c)(3) non profit exemption or on a Scientology tax return

93) Scientology or its agents exercising any undue influence over the IRS investigation of Scientology or its decision makers, including such things as using former IRS employees with inside knowledge to negotiate with the IRS, intimidation or IRS agents or their families, offering any present or future inducements to IRS staff such as money or jobs with outside accounting firms, or other infiltration of the investigation and decision process

94) Any artifices or devices used by any Scientology-related corporation designed to deceive, prevent detection or inquiry, escape investigation, or mislead or hinder future investigation related to any financial fraud, IRS violations or fraud, or corporate fraud allegedly committed by any Scientology-related corporation. (This could include secret meetings where inequitable asset transfers or sham corporate structures were planned or discussed, or the encrypting, destroying, hiding or altering of documents, as well as the creation of false documents related to these matters.)

95) Any of Scientology's past or present law firms or accounting firms being knowledgeable of or involved in any activity listed previously


Do you have any knowledge of or proving:

96) Assets transferred out of Scientology that were transferred into other corporations that were ultimately controlled by the same people or command structure

97) Bogus, inequitable, or non market value asset transfers out of Scientology

98) That all Scientology-related corporations are controlled by one unified management and that the separation between corporations is a sham and mere instrumentality, and that was the intention when the new Scientology corporations were set up in the early 1980's

99) Anyone who has exerted undue, unfair, disproportionate, or coercive influence over any asset or asset transfer involving any Scientology corporation

100) Anyone who has exerted undue, unfair, disproportionate, or coercive influence over Scientology's assets, trusts, or reserve accounts from other Scientology-related corporations, or who ordered these other corporations to buy books, products, or services from another Scientology-related corporation or pay royalties to another Scientology-related corporation

101) Any trustee or fiduciary of one Scientology trust or corporation who was posted or removed by an officer or executive from a different Scientology-related corporation

102) Any irregularities involving Scientology trust or reserve accounts such as posting trustees or fiduciaries who must first sign undated letters of resignation

103) Copyrights and trademarks created by Scientology staff and from Scientology resources, and then transferred to L Ron Hubbard and his estate without equitable compensation to the Scientology corporations that created them

104) That refunds, return of advance payments, or transfers of money on account were used to inequitably or secretly transfer money out of Scientology corporations inuring undisclosed benefit to third parties.

105) Any fraud in the handling of mission or Sea Org reserves moneys

106) Any fraud in Scientology corporations cosigning or guaranteeing loans or debts

107) Any kickbacks, trust management fees, royalties or any type of secret payment of value of any nature paid to Scientology's top officials from any Scientology-related organization

108) Any money laundering or undeclared transfer of Scientology assets or cash out of the U.S. by courier or other secret means

109) The tens of millions of dollars in royalties paid to L. Ron Hubbard and/or his estate for an E-Meter he did not invent

110) Improper administration of any Scientology account or fund transfer

111) Any false or secret contracts made between Scientology executives and various for profit and non profit Scientology corporations designed to perpetrate a fraud

112) The names, account numbers and locations of any U.S. and foreign bank, savings, safe deposit box, or other type of account which serves or served the purpose of holding any assets (Look on the back of your old check stubs for payments you made to Scientology organizations. Photocopy the backs and send them to us)

113) The U.S. and foreign storage location of other valuable assets held by Scientology (including art, antiques, books, coin and stamp etc. collections, archives, stocks, bonds, precious metals or jewel storage)

114) Artifices or devices used by any Scientology-related corporation designed to deceive, prevent detection or inquiry, escape investigation, or mislead or hinder future investigation related to any coercion, trickery, financial or corporate fraud involving David Miscavige's takeover of the Mission network, its separate corporations, and its income

115) Any secret or non secret intent, meetings or actions by Scientology to convey the substantial portion of its assets out of any of its corporations such as Church of Scientology of California, while a lawsuit of considerable amount is pending

116) Does money flow from Scientology's non profit corporations into the L. Ron Hubbard estate and Scientology's for-profit corporations? How? How many millions of dollars?

117) Any lies, unfairness, or type of fraud not mentioned above. This could involve assignments of asset value, credit card billing or other billings or conditional bills of sale, transfers between accounts of different organizations, "special properties," invoices, loans, royalty payments, or any other type of financial document, financial transfer, or transaction.

118) Artifices or devices not mentioned above, used by any Scientology-related corporation designed to deceive, prevent detection or inquiry, escape investigation, or mislead or hinder future investigation related to any financial fraud or inequitable asset transfers between Scientology-related corporations


Do you have any knowledge of:

119) Any secret or non secret intent, meetings, or actions by L Ron Hubbard, his family, estate, trusts or trustees, or David Miscavige, or any current or former Scientology executive, their family estate or trusts, to effect defacto control (ignoring corporate boards, lines, or separate integrity) over all related Scientology corporate entities

120) Any artifices or devices used by any Scientology-related corporation designed to deceive, prevent detection or inquiry, escape investigation, or mislead or hinder future investigation related to Scientology's corporate reorganization, being merely the creation of an alter ego made to look like separate control but in reality is essentially the same control. Where the many Scientology corporations are essentially the same pair of pants where the current command structure can draw from any asset no matter what corporate "pocket" the asset is in.

121) Any artifices or devices used by any Scientology-related corporation to prevent anyone from piercing the corporate veil (i.e., designed to deceive, prevent detection or inquiry, escape investigation, or mislead or hinder future investigation related to the use and abuse of copyrights and trademarks to exercise defacto complete control of all related Scientology corporations)

122) Do you have knowledge of W.I.S.E., I.A.S., Office of Special Affairs, and other Scientology front groups and their connections to the business community; the controlling persons of such businesses and Scientology's procedures for policing these business activities?

123) Do you know of any infiltration into corporations for the purpose of gaining control to make stock offerings, issue options and warrants to fellow Scientologists and organizations at cheap prices, to unfairly manipulate stock values through false dissemination of information and the spreading o[ rumors; the unethical and oppressive treatment of shareholders and subsequent dilution of their values, the looting and stripping of assets out of a corporation or business?

124) Do you know of any connections to unethical promotions in gold and silver penny mining stocks, gold and silver bullion, coin scams, stamp scams, technology stocks, oil drilling and leases, real estate, hotels, motels, or other types of investments owned, managed, or controlled by Scientology or its agents and fronts?

125) Do you have knowledge of any non-profit Scientology organizations which have benefited from such deals?

126) Do you have knowledge of the investment activities of Author's Family Services, any other Scientology organization, or the upper level rulers of Scientology?

127) Are you aware of any stock brokers, corporate promoters, or corporate principals who liaison with Scientologists, or who are Scientologists, who have been fined, given sentences, cease and desist orders, sent to prison for fraud, and who may reveal facts about their connections, controllers, and working relationships with Scientology?

128) Do you know of any Scientologists who are operating anywhere in the Vancouver securities industry? Such positions could include being a Governor of the Exchange, employees or officials of the Vancouver Stock Exchange, employees and officials of the British Columbia Securities Commission, employees and officers and directors of B.C. stock brokerage firms, judges, politicians, RCMP, attorneys of the Province, University affiliates, or any other affiliation that is secret?

129) Are you familiar with any Scientology members who are newsletter writers and promoters who may unethically aid in the promotion and support of fraudulent corporate schemes or other products through the mails, wires, or on radio and television?

130) Do you have knowledge of stock promotions whereby kickbacks or various illegal payments are given to induce non-Scientology brokers to aid in any fraudulent scheme?

131) Do you know any names of Scientologists or fronts of any kind who have connections to BCCI?


132) To help inform others, would you be willing to appear on TV or have your story told in other media or to discuss your knowledge about Scientology in the areas of this questionnaire?

133) Would you be willing to appear in court to testify about the things you have knowledge?

134) Would you be willing to sign a petition to the government asking them to open or reopen an investigation into Scientology relevant to the allegations of this questionnaire?

135) Would you be willing to participate in a "class action" against Scientology.

136) Are you willing to write an affidavit or declaration that the information you are providing is true and correct?

137) Are you willing to clip news articles that you read in your area on Scientology and its front groups and send them to us?

138) Do you have Scientology-related materials you would be willing to donate to our archive? (If so go ahead and send them)

139) Do you have names of former or current Scientologists or others who should receive this questionnaire or be on our mailing list? (If so go ahead and send them)

140) Do you feel that any law firm, accounting firm, or private investigation firm and their insurance companies that may have assisted Scientology with any illegal activity through act or lack of due diligence should be help individually and legally liable?

141) Do you know of any past or current lawsuits or government investigations involving Scientology? Please list them and if possible the people to contact involved in them so we can make available to them the information of this questionnaire and other Scientology information already assembled. (Information we have received already or that will be received may effect the reopening of old lawsuits and investigations)

142) Do you know the present address of and if they are still in Scientology the family's address for any of the following: Wendel Renolds, Herbie Parkhouse, Lyman Spurlock, Steve Marlowe, Mark Yager, John Nelson, Nigel Oaks, Pat and Annie Broker, Bob Tomas, Cat Morrow, formerly Cat Klinger, Mary Rush, Foster Thompkins, Mark Ingbar, Marty Rathbun, Maureen Brigatti, Carl Heldt, and Paulene Chaterlan.

143) Do you have any information about Scientology and Satanism, including origins and practices such as excorcism, etc.?

144) Do you have any information about Scientology or Scientologists and neo-Nazi organizations, tactics or ideology?

FACTNet wishes to thank everyone who answered its previous questionnaires and for taking the time to do this one. Be sure to conclude your report with your name, address, phone, fax, e-mail etc., the date, and the words: "I swear the preceding is true and correct." Then sign it and mail it to us. (This document may be translated to other languages)

Please make and distribute copies of this questionnaire by any and all means to every current and former Scientologist or family member you can contact, and to anyone else who has had problems with Scientology. If you send us their address we will email or mail it for you.


FACTNet , Inc. (Fight Against Coercive Tactics Network, Incorporated) is a nonaligned, nonprofit, research and educational public service. FACTNet specializes in informing the public about human rights abuses caused by coercive psychological systems much the same way that Amnesty International informs the public about human rights abuse caused by physical coercion

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