Update on the Sydney Ideal Org situation


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But the cult really does love first-year students. . .

First year students. If that isn't a major part of the demographic of Anonymous, I don't know what is.

For that reason, any student who walks in (OK, takes the lift up to the 5th floor...) is going to be treated with so much suspicion they'll cognite that they're dealing with a bunch of paranoid lunatic cultists in minutes.

I suppose a change of venue is always a good "reason" to reg some more cash out of the remaining victims, though, for shopfitting.


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So Kim Cullen is now ED Syd F - where's Di Gilbert?:confused2:

And they have to sell the furniture so there's not so much to move?:roflmao:

Pathetic cult is pathetic.:hysterical:

Poor fools just can't see that it's end-days for their dwindling little cult here in Oz and nothing's gonna save it from extinction.:no:

So I wonder how much space they've taken up at 841 George Street? Do they have more than a dozen staff left?:hmm:

Last chance to see.... :dieslaughing:

Good question. Where is Di Gilbert? I thought she would be ED until placed in the earth. I knew here well. Any info on this. Takers?


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It was Di's birthday two days ago (Sunday) and I do hope it was a cult-free one for her.:biggrin:

Miss Pert

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It was Di's birthday two days ago (Sunday) and I do hope it was a cult-free one for her.:biggrin:

I don't think she is totally cult free, I just found her FB page and her last activity was making friends with Alfreddie Johnson at the end of Feb.

Idle Morgue

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"New Civilization Builders"?


How do they come with this shit? :confused2:

Actually, I know how they come up with it - surveys and "PR tech". It is all about BUTTONS and SIGNIFICANCE. :yes:

As Hoaxter has so wonderfully pointed out in the past, Scientology is so excessively about SLOGANS (words) and STATUS. The above terms exhibit this perfectly.

What is more absurd, is that through the overt and continual exact use of Hubbard's PR positioning tech, these IDEAS (as the admirable and desirable things that they are) have been (incorrectly) LINKED (associated) with the subject and practices of Scientology. Yet in truth, the true behaviors and real beliefs of Scientology NEVER realize any such things. There is actually very little of "humanitarian" anything in Scientology. Scientology does NOTHING to create a "new civilization", and what it does create out in the world is often total SHIT!

I can't read any Scientology PR without immediately retching at the obvious deception, manipulation, PR, phoniness, superficiality, shallowness, gaudy glitz, and disingenuousness.

Scientology is exactly what Hubbard criticized - all PR and NO PRODUCT! :omg:

Gad ~ that ^^^ is because you are CLEAR and they, the Scientologist's who buy these PR lies, are NOT!!


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So it turns out that the CoS have got the ground floor (not sure about the fifth) and their shop can be seen from the street. They also have a sign hanging down from the awning.

Perhaps the most interesting part, at least for me, is that both this and their previous location on Castlereagh Street were or are occupied by the University of Ballarat at IIBIT (they're currently on level 4 of 841 George St.) which worries me somewhat.

Sorry for the size of the pics.




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I walked past last night, they'd turned their lights off, I was quite sad.

Yeah, that's sad. With the power prices in Sydney, I'm not surprised the average staffer has to work their allnighters in the dark.

Thanks for the update Fatman, great to see you again!

Miss Pert

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More info on Di Gilbert and Idle Org. Apparently Di was busted from ED post because the stats were so sucky, she was demoted but has since left staff and is working for, surprise, surprise, a roofing company doing office work. From what I can figured out Kim Cullen is now ED of Day and Claire Holbrook (can't remember her maiden name which she goes by now but it starts with a T) has gone from Day ED to Fdn ED.

I also heard that the cult have contracted builders in the past, to start the renos, but they have all fallen through, one of them took a $3M deposit and then went bust and the cult lost their $$$.

Steve Fagen has gone bust and is quite ill with some sort of bone condition that causes growths to form, though not cancerous. No assistance from the cult because he can't afford to pay for auditing, not to mention he'd probably have to go to the ship to get it, being OT VIII.

An event was held recently with free dinner as the draw card, only about 40 showed up and they were mostly Joe Kingy's family, close and extended. No one else bothers, they are all fed up with the never ending fundraising and there is apparently a LOT of anti DM natter happening within those that no longer attend.

Me thinks the ship is sinking.....

(There is no sinking ship smilie icon so this will have to do) :drowning: :drowning: :drowning: