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Update on the Sydney Ideal Org situation


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I don,t think they will get street closure, the buses come through , and stop just right out side,on the opposite side of the road,( SP side) its sort of a main through fare, there s plenty of good camera spots to take photos, even on the the church next door. steps Actually the more i think about it, this could be hell for Scientology even if they did, I,d pick a common theme for signs ," Miscaviage Deposed at last" at the barriers.!0,000 have to get in somehow, can some one take a photo on the orgs steps looking out. will give us strategy.
Ahh, this could be fun. Granitt.


Master of Disaster
I predict busloads of sciloons from all around the planet being brought in to Sydney to barely fill one corner of the road in front of 201. Lots of Potted Tree Tehc to be used to screen the Great Unwashed from the "event.":yes:

I predict the cult will get less than half the attendees they got to Melbourne. And the AOSH ANZO RPF to triple in size overnight.:omg:

I predict the Runt Usurper to stay stuck in His Scotch bottle somewhere else because He's afraid of the Anon "terrorists" coming out in force to meet Him. He won't have an enclosed space in Sydney to preach from like he had in Melbourne - He'll have to "do it" from inside the building or be exposed to people from the office and apartment blocks all around 201. I'm sure the Drunken Maggot's paranoia will be screaming NOOOOOOOOOO !!! at the thought of all this - poor little petal.:bigcry:

It looks like a major street, which means the local authorities are unlikely to close off the street to car traffic for their event (although they might close off the sidewalk in front of the org).

This means that there can be lots of cars passing the org, with Ron's lectures on Xenu and the Marcab Confederacy blaring from their car stereos.



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Duh !! google maps, How dumb am I, wonderful SP tech , they carnt shut of the frontage opposite,They' re gonna have to be clever. Granitt


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ALL Emergency vehicles have free access ,Its only $75 for a St John call,There will be lots of Heart attacks, when Davy Boy starts his speech. Granitt.


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ALL Emergency vehicles have free access ,Its only $75 for a St John call,There will be lots of Heart attacks, when Davy Boy starts his speech. Granitt.

I can only hope that nobody thinks that calling an emergency vehicle for no valid reasons might be a good idea, because it isn't. :no:

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We're still taking bets on whether or not Davey will show up for it. He loathes Australia and its ineffective scientologists, from what I hear. Still, he did it for Melbourne, how could he not for Sydney? It's a good video/photo-op and video evidence of "straight up and vertical Expansion thanks to COB" will undoubtedly be useful in wringing even more money out of wrung-out Faithful Followers in the future.