Update South Africa - WARNING: Church of Scientology OSA trolls are at it again


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Update South Africa - WARNING: Church of Scientology Office of Special Affairs (OSA) trolls are at it again.

From the South African Independent Scientology blog Scientologists back in comm.

WARNING: OSA trolls are at it again


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roll: (in folklore) an ugly cave-dwelling creature depicted as either a giant or a dwarf.

Disinformation: intentionally false or inaccurate information that is spread deliberately. It is an act of deception and false statements to convince someone of untruth. (Wikipedia).

OSA Trolls, Disinformation & Scaremongers Par Excellence

In recent weeks BIC has been alerted to a number of strange incidents which seem to indicate yet another wave of OSA skulduggery is underway.

The people being targeted are the church-labeled “SPs” and many UTR public who have seemingly been singled out or flagged as potential threats or risk to the church.

Many years ago at the time of the Anonymous protests/attacks and the Marty/Mike big reveal, it became practice for orgs to categorize their public into different groups:

Public who are regularly on service, attend org events and are supporting (financially) org activities. These guys are considered safe and fully on board with “Command Intention”.

Public who are not necessarily active on service but none-the-less on board with church activities, regularly attend events and in good comm with the org. (Good comm also translates into copious flows of money!)
Public who are ARC broken or disaffected for some reason. These guys are absent from events, very rarely contribute to org activities and seen as “not with the program”. Although not overtly communicating any upset, their absence (and lack of financial support) speaks volumes. These guys are considered in danger of “being turned by the big bad SP’s out there” – and it is these people who come under the HCO or OSA spotlight at times of trouble – which nowadays is pretty much around the clock.

Some examples of OSA tactics to weed out UTR/disaffected public & their comm-lines are as follows:

Using the OTC by allocating names of people needing “recovery” – typically the OTC member is supposed to get in comm with the person and try salvage him/her by positioning themselves as “safe terminals”. Although the OTC member may be genuine in his/her desire to help, the actual intention is to establish exactly how much of a threat the target is – are they likely to jump the fence, what are their intentions and who are their comm-lines (to weed out further possible disaffection).

Public who are in ethics trouble are used to spy on, infiltrate and expose activities of UTR, Indy or disaffected public. This is done by various means – through facebook policing, befriending the person with the guise of helping them, and in some cases, even luring their target into spilling their guts by pretending to be mutually disaffected. Anything the target says goes straight back to OSA. The public is then let off the hook insofar as any ethics condition as he/she has “delivered an effective blow”. This exact tactic has been used on a number of UTR public and others who have tried to quietly leave the church but been “bust” by taking a “friend” into their confidence.

Another common OSA tactic is the spreading of disinformation & libel about “SPs” or ARCx public, using threats and other scare tactics to terrorise public into acquiescence for fear of dire consequences if they fail to comply. There are many recent instances of this occurring in the JBG field.

Some public have reported suddenly being contacted by phone or email out of the blue by old comm-lines just to “find out how they’re doing”. There has been a marked increase in attempts to get in comm with public who haven’t heard from the org for months/years.

And then there is the constant facebook policing – a number of public have recently been invited to come see the ethics officer “due to undesirable facebook contacts”. This is perhaps one of the most insidious & suppressive tactics of the church – and an outright case of invasion of privacy, cutting up people’s comm lines and just plain despicable behaviour which has no place in a group that claims to uphold one’s right to communicate freely.

Some recent reports BIC has received on OSA activities are as follows:

Suddenly pitching up at people’s homes or businesses to interrogate them about connections or comm lines with people deemed “undesirable” by the church. In two cases that we know of, Scientologists were instructed to cough up names of their clients – this is utterly illegal and even requesting this information could land the church in very hot water.

Sending an OSA plant to infiltrate one of the Indy practitioners – claiming she was disaffected with the church and wanting to know what alternative services there were on offer in the Indy field. Pure fishing expedition on behalf of OSA.

Rumours that certain SP’s had recanted, come to their senses and requested they be allowed to do their A-E steps for re-entry into the Church. None of these are true.

CJC spreading a story that enough evidence has been gathered against certain SPs to send them to jail.

OTC members contacting former comm-lines claiming to be really concerned as they “heard on the grapevine” that such-and-such is connected to “so and so SP” (all very vague and refusing to give exact time, place form and event). Fishing expedition – again under direct orders from OSA.

Getting SCN’s to contact suspected UTR people and threatening to end business dealings with them unless they cut comm with “undesirables” or com einto the org to get their situation handled.

Bringing pressure to bear on SCN-owned businesses to fire people from their jobs for being connected (no matter how remotely) to someone no longer deemed in good standing with the church.

All of the above activities were coincidental around the time of the release of the HBO documentary Beyond Belief and the barrage of negative press this has resulted in for the church.

One thing is for sure – the renewed upsurge of witch-hunts suggest irrefutable evidence the church is madly scrambling to stem yet another tide of members from waking up and exiting the troll-inhabited cave.

If anyone has other examples or personal accounts of sudden increased attempts to get them into the org or being subjected to OSA visits, being fed disinformation & subjected to any underhanded tactics, please share your story with us.

Our next step is to name and shame those who have been caught red-handed in spreading libelous disinformation or trying to cause trouble for people who are getting on with their lives outside of the church.

Enough is enough.

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I emailed some months ago, one of the Senior officials of the SA government warning them that foreigners were coming into the country to harm South Africans.

No reply yet.

perhaps those at BIC can also send examples to their local and federal government agencies and politicians?