URGENT: Need names of family members, disconnected at Gold Base

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As near as I can tell, Smurf's video was originally named "?v=Gg9AboVuXAY" -- it looks like it's been removed from this side of the Atlantic too.

Hey Smurf, if the snot scientology lawyers have rattled YouTube's cage, I hear our Russian friends at RuTube.com are harder to get to; such as AGP's videos at: http://AngryGayPope.com/videos.htm (See the three videos in the top right column of snot scientology's lead attorney Kendrick Moxon, spewing threats about.)

I hope you can get that video back up, because I really want to see the 1 second clip of Mandy, the only one her mother's seen of her in 11 years.

There is a photo on WWP, but I cant get it over here.

Oh my goodness, I did it

There is a HIGH PRIORITY! Mom Comes from England to Demand her Daughter At HGB Hollywood Raid! - Page 6 - Why We Protest | Activism Forum picture on WWP, here is the link