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"Us" and "Them"

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You have my support.
Does this mean I can no longer refer to Marty as "the prick"? :D

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This should have been posted sooner but I needed some time (overnight) to gather my thoughts and calm down and try to post a rational thread rather than an over reaction.

What started out yesterday as a request for a bit of leeway and some manners towards newly exited Scientologists, turned into a shit fight. The bad thing about that is that it's ugly and unpleasant, but the good thing about it was that it brought out into the open an issue that was festering on ESMB and needed to be exposed so that something can be done about it. There is no passion and upset when things aren't important, so obviously this is an important issue.

I blame myself for a lot of what's been allowed to creep in. I got lazy & complacent as I lost interest in the fight against Scientology. I allowed shit to get through that I'd never have allowed in the early days. And once you lower the standards even a little bit, it gets harder to enforce it the next time. Personal relationships blur the edges too. I like so many folks here and its really much harder to warn or infract a friend that what it is a stranger.

I want to clear up some apparent issues that were raised over the last 48 hours.


I don't care about stats. I don't care if ESMB has 20 or 200 or 2000 active members. I don't care about posting stats. I'd rather see 50 quality posts a day rather than 500 rubbish posts. If I was making money from this site with advertising it might be an issue, but it's not. I also don't "collect" people or groups like it's a Facebook game.

There seems to be a link in some people's minds between respect and freedom of speech i.e "If i have to be respectful towards others I can't say what I want to say". I do not agree and was surprised to see this sentiment expressed more than once yesterday.

I came to a cross roads yesterday. At one point I'd made a decision to just leave and take all my toys with me. I decided that if certain people want to live in shit then I should just let them. I decided to allow the board to go to rack & ruin because that's where it is ultimately headed unless some action is taken. The new Admin seems to be on vacation and I felt quite powerless to do anything as any authority I had seemed to have vanished overnight considering the backlash I was receiving from some long term posters. This left me feeling sick & sad and so I knew it was not a good choice.

Leaving the board to generate into ARS would not only a terrible ending to what has been created but I realised that it's only a small amount of people who are contributing to this and the others don't deserve it. Also on a more selfish note, I don't want to be the owner and registrant of a board that resembles anything like ARS. Also this would not be helpful to my upcoming court case.

Then I realised I had another choice.

The second choice was to take control back and run the board the way I want it run, the way I've always wanted it run and not play the "try to please everyone game". So that is what I'm doing.

From now on the rules (that have always existed by the way) will be enforced.

They are as follows:

In the short term these rules will be strictly enforced because the idea of self moderation has, it seems, slipped away from us. I'm sure this *ability* will be regained quickly and there will be less & less need for moderation. I need everyone's help in this, not just the moderators. If you see an offensive post please use the "Report a post" function that is available from every post on the board. If you are unsure how to do this then please read this thread:


This also applies to excessive nudity. I'm not a prude but seriously do we have to post tits on every thread? It's gotten a bit old IMO.

Now to the point of the thread title - Them & Us.

I believe this is the mentality that has crept into ESMB that has caused the problem. We were all Scientologists (for the most). We all worshiped Hubbard & the Tech in varying degrees and for varying times, but at some point "we" were "them". I think we've forgotten that. We have been out for a while and an attitude of "We know the truth and these dumb asses haven't even begun to scratch the surface" has crept in at times.

This is not the attitude I want ESMB as a board to have. Despite strong opposition I still DO want this to be a soft landing for exes who are willing to look at everything. ESMB will never be right for some who will never look at anything critical and that's ok with me. That's their right. But for for some we are the only place they can go to discuss the real issues of Scientology and get honest answers in a safe environment. At the moment, if it was me in that spot, I wouldn't come here. I wouldn't go to WWP. I wouldn't go to OCMB. I'd be stuck with Pro boards and blogs that while comfortable, would not answer all my questions.

To post on ESMB you need to follow the rules. If you can't or don't want to then please don't post. If you do post and break the rules and continue to do so you will be banned. If you can't accept the purpose of the board and want to fight me on it then you will be banned. I just don't have the time or inclination to fight over this.

I know this will mean that some people will no longer want to post here. ESMB was never supposed to be a board that will fit everyone. It was supposed to be what has been already articulated over & over. If you aren't sure about who & what the board is for please read these threads:


If this means you feel ESMB is no longer for you then I hope you have enjoyed your stay. I hope you've had some laughs and made some friends and have learned something. I thank you for your contribution & wish you well.

Honestly I'd rather lose 50% of the board today than to host an environment that hurts people. At least the remaining 50% will be here because they want to be.

Very happy to read this!

Note also that if this board wasn't here, the police wouldn't have visited
the RPF the other day, and they are probably cutting a search warrant now.

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Seriously? Which RPF?

Below the first post and name of thread.

Operation RPF; Restoring People's Freedom.

Since Shane Kelsey was freed from the RPF around early December by his father with the help or at least advice and info from BIA several Scientology critics have been discussing a serious issue. That is, how does the Sea Org get to hold people against their will. In the RPF and on the decks of any SO unit there are those held by threat and even under guard.

We investigated and found a whole lot more than we bargained for.

On Sunday the 19th of December exes and Anons converged on 16 Dohary st. Dundas, the premises of CLO ANZO and the prison for many hapless RPFers. Our mission was to take away three RPFers who we were informed wanted to leave and were in effect being held prisoner. Now if it is ever substantiated that RPFers have in fact been held against their will under Australain law it would constitute aggravated kidnap which carries up to 25 years imprisonment. Link

We had previously set up accommodation, jobs, free legal and an allowance from international aid agencies aware of and concerned by the illegal detainment of people in the RPF.

We had a list of names from BIA and from some the recently blown SO from ANZO. In total we had six names but our primary focus was three that we'd had confirmed that definitely wanted to leave.

The first was Matt Faye, an Aussie who grew up in the SO, his mother is the NOTS C/S at the AO and he hasn't known anything else. I remember him as a kid of 12 who I saw around the AO after the GAT. The next is Brian Curry, he is a US citizen and was Shane Kelsey's twin. He had been wanting to leave for years and now was in the RPF's RPF as his twin escaped three weeks prior. He was heading there anyway because he was so intent on leaving and as many of you know that is the "standard" handling for nor being happy in the RPF.

The third was Carol Miles, a British subject, she was the Port Captain on the Freewinds and was RPFed for being a security risk and wanting to route out. This is what Mike Rinder said about it; http://markrathbun.wordpress.com/201...ship-of-fools.
Quote:.......Others haven’t been so lucky. One of the Ship Engineers was severely disaffected with Captain Love Boat after several run-ins with him. He became increasingly enturbulated and was not sleeping. He was put under 24 hour watch with full time guards and video cameras in his room. He was not handled with standard tech and ended up committing suicide by hanging himself in the shower with a sheet. The entire incident was covered up so as not to create a “flap.” False information was given to the authorities.
Carol Miles, the Public Officer and public face of the Freewinds has disappeared. I guess, like Heber, nobody dares ask where she is. In fact, she was being “handled” under the brilliant guidance of CO CMO Ship (Sue Price) with her special style of “executive C/Sing”. Carol’s “handlings” didn’t go well. She made threats and became a security risk. And what happens to inmates on the prison ship when they are too hot to handle? They get shipped off to the prison colony – the RPF in CLO ANZO, in Sydney.

Quite a number of “problem” staff have been routed to the ANZO RPF. It is thought to be so remote that anyone sent there has effectively been “disappeared”. Like the 3 Gold staff who were banished to the ANZO RPF after they pissed off Dear Leader. Those 3 (Karl Whitcher, Kip Engen and Nicolai Ciferrelli) were assigned to do the RPF twice through. They have been there since 2004. One of them completed the first time through last year – imagine 6 years of sec checking, FPRD and TRD and now having to do it all over again!

So, this is where Carol Miles is. She joined other “security risks” banished to the prison colony – including the former IG MAA Chris Guider who had fallen from grace when he refused to comply with an order from Miscavige to hit a Gold staff member with his swagger stick and the ex-RTC Rep FSO who knew all about Miscavige’s involvement in the McPherson matter. [end quote]

Carol has wanted to leave every day since she arrived in ANZO which was around Februrary 2008, that's nearly three years ago. Her position is probably worse than Mark Whitta's was when he was locked up and held under guard beneath the squash courts. In effect she is a hostage due to "security" reasons. Which means she can blow the whistle on DM for his crimes.

So we set up our protest outside the gate of the Dundas facility and then three of us walked in and knocked on the front door with Christmas presents for our three cult victims!

We were first told by the receptionist that they would return in an hour. After signing in at reception it was deemed best if we were to wait outside for OSA.

The video (coming) was taken on site and the nature of the RPFers incarceration was put to Michael Gordon by us. That's when we were asked to leave. He also told us that they had been flown out of the country.

We then went out and protested and someone also did a letter box drop for all the nieghbours.

Here is the flier that was made by someone;

Quote:Why we are protesting the Church of Scientrology.

Do you know that the Church of Scientology is running a "gulag" type of rehabilitation program at 16 Dohary st?

This program involves;

Human rights abuses


People being held against their will

Human trafficking

Confiscation of personal papers, passports etc

Poor living conditions

Sleep and food deprivation

Religious workers are also forced to have abortions

This is all happening right in your neighbourhood.

About the time we were packing up to go home the police arrived, called by the frightened cult.

We spoke at length to the officers of which there were as many as us, four cars were called to bring us to justice! After a lengthy explanation they decided to go in and perform a welfare check on the three. The cult managed to find one of them for the police, that was Brian Curry! Sadly it seems that he'd turned since Shane's departure. I have been told that he sent a very sad letter of apology to Shane for "ruining" his chance to graduate. I thought this was tragic as I knew what "make wrong" bullshit they would have laid at his feet while he was at their mercy in the RPF's RPF for his twin's blow.

OSA maintained, even to the police that the other two were in fact out of the country. We didn't believe that for several reasons, namely; they were here only three weeks prior, around the 4th of December, airfares are extremely expensive at this peak season and there was no valid reason that we could see to move them.

Basically if they were there and in fact did want to leave, which we believed, then lying to the police and preventing them from seeing us or anyone else amounts to kidnapping.

A report has been sent to the police alerting them to all this and more.

We all had our hearts set on leaving with the three RPFers mentioned and if we got that lucky we were going to ask to see three more who had been forced to do their RFPFs twice through, but we didn't get to speak to them on this day.

But we will.

I want to thank every one who participated in this. I'd really like to see it repeated all over the world, eventually law enforcement will act definitively and that will be the day that the CofS will be known for the kidnap that we know it engages in to control and dominate it's SO personnel.
Kevin Bloody Mackey

The Story of my Bridge to OT VII

"I'm not angry anymore, as more and more people rediscover their true selves through Scientology, together we WILL achieve a world without war, crime, and insanity." Rex Fowler, OTVII, before allegedly shooting his ex-partner three times in the head and then himself under the chin.
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Wow. Thanks. I guess I got so caught up in the drama playing out I forgot to pay attention to the good stuff. This is awesome!

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I, for one, bei,ng a relative newbie appreciate you spelling out what you spelled out for us all.

I agree with you...well....except about the boobs.

But I'm more of an ass man anyway...and they seem to be still OK.


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Well done, Emma. Sanity and decency returns to ESMB.

Your post on this is brilliantly put and expresses the values that are important and need be upheld.

Way to go . . . you've got my vote on this one!



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:clap::clap: Thanks, Emma! I missed all the drama due to being off doing other things, but I agree with you fully in what you've said, here. It's time, and happy you didn't take your toys and leave. ESMB is a vital link to people getting out, fully out with a safe place to look and learn. :yes:

If this means you feel ESMB is no longer for you then I hope you have enjoyed your stay. I hope you've had some laughs and made some friends and have learned something. I thank you for your contribution & wish you well.

Honestly I'd rather lose 50% of the board today than to host an environment that hurts people. At least the remaining 50% will be here because they want to be.

:yes:Right on, girl.
Great start to the New Year of 2011. Thanks for once again stepping up to the plate, helping us all! :clap:

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