Victory for Katie Holmes as Suri starts Catholic pre-school


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Katie Holmes has won a battle with her Scientologist husband Tom Cruise to enrol their daughter Suri in a Catholic pre-school.

The Church of Scientology has always been a bone of contention between the couple and Tom wanted three-year-old Suri to be raised a Scientologist.

But last week Katie enrolled the toddler at the Catholic Charities Yawkey Centre For Early Education And Learning in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Wow. Wonder how long he will be filming in Bawwwwston? That kinda puts him close to the East Coast action...


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Katie Holmes looks like she could do with a GOOD feed !



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This says so much.

Tom didn't get his way.
Tom allowed this regardless of Scientology.
Katie put their child there saying she isn't totally on board with Scientology.
DM is hating this.

Maybe just maybe Tommy boy has finally realised that his marriages have never been made better with Scientology. Exactly the opposite.


Katie Holmes looks like she could do with a GOOD feed !

Ever noticed how Suri Cruise is always photographed travelling or walking around with parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes... and never playing in a park or going to kiddie birthday parties? It's making Page Six speculate that isn't socialising like a normal toddler.
Ridiculous assumptions, but that aside, neither this thread nor any thread on ESMB is a place for gossip about a little girl.

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Yay! Good on Katie, I hope she has the strength to stand her ground. She is standing at the abyss, and this is a good move towards safety.
Poor little suri. The battle for her mind and which method of mindfuck her silly parents are going to use on her.

She'll probably keep more money in the bank with the catholics, but unforturnately her little bank will be full of engrams.

After Daddy has donated money to her school and weaseled a lapsed catholic into the principal's job,
little suri will grow up with vague memories of the name L.Ron Hubbard, somewhere in the small print on the bottom of the pages of her study materials.

When little suri goes to her first confession, as a young child, as all good catholics do, the priest will say, "You have to say three Hail Mary's". Little suri will look up and say, "Oh is that my amends?"

Little suri will go to the school nurse when she grazes her knee and will be asked to do an OW write-up and specify what she did to pull it in.

Poor little suri will be so conflicted. With Daddy and Mommy being all tense about their own conflicts and Daddy having earlier similars with that ozzie Catholic sp he used to be married to and disagreements about the children. Daddy's gonna need a holiday on Freewinds doing OT10 to find out the amazing mind blowing secret to a perfect life. Uncle Dainty dave, the delightful little dwarf that suri loves so much cos hes a big person but actually still more littler than her, will help Daddy, his bestest fweind. A kind of with-holdy uneasiness in the home will prevail. Daddy's grin will be ear to ear, but Mommy will always has a dampening "concerned look" on her face.

Daddy will have to step in at some point to stop little suri becoming a little catholic body thetan, subtely reminding Daddy that Katies heart belongs to Daddy but Katies mind belongs to Katie, not Daddy It's going be too much restim for a control freak..ah sorry, I mean an OT, to bear.

little Katie will wonder why Daddy spends hours alone in the bedroom.....let's not think of what she might conjecture as both the Catholics and the Scicultists infuse her mind with ideas about how bad it is to "do things" to yourself. One day she'll be relieved to find that it's not that at all. Phew!! - But it's something to do with that electronic thing over there. Daddy's hooby is playing with that thing and he goes in to do it when Mommy and Daddy's a r c goes wobbly.

Little suri will have a niggling feeling that she is a problem.

When Daddy has succeded in manipulating her into the org without Mommy present, a kind person will offer a fun thing to do; a personality test.

What a kind person, she understands little teen suri so much, like, wow! she knows that, feeling like a problem to her parents, is ruining her life! That - is - so - a -mazing! The kind lady says. "Is that getting any better?" Katie stutters and stumbles and the kind lady says, "If you don't do something about this it is going to get worse". The lady shuts her mouth and waits for the impact, then says,
"Scientology can help you with that".


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Looks like Tom and Scientology aren't doing too good. It also says Katie hasn't been seen at a CO$ for five months.....if this is true and not gossiip. Maybe she was on strike to get Tom to agree to the Catholic pre-school. I am WOMAN, Hear Me Roar!


‘They had been having huge problems agreeing on her school. To say they were having arguments is putting it mildly – but Tom came around to the idea in the end.’

Holmes, 30, has not been seen at the Church of Scientology for more than
five months.

I smell divorce in the air. :grouch:

I can't see how this will go on for the rest of their lives. Eventually, Katie will have to dump Tom for the sake of their daughter. I just hope that she does this sooner rather than later.


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Katie wanting her child to learn the basics by experienced teachers isn't asking that much.

Considering Will Smith started his own school to educate his kids, it would appear the cat is out of the bag concerning the quality of established scio schools.
Katie wanting her child to learn the basics by experienced teachers isn't asking that much.

Considering Will Smith started his own school to educate his kids, it would appear the cat is out of the bag concerning the quality of established scio schools.

And the basics of the Catholic religion. Nicole Kidman's religion.


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There are a number of plausible scenarios and different paths that Suri's life could take, and any type of conflict between her parents will certainly have an impact on her.

However, I don't believe that having two parents who are unified dedicated Scn'sts is a good thing, either, so for now I am just happy that she may have an opportunity to avoid growing up as a cult-indoctrinated Scn kid.

Some would argue that Catholicism is no better, but I believe that she will have more freedom in that type of environment than she would in Scn.


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At least Suri will see different viewpoints and will be able to evaluate and make her own choices. So much better than being indoctrinated, seeing the scam and abuse, leaving and having your parents and siblings refuse to associate with you.


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Catholic schools are also notoriously good at producing ex-Catholic graduates, for those of you who are concerned that she's getting indoctrinated either way.

I still hope those two get away from Tom sooner rather than later, but this kind of stufff has been going on so long now I really can't bring myself to care much any more. Ping me when divorce papers are filed.