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[Video] A Summary of Scientology

Discussion in 'Chris Shelton's Videos' started by Chris Shelton, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Chris Shelton

    Chris Shelton Patron with Honors

    Hey gang, I don't get around here to post as much as I'd like these days with the amount of work I'm doing, plus a social life that actually involves hanging around with other people and doing fun things. About a month ago I started on a dedicated effort to produce two videos each week for my YouTube channel - a Q&A video every Sunday and a content/education video for Thursday release. So far I'm pulling this off and getting into the workflow of it in addition to my regular job and life but it sure has kept me busier than I imagined it would. Producing these videos involves a lot more than just sitting in front of a webcam and riffing on whatever's on my mind at that moment.

    I have not run into any shortage of ideas so far, but ever since the Toronto Getting Clear conference last week, my mind has been racing with new ideas and more material to get out about Scientology. I've got something I'm putting together about the language of pseudoscience and the Purification Rundown and I expect to have it done next week. Plus there are about six or seven other video ideas just sitting half-finished in my "In-Progress" folder. But I'm particularly happy with this, my first effort since the conference,which basically breaks down in 7 minutes my total viewpoint on what Scientology is really all about.

    I just wanted to share here that after all the years I spent in Scientology and now 2 years out, with everything I've learned, I don't see my viewpoint changing particularly. I feel I'm in a good place personally - never better actually - and am no longer hung up on the subject, what I went through with it or feel that I need a lot more "recovery" from the thought stopping and mind-control mechanisms built into every level of Scientology. This is not to say that I'm all done with the whole process, just that I know I've hit a plateau where I'm no longer worried about it or what it did to me and the rest of my life ahead is looking pretty damn good.

    That all being said, here is my latest effort to explain what Scientology and Hubbard are all about. I'm more than interested in any feedback on this.

  2. WildKat

    WildKat Gold Meritorious Patron

    Great video, as usual Chris!

    The only thing I might add in there is, in addition to Hubbard lying about being sole source of everything, he also lied about the original promises. The church sells Clear and OT, and there never has been one Clear or OT ever produced.

    The church takes money for something that does not exist and cannot be created. That, to me, trumps everything else ever written or said about Hubbard's fraud.

    Maybe the subject of another video?
  3. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    :thumbsup: Great video, Chris. :thumbsup:
  4. mockingbird

    mockingbird Silver Meritorious Patron

    That is a great video with a lot of important points .

    I believe Hubbard did not develop anything and plagiarized one hundred percent of Dianetics and Scientology. Jon Atack and Arnie Lerma have written extensively on this and I have found material from Hitler and Crowley spread all through Dianetics and Scientology myself . And stuff from Lao Tzu and Confucius and Marcus Aurelius and the OAHSPE and lots of others have been documented . There are other things that have been cited and the list is several hundred items from probably over a hundred sources .

    And there is an extensive list of items stolen from followers of Hubbard . It has been reported quite consistently that he stole many, many ideas from people then took the credit . The TRs , many auditing developments and lots of processes are others' creations . And lots of his practices and doctrine are right from hypnosis .

    I have found time and again that sometimes entire sections of his doctrine are from one source or like KSW have bits from one person and several others piled together . By finding this over and over I have become convinced .

    It is not an exaggeration to say I have personally found over two hundred stolen ideas myself by comparing other authors' work to Hubbard doctrine.

    And I have a lot more to do .
  5. Outie

    Outie Patron

    Excellent video Chris :dancer::dancer::dancer:
  6. Leland

    Leland Crusader

    Hi Galactic Patrol. Great Vid ! Thanks.

    You have asked for any here is a bit. It has to do with your segment about "Ethics."

    I had thought, back in 1972...when I got into the Cult...and onwards....that I had a bit more "personal insight" into Hubbard....because my father was also a US Naval Officer.

    Though my father was a Captain...and Hubbard...just a Lt.....there was a bit of "same cloth" there....IMO. point is that the US Congress had ( I don't know when ) passed a law that a US Naval Officer "is a gentleman."

    This is actually a law of the United States. ( No...I have never read this law....never seen it...but just heard of it....) ( That US Naval Officers are actually legislated as being "gentlemen.")

    I really HATE to compare anything from the SO or Cult of Hubbard to the US Navy....but it might be interesting to research some into Navy regulations....and what the Military might have written about Ethics....and the "Military chain of command" and what the Military might have written about the expected conduct...of an Officer....and see if anything was poached...stolen....copied.....and then used by Hubbard in his Cult...

    I don't really know anything about Military Justice...or Law...but do know it is different from Civil Law....

    This concept of "Gentleman" also harks back to olden times in England.....Being a "Gentleman" was actually a "class distinction"...and a cut above ordinary folks. As in "one would take the word of a "Gentleman" over that of an ordinary man and such...

    Anyway....just some thoughts.

    Thanks for all your vids.

    Edited: Some have complained about my posting style....and I should be more careful to "fill in the blanks..." and not leave so much up to another to "get."

    So I will add. "Conduct unbecoming an Officer" in the military is a crime...

    This type of "Miss-Conduct" could be construed in part as "Ethics Conditions."??????
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2015
  7. Lurker5

    Lurker5 Gold Meritorious Patron

    :clap: Outstanding ! :clap:
  8. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    As usual, Chris Shelton has done an excellent job. :thumbsup:

    As I stated elsewhere that this was video posted, this is the best, most concise summary of the lies and plagiarisms Scientology is built upon. Many exes do not know the extent of Hubbard's plagiarisms... especially those newly out. The general public doesn't either. So this is an excellent introductory video to show people, to educate them on why many people get sucked into it, only to find themselves being sucked dry spiritually, mentally and financially.

    Do share with those you want to easily educate friends and loved ones about the cult you were in.
  9. lotus

    lotus stubborn rebel sheep!

    Thank you Chris :coolwink:

    In just a few minutes you succed to cover one of the main topic, that, as far as I am concern, I still have problem to educate some exes about, when they argue this:

    '' yes..$cientology do some harm..but I got so many wins and there is so good tech in it''

    Your video bring the informations of what it was they did..not scientology! For example, clearing a world was not invented by Hubbard, neither the comm cycle, or management with stat..I've learn that in my communication courses - admin degree, but Hubbard perverted it to use it as a mean of controlling people.

    The topics you cover are so basic and important, I would appreciate if you can slow the flow just a allow brain to process info and make links with experiences in $cientology :wink2:

    You are doing a great professional job in educating :thumbsup:
  10. Churchill

    Churchill Gold Meritorious Patron


    This is one of your best videos. Hubbard stole the ideas of others and then sold them as his own "discoveries" and insisted that he was "Source." Appaling dishonesty from "Mankind's Greatest Friend."

    I am convinced that the only good to come out of Scientology are the wonderful people like yourself, Tory, Nora, Hana, Jon, Gerry, Nancy, Jesse, Mike , Spanky, Nan, Jason, Paul and the many, many others who continue to speak out and write and protest against the abuses.

    And when his book is published, Ronnie Miscavige's name will be added to that ever growing list.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2015
  11. Billy Blinder

    Billy Blinder Patron with Honors

    Thanks GP, great vid. :thumbsup:

    Hubbard did admit he complied knowledge of the past 50,000 years of man's thinking, getting us to believe he studied it all and figured it out. I fell for that, and, of course, in 1965 KSW he makes hisself source.

    But, there is something Hubbard did indeed invent, and I wanted to share my thoughts.

    In todays Tony O blog,

    A commenter asked this question:

    so, anyways I got to thinking. That is one of the traps invented by Hubbard, called being in PT.

    Let me explain if you will. He invented the Chart of Attitudes and the book SOS with all the attendant characteristics and evaluation of a tone 4 person who achieves Dianetics auditing to the state of Clear, and of course later in scientology, the state of OT, tone 20 and up to tone 40.

    And, Hubbard likened all this to attention units, something he invented. And I'd rather state invented and not discovered, as there are no Clears or OT's. Somebody who is tone 40 has 100% free attention units available to them, set up as a mathematical figure by Hubbard as 1000, IIRC. At the other end, somebody at anger on the tone scale has only 5o attention units available, IIRC.

    So, folks like me, who fell for the trap, think we are gaining attention units as we progress up the Bridge, increasing IQ and ability to survive. Each step is supposedly the freeing of attention units, and being more in PT.

    Of course, none of this happens, it's just a construct by Hubbard. As we are all in PT.

    I do not know if that communicates, as a part of the trap of scientology and dianetics, and if it does, please explain it better than me in any future vids.
  12. mockingbird

    mockingbird Silver Meritorious Patron

    Hubbard did not invent PT that is an old hypnotist's trick . Nor attention units - that was shown to be an earlier false idea. Both appear in books long before Hubbard stole them . In the book Hypnotism comes of age; its progress from Mesmer to psychoanalysis, by Bernard Wolfe and Raymond Rosenthal hypnotherapy is described and the method involves age regression . Hubbard recommended the book himself .

    from :

    from :
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2015
  13. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Good post!!

    re: bolded above : Yes, I fell for all that baloney as well.
  14. Billy Blinder

    Billy Blinder Patron with Honors

    Got docs or references? That would be helpful.

    I'm not trying to argue, but just discuss and discover.
  15. mockingbird

    mockingbird Silver Meritorious Patron

    I suggest people thoroughly research the origins of Dianetics and Scientology as I have found that now it is quite easy to be guided by the work of those who came before to find where Hubbard stole ideas from .

    I would start with two researchers work : Arnie Lerma and Jon Atack :

    Possible origins for Dianetics and Scientology Jon Atack
    [SIZE=+2]The sources that L Ron Hubbard stole from to create Scientology

    you also have [/SIZE]
    The Sole Source Myth
    Ot III and beyond sources plagiarized from[SIZE=+2]
  16. Billy Blinder

    Billy Blinder Patron with Honors

    Thanks MB for the references. You posted those at the same time as my question.

    However, I wish to point out time frames and timelines.

    None of your references would correlate with Hubbards 1950's Science of Survival and Dianetics Attention units. They are after the fact, if you will. So, it's not like Hubbard used those models, unless you got proof.

    There is cause, then effect, and somebody trying to explain it.

    And then there is effect after cause, and somebody trying to explain it.
  17. mockingbird

    mockingbird Silver Meritorious Patron

    The initial evidence for this phenomenon was derived from work by a Dutch psychologist named de Groot during the 1940's.
    there is a book cited somewhere with an earlier date . . I do not have it all to hand but have found it .

    Here is something :