VIDEO: Indrid Cold tells how she got kicked out of Scientology when she was 14


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VIDEO: Indrid Cold tells how she got kicked out of the Church of Scientology when she was 14 years-old.

This is a good video. I found it to be powerful.


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scientology story [2011? 2012? re-upload from dead channel.] [Will re-tell with Modern me]

Indrid Cold

Published on Jul 30, 2017

People still ask, I realized I don't have a single video on this channel of it, so I downloaded from my Facebook 2011-2013 telling of it.

I miss this me, I was so nice and kind and.. oh wait i still am its how i get screwed over :(


I haven't watched it in a while, But i shall retell it dressed up as An Alien... because why not XD and replace this old video.

Amino: "Im Indrid Cold"

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:lol: I like this girl - probably do not agree on much (else) - her and me - - but by God, she knows who she is, her own mind, and she doesn't take shit from anyone. She speaks her mind, fights for her right to speak it / to believe as she chooses - and everyone else's rights and freedoms for same ! I'd be friends with her - as long as we didn't talk politics/religion - and scno/co$ - as we all know - is not really a religion, so speak away young lady :laugh:. Scno/co$ is a slave factory, a totalitarian regime of converts, once good folk, turned into ronbots, without an original thought or idea left in their denuded heads/minds, trying to enslave other good people, using scno ronbot hypnotic tech spew. She saw right through it - at 14 ! And gave the ronbots a spewing right back. :happydance: :hattip::scnsucks: You GO, Girl :clap::thumbsup::biggrin:


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She says, "They believe you're a different species' soul living in this body."

Just to clarify for our never-ins, yes, this is correct on several levels. The book "Have You Lived Before This Life" by LRH has many stories about whole track recall where the PC (pre-clear) is recalling in vivid detail lives they have lived in alien societies before they were born into a human body.

Thetans are trillions of years old, or if we use the date pronounced at LRH's death event then probably so old we don't even have a word for it yet - but the earth is only about 4.5 billion years old, so unless you were just floating around in the void for, like ever, then naturally according to Scientology logic you must have been an alien many times over. So yes, the aliens are here and they are us.

But Ingrid makes mention of the OT III Xenu mythology which is the frozen aliens being dropped into volcanoes, nuked and then brain washed a la A Clockwork Orange who now cling onto us like spiritual dust bunnies by the thousands.

So yes, it is hard but I have to admit I was in a UFO cult. Ironically, Scientologists don't think this way. Scientologists would think Heaven's Gate was completely insane or dramatizing whole track recall incidents that need to be audited out.

Very few Scientologists ever get to OT III, or have enough money to get to it, so Ingrid probably knows more about Scientology in this regard than the Scientologist(s) in her story. In fact, it is so verboten to speak of it that he probably wouldn't have even recognized it if Ingrid told it to him start to finish, but if he did recognize it and he wasn't yet OT III then he would have run away and Ingrid would have been ejected immediately. And that is the cult part - secret knowledge that is only for the most devout and which must be protected by censorship and control.

David Miscavige explains it at 13:40




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