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Excerpt from an interview with Alex Gibney from USA today, by way of the Drudge Report:

"It's hard for me to understand how it is that you and I effectively subsidize the Church of Scientology by allowing them to take tax deductible donations in order to be able to go hire private detectives to harass and intimidate people, to coerce children to sign billion year contracts which effectively consign them to permanent servitude, to threaten people with loss of their homes, to practice the policy of disconnection that destroys families. Why is that considered a charitable activity? I don't Get that."

I'll be adding other videos, and other content, with amplify ideas presented in the HBO 'Going Clear' documentary.

Limited by two hours, it was impossible for the doc to thoroughly cover all areas.

The purpose of this thread is to provide additional information for those curious - especially for those who saw the HBO doc and would like areas mentioned there further explored and, perhaps, some areas not mentioned further explored.

It is not a debate thread so much as an information thread.

Questions, of course, are welcome, as are contributions of videos, etc.
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Brennan video on Religious cloaking - form the legal declaration:

The complete document:


Excerpt from the above video/affidavit:


7. Based on years of work in the senior most legal bodies of organized scientology as covered above I have dealt with directly or supervised the handling of hundreds of legal matters involving the organizations of scientology which directly or indirectly had to do with using religious cloaking...

8. It was determined that the only way to handle many of the legal matters in front of us and still apply Hubbard’s policies that had to do with staff, ethics, sales of services, money, delivery of services and the like was to develop and use a religious cloaking saying scientology was a religion, its services religious, its staff members of religious orders and the like. I can state without doubt that the overwhelming main reason that organized scientology developed and pushed its religious cloaking was to avoid a myriad of real or potential legal problems that would exist by following Hubbard’s policies if it were not considered a religion. By developing this religious cloaking for organized scientology it was hoped to avoid legal requirements around the world that might otherwise have to be followed that would make it impossible to follow Hubbard’s policies. In developing the religious cloaking for organized scientology, the following were considered a few of the “benefits” so that Hubbard policies could be applied. There are countless examples but the below are listed simply as a few of them:

(i) minimum wages would not have to be paid;

(ii) staff could be sent to different parts of the world and be able to stay locally as religious workers;

(iii) standard employee rights, such as those found in laws like the Fair Labor Standards Act, could be discarded and thus Hubbard policies involving such things as ethics conditions, the Rehabilitation Project Force and the like could be applied without outside interference;

(iv) less scrutiny would be allowed on the controls of the funds of scientology and the intermingling of funds between the corporations and other legal fictions of organized scientology;

(v) it was hoped that the treatment of public scientologists and the use of their funds would be considered outside the purview of governmental bodies;

(vi) couching the demand for and flow of monies within organized scientology using “religious” terms (such as by saying that clear cut mandatory payments for services were “fixed donations” and were mandated by the scripture of “exchange”) was hoped to cut off attempts by governments and others to look into them further...

11. Two of the things that organized scientology felt were of the most importance in order to avoid compliance with many laws that were contrary to Hubbard policy were the religious cloaking as covered above and a corporate restructuring to make it very difficult if not impossible for outsiders to ever get to the main assets of organized scientology and to ensure that the real leaders of organized scientology could be insulated from legal liability by hiding their real controls behind a myriad of corporate and other legal veils. It was considered both a defensive and offensive strategy to have such cloaking (religious and corporate) in place.

Defensively it makes it very difficult for individuals or even governments to force legal compliance of the many types of laws as covered above. It also makes it almost impossible to hold those that really control organized scientology responsible legally or to get to the financial assets of organized scientology spread out around the world. Offensively, it gives organized scientology a “safe base” from which to attack critics and/or anyone it feels is its enemy. Hiding behind religious cloaking and corporate veils it can act as a victim when people point out its crimes and injustices calling them “religious bigots” and even scaring governments, many of whom are not supposed to get involved with “religious matters”. By calling policies by Hubbard or Miscavige that are otherwise abusive or contrary to law “religious scripture” it was hoped to avoid legal scrutiny of same.



It's the religion angle and religious cloaking that allow Scientology to get away with so much fraudulent and abusive behavior.


From Hubbard Communication Office Policy Letter of October 1962, 'Religion':

"Scientology 1970 is being planned on a religious organization basis throughout the world. This will not upset in any way the usual activities of any organizations. It is entirely a matter for accountants and solicitors."​


From Senator Nick Xenophon:

What we are seeing is a worldwide pattern of abuse and criminality... On the body of evidence, this is not happening by accident; it is happening by design.


In 1955, L. Ron Hubbard secretly authored this booklet to be used as a black propaganda vehicle for attacking his critics, by identifying them with Russian Communism. Some years later, the booklet slowly faded into obscurity. It was no longer useful as a propaganda vehicle. During the period of the Vietnam war, Hubbard had decided that "Nazi," not "Communist," was a more effective "button" to push, to influence public opinion to Scientology's advantage. Another reason for this booklet fading into obscurity was that Hubbard was now using many of its ideas and methods on his own followers, and on others. Hubbard had been doing this for many years prior, but it was now intensified. These ideas and methods are interwoven into Scientology doctrine, and integral to that doctrine.

Senator Nick Xenophon continued:

Scientology is not a religious organisation. It is a criminal organisation that hides behind its so-called religious beliefs.


It's noteworthy that the first official body to recognize Hubbard's use of this booklet's ideas and methods was from Australia in the 1960s and, now, another Australian official is continuing the tradition of insightful and courageous truth-telling regarding the secretive cult of Scientology.




"Make money. Make more money. Make other people produce so as to make more money." L. Ron Hubbard, 1972​


"He [Hubbard] stated [that] coming ashore would be profitable, because we could get so many more people to the Flag Land Base, as it was to be called, for auditing and training, and he wanted to concentrate on getting professionals to the Land Base because, of course, they had more accessible money. They had pension funds. They had children's education funds, and some of these he named, that were accessible."​

Hana Eltringham, from the 'Secret Lives' BBC program:

See 3:20:

"He [Hubbard] told me he was obsessed with an insatiable lust for power and money. He said it very emphatically. He thought it wasn't possible to get enough. He didn't say it as if it was a fault, just his frustration that he couldn't get enough."

David Mayo, 1986, from an interview with author Russell Miller


Author Lawrence Wright, from a recent interview:

In 1993, the "Church" owed a billion dollars in back taxes. They had decided not to pay taxes, and desperately needed a tax exemption or they would go out of business. We would not be talking about the "Church of Scientology" if they had not gotten an IRS tax exemption.

David Miscavige [had] launched 2,300 lawsuits against the IRS, and individual agents, hired private investigators to follow individual agents around, and part of the deal, whatever the merits of the case, was that the IRS would give the "Church" tax exemption, forgive the billion dollars, and the "Church" would call off the private investigators, and drop the lawsuits...

When the IRS made that determination, then the protections of the first amendment, freedom of religion clause, came into play, and those are vast protections, and it's because of those protections that the "Church" is able to operate today...


One of those followed around by private investigators was the IRS Commissioner, and the topic of the possible blackmailing of the IRS Commissioner, is another disturbing area.


This is the person who runs Scientology Inc.


Scientology Inc. claims to be a "religious institution."​
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1997 British documentary 'Secret Lives':


Old news for many here, but perhaps new to those interested or awakened by the recent 'Going Clear' documentary. :)


Clearwater Mayor Gabe Cazares and Detective Ray Emmons interviewed, and much more:


The 2000 'Clearwater Police' video by Mark Bunker. Addresses events beginning in 1975 in Clearwater with Scientology's covert invasion.


Margaret Singer on cults:


Another term and idea mentioned in the 'Going Clear' documentary was "brainwashing".

The term, initially used, was 'thought reform'.

During 1950, in September, the Miami News published an article under the headline BRAIN WASHING TACTICS.

Edward Hunter, in 1951, adopted the term, using it in the title of his book, 'Brain-Washing in Red China'.


Hubbard appears to have been aware of this text.

In 1955, Hubbard secretly wrote a booklet - said by him to be a Russian Communist textbook. The "Russian" booklet denounced Dianetics multiple times. The Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation commenced to mailing the "Russian" manual to individuals and organizations, including right wing organizations, the FBI and the U.S. Department of Defense.

L. Ron Hubbard defined what he considered to be brainwashing on the cover of his 1955 booklet. Under the word 'Brainwashing' appeared:

"The art and science of asserting and maintaining dominion over thoughts and loyalties...."​


While I have mixed feelings about the 1960s Australian Anderson Report, IMO Anderson was spot on - almost prescient - regarding Hubbard's use of the "Brainwashing Manual" on others.

By 1965, the date of the issuing of the Anderson Report, Hubbard had only implemented - maybe - half the ideas and methods of that manual, while continuing to gradually incorporate the majority of the rest of the Manual into Scientology doctrine.

It would be 1974 before full implementation would have occurred, yet, in the mid 1960s was written:

"One remarkable exhibit tendered to the Board was a series of extracts form the Brain-washing manual..."


This was 50 years ago. Amazing.

One can debate what the term brainwashing means, and cult apologists have a number of well honed arguments to nullify assertions that Scientology involves brainwashing; however, we know Hubbard's definition, and he even provided us with a 64 page booklet - originally used as a black propaganda vehicle to smear critics and dissidents as Communists - a booklet which, as the Anderson Report warned us almost 50 years ago, is, essentially, the "blueprint for Scientology."


A recent observation by Marty Rathbun:

"...Ron educated his followers on the mechanics intentionally used to control and damage the mind and simultaneously employed by him to do precisely that to his followers. It is diabolical in that the followers having been educated by Ron on the techniques would then never guess they would be used on the followers."

Bingo! :thumbsup:

Many years ago, I wrote about Hubbard's confidential instructions to Scientologists that they use "aberrative" and "enemy tactics" on Scientology's enemies, and how Hubbard had, also, secretly, used "aberrative" and "enemy tactics" on Scientologists, and how these tactics had been incorporated into the doctrine of Scientology, and about how Hubbard would often mention "enemy tactics" and, inevitably, present himself as the opponent of those tactics. This assured Scientologists that Hubbard would never use such tactics on them.

Perhaps the single most glaring example of this is Hubbard's secret use, on his own followers, of the ideas and methods of his 1955 hoax "Russian textbook on Psycho-politics."

The "Russian textbook" had been remarkably described in the mid 1960s in the Australian Anderson Report. 22 years later, an examination of this topic was published in the book, 'Messiah or Madman?' and, 14 years after that, an extensive examination was published in the e-book 'Brainwashing Manual Parallels'. Yet, the original piece in the mid 1960s Anderson Report stands out as an example of early and extraordinary insight. (And, by the way, it wasn't by Anderson, but by an unnamed contributor, whose contribution, Anderson, to his credit, recognized.)

One of the earliest to recognize this pattern by Hubbard was Volney Mathison, who, in 1954, wrote of Hubbard's Method of Operation:

"First he 'exposes'... then he USES THE VERY POWER HE HAS DENOUNCED."



Hubbard had a master plan. He knew what he was doing.

Per his own definition of the word, "brainwashing," he forwarded ideas and implemented methods that would result in brainwashing - brainwashing according to his own definition, and according to his own blueprint.


It would be over 30 years before the book 'Messiah or Madman?' would feature a chapter about the "Brainwashing Manual":

And almost 15 years until the e-book 'Brainwashing Manual Parallels' appeared:

In the first edition of 'Madman?' there is no mention of Anderson, nor any mention in 'Parallels'. They appear to have independently arrived at the same conclusions, regarding the "Brainwashing Manual," as the Anderson Report.



Where is this man on the "Tone Scale"?

Video of Miscavige working at his office:


Have no idea where this video belongs, or whether it's already been posted. It does seem to fall under the category of "stuff" so I'll place it here.

No disrespect meant to the "little people" (very short people), but he does have a funny wobbly walk, reminiscent of old time midget wrestlers.


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Re: Where is this man on the "Tone Scale"?

Video of Miscavige working at his office:


Have no idea where this video belongs, or whether it's already been posted. It does seem to fall under the category of "stuff" so I'll place it here.

No disrespect meant to the "little people" (very short people), but he does have a funny wobbly walk, reminiscent of old time midget wrestlers.

Very astute observation, Veda...I remember that walk well. :whistling:

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