Wanna understand what happened to Uwe Stuckenbrock?


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Cruel abuses by Scientology - Wanna understand what happened to Uwe Stuckenbrock?

Here is Uwes story how I reconstructed it by doing a careful research about his life for over one year now - and to emphasize how unbelievable cruel this organization is I posted the interview with Aaron Saxton below. Especially by listening to the parts 2, 3 and 5 you will learn to really understand how my brother Uwe suffered with his severe illness in this cruel fascistic organization. And Aaaron again and again makes it very clear - this was all created by L. Ron Hubbard it is not only the fault of David Miscavige. The whole thing is and was rotten from the very beginning!!

Bitte hör genau zu Papa! Und lerne zu verstehen was Deinem ältesten Sohn widerfahren ist. ( Please listen carefully dad! And learn to understand what happened to your eldest son)

Uwe Stuckenbrock - Cruel suffering and death in the Sea Organization

The Church of Scientology is making claims and promises that L. Ron Hubbard’s Technology can work miracles against severe illnesses like depression, seizure disorders, diabetes and MS. They even claim that poor eyesight can be permanently cured through the teachings and the “scientific” technology in Dianetics and Scientology.

Illnesses such as the common cold and flu are believed to be psychosomatic in nature, psychosomatic in the sense as being “made up” or created by the mind. People with any permanent disability of any kind, is discriminated against in the Church of Scientology believed as "out ethics” and the belief rooted in the philosophy as described in the book “Dianetics, The Modern Science of Health” by L. Ron Hubbard published in 1950.

Curiously, none of these claims has been verified and scientifically proven by any doctor or specialist in the field of science of medicine nor has any studies been documented and proven (and acknowledge by the AMA or alike), by any psychiatrist or psychologist that this “modern science” as described by L. Ron Hubbard truly works.

Without such evidence, the practices of Scientology as an applied philosophy may meet the definition of “religion” in the American system but with no doubt can easily be defined as practicing without a medical license as the “religion” applies philosophical “cures” of these ailments through a “religious” practice or counselling called “auditing”. Auditing is aimed at ridding the mind of the cause for any disease, illness or physical ailment in nature but yet, can not produce any proof to substantiate any of its claims. It is because of this negligence and defiance of modern medical science, I believe caused the cruel and very early death of my brother Uwe Stuckenbrock.

Uwe was diagnosed in 1996 with multiple sclerosis. Because his condition was considered “out ethics” meaning that the person himself was at cause for the illness, the required “remedy” would be auditing, a process where the person or thetan (the soul), will find the “crime” he or she committed against himself or others, or rid themselves of the connection to a “suppressive person” (SP), which (the SP) is causing him to become affected or making him sick (Potential Trouble Source or PTS, for short.)

The only “medical assistance” available or offered is provided by other Scientologists trained only in using all Hubbard “techniques” such as Assists, Clearing Rundowns, Auditing, Ethics Programs etc but in no way is the person offered or encouraged to seek professional medical advice not even if the state of health is so bad that the life of the concerned person is in danger.

Most Scientologists with illnesses forgo the necessary medications and reach for salvation in this auditing instead of seeking proper medical attention because of the promises made by Mr. Hubbard in numerous publications regarding the healing of severe illnesses through Auditing, and with his numerous campaigns of hate against conventional medicine, psychiatry and "anaesthetic drugs" in general. A medical untrained Case Supervisor decides whether Auditing may continue if medication is taken, but only if the medication meets the criteria of not being “mind altering.”

This dangerous mechanism caused by the false promises and misguidance made in Hubbard's writings led to my brother, Uwe not taking or not accepting a much needed therapy by treatment through medication or proper nutrition for his multiple sclerosis.

My brother, Uwe was born in Friedrichshafen on the Lake of Constance in 1963. He liked playing soccer and he loved Haribo sweets especially the Haribo bears. In 1972, we moved to Oberelchingen near Ulm and in 1975 my youngest brother Jürgen died. He was only 8 years old. This tragic death pushed my father and my family into the claws of this money hungry criminal organization with its promises of a better life through the Scientology processing of Auditing. But, in 1978 my parents divorced and we moved with our mother to Hörvelsingen near Ulm.

In 1979, Uwe decided to leave his family to join the Sea Org in East Grinstead Sussex. The Sea Organisation is the “elite” and very secretive group of Scientology. Once a member of the Sea Organisation contact with the outside world is heavy regulated and in certain circumstance right out forbidden. On this day, my mother lost a second son within in a few years.

During the 29 years in the Sea Organisation and until his death,Uwe was only able to visit his family once. Although in his telephone calls, he assured us he always wanted to visit us. I can remember two telephone calls around 1997 with Uwe when he clearly said that he could not travel because the Sea Org feared he would leave. We had one time previously, made arrangements for a visit because Uwe wanted to visit his nieces and we planned to make a journey to Italy together. In the end, this visit and the journey never took place because he was not allowed to travel, never allowed to leave the Sea Organisation again.

Shortly after this diagnosis of multiple sclerosis in 1996, his wife Laurisse left him so that she could continue her Sea Org career at the side of David Miscavige, the current leader of Scientology as his personal assistant. It is rumoured that the divorce was encouraged by David Miscaviage and a sexual relationship ensued between the two. But this was not until after Uwe tried to leave because MS is not acceptable in the Sea Org.

He had already "blown" his Post as Security Chief INT by driving away with his motorcycle but he was lured back by Laurisse. She said, "He should not make such a stupidity." In the hope the relationship could be maintained, he came back. Shortly, after that he received a letter in which Laurisse informed him about their divorce.

When Uwe returned, he was assigned to the Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) for his crime of wanting to leave the Sea Organisation. RPF is a “labor camp” where the person has to perform physical labor in order to work them, up to a status of being productive and prove they are loyal and obedient members of the organisation. He spent the rest of his life in the RPF. Five years (1997-2001) at the Happy Valley/RPF INT base and from 2001 until 2007 he lived in the PAC RPF (Blue Building) in Los Angeles.

When Uwe “blew” he was sick and merely wanted to seek help for his condition. Sick people are considered to be "out ethics" and first have to work hard at themselves in an RPF program (working themselves upwards in three stages) to be "allowed" again to produce perfectly. With his severe MS, he spent the rest of his life in such a "labor camp" meanwhile his condition deteriorated.

In the RPF, the communication to outside world is extremely difficult if not impossible. They are cut off from the free world, free thinking and neutral information. Their post (mail) is opened. They can not make phone calls without supervision. Contact with the outside world and the family is completely prohibited especially on the lowest level of the RPF. Sea Org members are not allowed or simply have no time to receive proper medical care. During his almost 30 years in the Sea Org, he only received the usual Sea Org salary of $30 a week - in the RPF $ 11.46 per week. He could not have formed any financial reserves which could have offered him additional possibilities for medical care in his tragic situation.

So, he was left with the Church of Scientology as his only possibility. For years we, Uwe's family in Germany were either lied to or not informed about his constantly worsening condition. We were always told “everything” was always good or would certainly become good again when we demanded to use medication against his MS. Their answer was that he would get Auditing which supposedly had already shown initial success. He would be detoxified on a purification rundown and would get vitamins and it would make him better, the cause - old amalgam fillings in his teeth, the poisons in his body (presumably still from his youth in Germany) was now found and they would go to a dentist, then certainly everything would become better quickly, a whole new expensive water treatment would be applied to him and would soon contribute to his healing, etc.

All attempts by us to help Uwe with medical therapies and medications were consistently and successfully rejected by the Church of Scientology and Uwe did not have the opportunity to freely find out and to inform himself in detail about his illness. We were also obviously being lied to about the possibility to bring Uwe back to Germany. My mother was already told in 2003 that Uwe couldn't be brought back to Germany.

By 2004, his had severe multiple sclerosis – he had to sleep and "live" together with up to 40 other RPF members in a small room crowded with bunk beds. Depending on how good or bad his current condition was, either one or two RPF participants supported him and gave him "care". If my research is correct, then none of these people had any form of state-certified qualified medical or nursing training. These were RPF members who had been transferred to the RPF as a disciplinary measure by the Church for some reason. One woman looking for a home for Uwe in the last months of his life seemed to have something like a qualification for doing this “job”.

But obviously, she only managed to find a third class hospital (The Royal Palms Convalescent Hospital) for my brother. As this statement and a very bad classification of this hospital shows: “This is the worst place I have ever seen. With all the money that they get from the state they spend nothing to improve the environment for those poor sick people that have no choice but to live in a convalescent home. DO NOT EVER LEAVE A LOVED ONE HERE.”

From 2007 up to his death he was accommodated in The Skyline Health Care Center and in the last weeks of his life, in the Royal Palm Convalescent hospital 630 Broadway in Los Angeles where he finally passed away on the 6th October, 2008.

My brother, Uwe Stuckenbrock died 45 years young - he lost his life so very early because of the dilettantism and the crude neglect of the responsible people in the Sea Org of the Church of Scientology in the International Headquarters near Hemet California and in Los Angeles California.

At my father's last visit with my brother in LA (2007), his superiors offered him to take Uwe back to Germany. This offer by Uwe's superiors was for the following reason a barefaced farce. For many years Uwe was in the RPF and when his health finally gets completely lost due to the false treatment or lack thereof. Then at the moment when he isn't able to articulate and can't spill any secrets anymore (he was the chief of security of Scientology Int.) - his father gets the generous offer of taking Uwe back to Germany.

Particularly, in the last years when intensive care of Uwe was necessary and where he could only move his head; it would have been essential to use certified nurses in order to maintain his health and to stabilize his quality of life on a high level for as long as possible. Here it would have been important to execute effective pressure sores prevention, to make a professional plan for his care and also to allow for an effective prevention of pneumonia. None of this occurred.

A return to his home country could only have been possible if his family would have a property at their disposal to pay for his medical treatment and/or for accommodations at a centre. But his family in Germany was financially ruined by the Church of Scientology by that time.

I have reason to suspect that my brother because of his multiple sclerosis was never treated for a long period of time by a doctor who was independent of Scientology. Rather, it is usual practice in the Sea Org to bring ill people and above all seriously ill people only to hospitals and to doctors that are either infiltrated by Scientology or strongly influenced by teachings of Scientology.

As far as I have been able to investigate up to now, Uwe never got drugs against his quickly spreading multiple sclerosis. Here, the medical documents of my brother should be thoroughly examined to be able to uncover fatal mistakes made in the care for Uwe.

I have an official certificate as a curative education nurse and speaking with professional experience of 18 years in my job and I am sure that any layman was overwhelmed by this, no matter how well-intentioned and that inevitably mistakes in the care took place. Again, the arrogance of the Church of Scientology becomes quite clear - they believe in everything by their religion and organisation come to grips with no matter whether the persons that are qualified or not. Because Hubbard said, he had found the best solution for all problems in this world. What a stupid arrogance of an individual human being!

In regards to this, the appropriate investigators should study my brother's personal files really closely in order to uncover an inhumane crime.

When he wanted to leave the Sea Org in 1998 due to his illness and the experienced injustices that were connected to this, he was held back against his will and thereby kept in this deadly trap for him. Scientology hindered him from getting the proper medication against his MS and thus caused his cruel and very early death.

Scientology hindered him in telling his mother and his family that he suffered from Multiple Sclerosis for 6 years from 1996 to 2002 thus denying us from given him the help he needed. Scientology hindered my brother from communicating freely with his family for almost 30 years and when he was getting worse, it was even harder to reach him. And very often, we had no chance to talk to him for months and it took several calls before he (was allowed?) to call or called back.

Scientology hindered him from founding a family and Uwe told me again and again that he wanted to have children. Sea Org members are not allowed to have children and those whom become pregnant either has to have abortions or must leave. Scientology hindered him from getting the so much needed warm and tender love from his family. Scientology hindered him from seeing and hugging his three sweet nieces over here in Germany.

Scientology hindered him from leading a happy and free life without the mind manipulations and accusations by this crazy cult. I have seen the pain that this ugly cruelness caused my family and especially for my mother.

Uwe died on October 6th 2008 after 12 years suffering under inhuman conditions and mistreatment of his Multiple Sclerosis. The funeral establishment by “Rachals Funeral Home” managed the “deposing” that took place on October 8th 2008 at Sea off the Coast of Los Angeles County.

In his certificate of death the following is lined up as “cause of death”: Multiple Sclerosis (for months) Sepsis (for days) Respiratory Failure (for minutes) Cardiopulmonary Arrest (minutes).

When it came to his funeral arrangements, none of Uwe's family members were informed in time in order to have a chance to attend this service. May you rest in peace Uwe. And may the Church of Scientology pay for all its committed crimes.

For the people who are trapped in the Sea Org or even in the RPF, the risk of such a fate that my brother Uwe suffered, are just as great. The possibilities to hush up such fates are made easier by the controlling system in the Sea Org so, I assume that my brother certainly isn't the only victim of this suppressive machinery which despises people.

Example given, I knew another victim in person, Heribert Pfaff from my home town Friedrichshafen - He died in the Fort Harrison Hotel in Flag Land base because he stopped the medication against his heavy Grand Mal seizures - and nobody was looking after him – Didn’t just the same happen with Jett Travolta? I'm aware of numerous other casualties who could still be alive today were it not for the Church of Scientology's amateurish and medically unqualified approach when it comes to illnesses.

I felt and feel the great pain of these abuses so very, very deep in my heart.


If you are interested in details I recommend reading the following writings:

http://www.xenu-directory.net/practices/brainwashing1.html “Brainwashing in Scientology’s Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) by Stephen A. Kent (PhD)

Professor-Department of Soziology University of Alberta Canada

http://www.forum.exscn.net/index.php here you should search for

“Uwe Stuckenbrock”


And here are all seven parts of Aarons interview:







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Marcus, that is an excellent summary of this tragic issue and this thread should be used as a reference point if anyone wants to know about what happens to those who are sick when a scientologist.

I hope people link to your story!


Good twin

Aaron's interview does help make sense of the sensless.

Markus, knowing how the cult betrayed your brother, he will never be forgotten by the exes.:no:

The RPF must be exposed and eliminated. Perhaps then Uwe can rest in peace.
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Thank you for posting this, Markus.

I've followed the story of what happened to Uwe as you've posted it over the past year but reading this reminds us once again of the real hurt and personal tragedy that the Sea Organisation and Church of Scientology continues to inflict upon its members and their families.

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Thankyou Markus

Reading this reminds me of a very dear friend who was in the SO for many
more years then I knew him.

He became terminally ill. He worked on post till about 6 weeks before he

I had often wondered, when I was still in the CofS, after his death, if more could have, should have been done for him.

Now I know the truth. I don't wonder anymore. :sad:

I am sure then when it all comes out there will be many more tragedy's


Yeah Markus, thanks for posting. :)

FYI, Uwe's story, was one that Sen Xen. was given, prior to his speech in Parliament. As well as getting the Lisa McPherson story (which was out in the public domain), he was also given the details you have previously provided about Uwe on ESMB, as an example of many premature deaths which weren't investigated by an inquiry.

It's too late for Uwe, and for you, his family and friends, but your telling of his story has contributed to assisting in the effort to prevent it from being too late for others.


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Dear Marcus,

thank you so much for summarizing the tragedy of your brother's death and your concise conclusions that are so absolutely true.

I feel your hurt and understand your grief - I appreciate your strength in sharing your story with the world to expose the cruelty and self serving actions of this group.

Whilst Mr Xenophon has your story I hope you can also pass this on to our Prime Minister and Opposition Minister and request their support to get a formal investigation, a senate inquiry. Your emotion would speak tonnes. And this abuse has to stop.

I hope for you, your family and for Uwe, and all the others that have suffered the ultimate price for Scientology that we get justice .

Look after yourself - you are an awesome brother and what happened to Uwe was simply just so terribly terribly wrong !


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Hi Markus,

Saying I'm sorry for your loss doesn't even begin to cover way I feel after reading what happened to Uwe, there are no words for it.


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Dear Markus,

Thankyou for your post. My thoughts are with you and your mother. Love Kutta/Gail


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Thank you all!

Thank you so very very much for all your love and compassion.

I really appreciate it!





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Some quotes to make clear how my brother suffered in the Sea Org.

-"I didn't have friendships like that! My friend could be a friend the next day and then after the next day I'd be penalising them, out of the job, so I had to learn that you didn't get happiness from friendships. And relationships were a no-no. Where do you get happiness from? Enjoying what you must do. And that's where I got my happiness from. Right or wrong had nothing to do with it, I didn't even - those two words did not come into the equation."

-"There was no joy, there was no celebration, there was no announcement “Hey, Monica Potter’s going to have a baby!” The joy of life, this, there’s no announcement of this.

Carmel: Yep.

Aaron: Instead it was “Monica’s betrayed us, and she’s going to leave the organisation and we’re going to have to work harder! Because SHE’S betrayed the trust.” That’s the viewpoint. It was never the word ‘love’ spoken in one single conversation."

-"I had the penalty, I had security checks and an interrogation every two months. That was MY auditing. I mean, something went wrong with a public Scientologist’s auditing, you had a chance to get it corrected. I didn’t, we went off to the cramming office and we were told “In line!”, you know, “Clear up your misunderstood words! You’re out-ethics!” you know?"

-"Aaron: It’s all about the Church. I don’t care, I didn’t care about the individuals involved. It’s just “Can we get it done?” You, you’re a piece of meat. We call, we called staff members ‘coins’, that was the term. When we had a, when we had a person that we could get a position filled with and we would shove them off to Flag, you know, shove them down to Florida, it didn’t MATTER if he had a child there, it didn’t MATTER if he had a wife in Los Angeles. That’s not the point. I can take this guy, I can send him over to the Flag Land Base and I can fix that problem. And then he starts screaming about the fact that he’s away from his family. It’s like “Excuse me, Sea Org policy says you will do anything required of you in the name of the Sea Org” and you will do it. If you don’t… “You’re in ethics conditions, do you have doubts about being a Sea Org member? You, you have doubts?! You’re a Suppressive Person! Do you wanna be declared? We’re gonna have to tell your wife and kids that.” And then you go and separate them off, “Right, communication’s over.” And then you go and talk to the wife “I’m sorry, but your, your, your husband has decided that he’s got doubts in the Sea Org, he’s not willing to perform his duties, and you know, we’ve done a security check on him, and I’m sorry to tell you but he’s actually thought about going out-2D on you, he’s thought about other woman.”
Carmel: Right.

Aaron: “You know, he’s not really in line with the purpose any more, and, sorry to say, but you’re not really part of his equation any more, either. You can do something about this, you can leave him and stay in the Sea Org. You can do this.” And sure enough, she sits down there and goes “Geez, why did he go to the, why did he go to Florida and walk away from me?” And then she takes a look at him, was he a good father? “Oh, I never got to spend time with him anyway. What value is he really as a, as a partner?” Because there IS no value, because you don’t have time to have a relationship. So it’s not hard for that person to go “Alright, I will divorce him.” If you took a look at the statistics of the Sea Org, and every member in it, and how many marriages they had, we’ve got people who’ve been married two, three, four, five times.

Carmel: Yeah.

Aaron: And this is all from a Church which claims to be able to solve these problems in relationships, and just about every Sea Org member has a history of one or two marriages."

-"Aaron: Some of these young kids, they’re all from around the world. They’ve got no other hope, other than the hope that we give them. They’ve been told to disconnect – their families are asking for them back, they want them back for Christmas!

Carmel: Yep.

Aaron: We don’t want them to go away for Christmas, because we know if we send them away, if we allow them to go, there’s a high probability that they’re not gonna want to come back, so don’t let them go in the first place.

Carmel: Right.

Aaron: So what happens is, the family arcs up, goes “Come on, you’re entitled to several weeks leave per annum, come back, have it.” What I would do? Give them a security check, give them an interrogation. “I’m sorry, but you did this wrong. You’re gonna have to do conditions, you’re gonna have to do liability. This could take you several months. We can’t approve your request for leave. Denied.” Then the family starts sending letters: “What are you involved in that you can’t even take time off?” I received a letter – all the communications to the staff from the public are monitored – I receive the communication, and I go “Oh god, they’re gonna get him out.” So I pull the staff member in, put the letter over here. “Excuse me, your family is, uhm, anti-you being here.” And they look down and go “God, I know.” They know it! Of course they’re anti them being here, they haven’t been able to see them in a year or two.

Carmel: Yep.

Aaron: And you talk to them and go “Well, what you’re doing here in the Sea Org with Scientology is far more important than your immediate family. Let’s get them on the phone and talk to them,” and you coerce them into talking to them, give them a public relations story “Oh, I, I will come back in a month or two.Another month or two goes past; they start getting angry, they start making phone calls. You start blocking off those calls and finally you tell the staff member: “You know what? It’s time to disconnect. They’re really against you being here.” And guess what, the staff member goes “You know what, they’re right, cause I talk to them and they just yell and scream at me now, and start criticising Scientology, they must be crazy.” “So, disconnect.” “Ok, disconnect.” “Good.” Fair roads, fair weather, you only write them, write them once a month, talk about how great it is, talk about, tell them you’re having fun. You don’t want to get them upset about you. Eventually, the family line disappears."

This is exactly what they did with my brother - he promised us to visit us very soon in 1996 and the church simply did not allow him to leave because they knew that we would never let him go back as soon as he had told us about his Multipls Sclerosis. This was a very cruel and disgusting crime!!


Try to figure out how my brother felt about this.

Much love


to be continued soon
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I'm so sorry about your brother's death.

MS is a cruel, cruel disease to have, and Scn is not equipped to handle any autoimmune diseases.

I don't have MS, but I do have a different autoimmune disease, and I'd be less sick now if I hadn't been on staff and not-is-ing what my condition actually was so that I could be "upstat."

MS is a disease with a fairly late onset, typically between 18 and 35, and, you'll note, after the age that most SO people are recruited. (Some autoimmune diseases start earlier in life, e.g., many forms of Muscular Dystrophy, where some, like Rheumatoid Arthritis, typically onset after age 40.)

I'm lucky and thankful that I never went into the SO; I'd probably be in a wheelchair now. Thankfully, I still have my mobility.


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Thank you

I'm so sorry about your brother's death.

MS is a cruel, cruel disease to have, and Scn is not equipped to handle any autoimmune diseases.

I don't have MS, but I do have a different autoimmune disease, and I'd be less sick now if I hadn't been on staff and not-is-ing what my condition actually was so that I could be "upstat."

MS is a disease with a fairly late onset, typically between 18 and 35, and, you'll note, after the age that most SO people are recruited. (Some autoimmune diseases start earlier in life, e.g., many forms of Muscular Dystrophy, where some, like Rheumatoid Arthritis, typically onset after age 40.)

I'm lucky and thankful that I never went into the SO; I'd probably be in a wheelchair now. Thankfully, I still have my mobility.

Thank you so very much for your compassion Thetanic.




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More quotes to help you to understand in which trap my brother was in!

-".....These policy letters dictate these actions that they are okay: altercations between staff members ARE acceptable. This is Ron's words.

Carmel: You mean physical altercations?

Aaron: That's correct. These words are not heard but, or known by public Scientologists. These are his words saying you can beach a human being, and throw them overboard. This is Ron Hubbard words saying you MAY put a person in the Rehabilitation Project Force and bar all communication with other human beings? That you can be punished for communication, I mean ANY communication, unless prompted and, and instructed to speak."

-"what's shocked me though, Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, were involved in having staff members being fed beans and rice for weeks at a time at the Flag Land Base and in the Home Guarantee Building. Denying children nutritional supplements. Mike Rinder in specific allowing young men and boy, and men and woman, to be hired, and how did we fix the 'educational requirements'? We pay the Scientologists out in Los Angeles to give them a 'certificate' that said they had approved educational standards. Yet Mike Rinder and Marty aren't even looking at these things as crimes. They're not looking at the fact that we didn't even provide medical uh provisions for staff. We didn't have women get Pap smear tests to check for cervical cancer. To check their eyesight. The answer to everything is "We'll audit you", but you don't GET auditing."

-"Sorry, we've got a policy in the Church that says I can RPF one person at a Flag bureau every week. I don't need justification, I just need to keep you on your toes. Who's it gonna be this week? Better not be the down-statistic guy, you could be next. Watch it. Then (sharp breath intake) fear is the dominating factor. Fear gives compliance."

-"The problem is, you can't disagree.

Carmel: Yep.

Aaron: Because if you disagree, even mentally, you'll get a security check and one of the question will be: "Have you thought?" So now it becomes wrong to even have a thought. So if you can't do, you can't think, you can't compute now. So now you have to turn off that part of your mind that even thinks. Because you can't afford to think: is it right or wrong what my senior just did?"

-" And... I look at a staff list, I see names. I don't see humans, I see names. I don't look, I don't look at a person's file and see a human being that has horrible experiences as a child or what happened to them. I look and go "Christ. Is he going to fall apart if I put him on that post?" My consideration isn't to fix him, my consideration is: can I use him?
Carmel: Right.

Aaron: Is he good enough for what I want, is he robust enough? Does he turn off enough so that he can put up with this position I'm going to give him? Care of staff members... I'm sorry, we have an ethics office. We don't have a chaplain. There IS nobody to go grieve to. You grieve to the ethics officer. I was the ethics officer. And the solution is always the same: "You did something wrong. You're the cause of your demise and you're wasting. My. Time. Get. Out." And then after that if he still misbehaves "Christ, ok, we'll give him a Committee of Evidence. We'll give him a Declare." These are extremes, to go declaring a person is an extreme action, you're cutting him all of from everybody he knows."
"I'm sorry, but Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder are totally responsible, they stood by and watched while they instructed their HCO communications officers to do these things to their own staff, to deny them liberties, to deny them days off. This is not a crime? Basic fundamental human rights in a civilised society say: you get medical treatment, you have the right to work some certain hours, you should enjoy life, you should do other activities. And Mike Rinder, as the commanding officer of the Office of Special Affairs, DENIED these rights to his staff. Marty Rathbun, as the Inspector General for Ethics, just stood by while the technology was changed and gave his big rubber stamp."

-" Carmel: And what about those that don't bow down? What happened, what did you do to them, what did you do to them? The ones that kept fighting or the ones that kept -

Aaron: Naah, they were troublesome. We had, I mean, people that didn't comply were just annoying... I'm like, you know, just "Ugh, another one that's got a free mind. Christ. Why question it, what- it's not gonna change anything. If they keep questioning it, we got the, we got the Rehabilitation Project Force, we've got the, the penal colony we can put you in. That, the threat of that alone: enough, is enough to terrify people. To not do it. To sit back and go "Well ok, ok, I'll, I'll, alright, yeah, ok, it was out ethics for me to say that, ok." Because the fear, the idea that you could go into that environment is horrible now. If they were beyond even that - you're talking about a very free-minded person - the only other solution is: kick 'em out. And once they're out of the Sea Org, you gotta cut them off from Scientology. How do you do that? You enforce an order that reinforce throughout Los Angeles that if you were an ex-Scientologist: one, you could never be a staff member of another organisation.Carmel: You mean an ex-Sea Org member?

Aaron: Yeah, you could never be a staff member of, uh, normal Scientology organisation. AND, if you joined up to a Scientology-run business, you had to sign a paper that said "I do intend to rejoin the Sea Org at one day." And then you'd have to pay your Freeloader bill first and foremost from the Sea Org. I mean, you're trapped. You're just caught. Now, you've got guys in there for five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten years - they don't KNOW anybody else in life other than Scientologists or Sea Org members.

Carmel: Yeah.

Aaron: You put them out on the street, they got nowhere to go. The fear of that alone is enough to keep you in there."

-" Aaron: And that's the mentality of the Sea Organisation. How do we get it? It's not just one man. And it's not all of them. I mean, you've got this guy, he's a Sea Org member, he's working in central files. He's filing, he's writing letters - he's doing his little part for king and country. He doesn't understand that he's just another part of this... machine, that is geared towards production at all costs. The moment anything interrupts that production, it's extracted like a bad tooth. Staff members, all Sea Org members that are leave, are left, L. Ron Hubbard told us to call them "degraded beings"."

Do you understand what I mean readers of this thread? Do you get a picture of the trap in which my brother was caught with his severe illness?




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This is a huge part of the trap!

"Aaron: Then one day, this person wants to think about leaving the Sea Org. How are they supposed to? They’ve got nowhere to go in life. They don’t have bank accounts, they don’t have credit cards. They don’t even know what’s going on out in the world: there’s no newspapers, there’s no television, there’s no magazines. They’re completely dependent upon now the life that you give them.

Carmel: Yep.

Aaron: What do you do as a human being? If you even know you’re a human being any more, if that concept is still real to you. You haven’t played sports, you haven’t sat, been to a movie together… you’ve worked, 14 hours a day. You’re a machine now. Machines don’t have the luxury of thinking. Just do, you just do, do, do, do…"

...and I want to repeat this quote here:"You know, these guys give up fourteen hours of their life every day and go sometimes for years without a single day off, and they take one step, one foot wrong and, and they're treated like garbage. And then if they dare leave, they're called a 'degraded being' by Ron Hubbard himself. He told us to call them 'degraded beings'".


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That's so very sad as they really are trapped.

Much love to you Markus.
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Learning more and more about what really happens in the Sea Org and on the RPF. What a total nightmare. And David Miscavige at the helm makes it all the more horrible.

I'm so sorry for the loss of Uwe Stuckenbrock...another fine person betrayed and destroyed.


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Thank you

Markus, Thanks for taking the time to write down what happened with Uwe in the hands of the supposed "most ethical beings on the planet".

My love and support to you and your family.:heartflower:

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Thank you againg for posting your story of you beloved brother. Scientology and its current management are cruel and heartless. Past history has taught me not much has changed..

I support you one hundred (100) and a 1000%.

Honey Love,

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Thank you!

Dear Liberated and Shredder - thank you so much for your love and compassion.

Best wishes