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This was written to ars by a new poster SME. It appears SME has all sort of info on DM. I hope he/she keeps writing!

I would like to quote two things about DM and see if anyone else thinks
this might be a little odd.

OK, this first is from a declaration that David Miscavige made on 15
October 1999 in the case of Wollersheim vs. the Church of Scientology
of California. It is part 57 of that declaration.

"57. Upon the dismantling of the GO, church executives within the
ecclesiastical hierarchy assumed responsibility for the legal
affairs which the GO had mishandled. This era was marked by great
concerns about the religion's future in the aftermath of the GO,
and it was against this backdrop that newly assigned personnel
began to examine the legal affairs that had been the exclusive
province of the GO for 15 years. Not being experienced in such
matters, they retained legal counsel to review the structure of the
entire religion. I know the concern was not "gutting CSC" to " avoid
Wollersheim," or anybody else for that matter. The history that
Wollersheim ignores concerned events of far greater importance than
his case. In fact, at the time, I had never even heard of the man.
I was not involved in that restructuring, but I am aware of the
events that led up to it. I shortly thereafter resigned from church
staff for 5 years, as described later in this declaration".

While I quoted the whole section above, the main part I am referring to
is the next to the last sentence:

"I was not involved in that restructuring, but I am aware of the
events that led up to it".

Soooooo, as we can see in DM's own words, he was NOT involved in the
corporate restructuring, right?

Now look at the following link from one of their own web pages about


The sentence on that page I refer you to is:

"Mr. David Miscavige has worked tirelessly to protect the religion.
He authored the early 1980's reorganization of Church corporate and
management structures which have given the religion years of sustained
growth and stable leadership".

Sooooooooooo, as we can see on the Church of Scientology's own website
about DM, he not only WAS involved in the corporate restructuring but
"authored" it, right?

Um.... errr.....does anyone else notice anything strange here?

Would you believe they were BOTH lies (as are a couple other statements
he made in just that part 57 of the declaration)??? LMAO

I just thought some of you may enjoy this:)

BTW, can anyone help me to save this website page (quickly) so that it
can be shown as having existed if "the church" suddenly panics and
changes it? That would be helpful to a little project I am working on.



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Hi Emma,
All you need to do is click on "File", then click on "Save as " and put it into a folder on your desktop, and you will have your very own copy of that page right on your own computer.
Regards, your mate.