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He must've overcome his aversion to black people as it pertained to his own bad self.
He screwed a very black woman and got her pregnant in the early 60's. ( See Alan's Pandoras Box thread).


Does it still count if he did it at night?


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Was L.Ron Hubbard a racist? :ohmy:

Well, in the 30 year peoiod I was involved in the cult, most of that time in the UK, but having travelled to the USA, ANZO, Europe and Africa on behalf of the cult I can only remember three people who were not white.:unsure:

One was Benny Da Costa, an Indian from Goa who was our DTS. He was great, very full of life. He later left and set up a successful business.:thumbsup:

There was Eunice Ford who came from Washington DC Org at the behest of Hubbard. Some say that she was Hubbard's "bit on the side". She was a tall, elegant woman who was HCO Exec Sec WW. I am sure others can elaborate on that aspect.:duh:

The main person I mention was Lensworth Small. Lensworth came across from the West Indes in the 1950's on the Banana boat passage (literally). He worked by day in a factory, by night he was on the HPA Course and also studied law. He was a very spiritual person and had a lot of power. One evening on the HPA Course he suddenly stood up , pointed at the two nearest light bulbs and they exploded. :omg:

Lensworth was dedicated to Scn and Hubbard. He established his own law firm in South London and became an influential local figure, especially during the unsettled times in Brixton. :wink2:

Hubbard used to refer to lensworth as "My pet nigger". Any time there was a question raised about race or the lack of anyone other than white people the GO trotted Lensworth out to "Dead-agent" the story.

Lensworth was a fun guy and a true friend. He had a passion for philatelics, especially from the West Indes. He also liked to bet on the horses. I remember in 1966, a group of us had worked out the best way to pick a winner was to assess the runner's names on a meter until you came up with one horse. We all bet on it and guess what ? IT WON at 8/1.:hattip: :dance3:

The next week we all gathered again. This time there were several more joining in. The list was assessed and the horse picked. We all plunged on it.
Guess what ? IT LOST! There were heavy recriminations, accusations that the person assessing the list didn't know how to read the meter. It was crazy, but looking back, it served us right.! :roflmao: :roflmao: :hysterical:

Lensworth became more and more mired in the cult. He began to draw on the firm's funds to pay for Flag services and in the end got into so much trouble that he was "struck off" as a solicitor.

Demands were made by the Receivers in Bankruptcy that the cult repay end m onies paid across to Flag.

Lensworth was now "personna non gratia". He used to spend his days going to St Hill and sitting on the grass bank looking at the Castle. He died a broken old man.:bigcry: :no:

I would invite others to contribute their knowledge on this thread. :melodramatic:

I met a woman in East. Grinstead who knew all about Lensworth Small, not only did he die a broken old man, he left behind a wife and a disabled daughter. He used all of their money on Scientology courses. ALL of it! He would not stop doing Scientology. I gather he ended his days in a hostel or some kind of social security paid for type of establishment.A filthy run down building, a miserable wreck of a man who believed whole heartedly in Hubbard, pet nigger indeed. How very sad.

A world without war, crime and insanity?


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One of the regulars over at the Bunker, "The Observer" has released the first of "The Truth About Ron" series. :coolwink:

Observer 9 minutes ago
This is so far off-topic as to be practically in another dimension, but here is the first of my Truth About Ron series. I got the quotes, and there are many more there, from http://www.solitarytrees.net/r... .




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I'm not sure if this has already been posted in this thread... :unsure:

Tony O at the Bunker posted this earlier this morning:

Scientology and Apartheid

With the rest of the world, we are remembering today the life of a truly great man who left the world a better place than he found it.

Nelson Mandela was a towering giant of the 20th Century. L. Ron Hubbard, not so much.

Professor Dave Touretzky has preserved some interesting pages about the history of Scientology’s support for apartheid. You might give them a look if you have some extra time.


Some great stuff in the link from Dave Touretzky clearly showing that Hubbard and the CoS were supporting the South African governments opposition to the anti-apartheid movement.