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Watch Out Scientology, ‘Going Clear 2′ Is In The Works!


Following the firestorm started by HBO’s Going Clear, filmmaker Alex Gibney teased that he “may go back in and do something at a later date” with “a ton of” unused footage. “There was a ton of stuff that ended up on the cutting room floor,” Gibney told The Wrap, adding that there’s a lot of potential content that could justify another chapter in the project.


“The church tried so hard to prevent that, but now it’s becoming permissible in a way that is undermining the reign of terror [they] had been able to enforce for so long,” he added. The article pointed out how Tom Cruise hasn’t yet made a statement about the documentary, and John Travolta waited nearly two weeks to break his silence over it.

Gibney’s statement, and the release and reaction of his documentary, are causing some to speculate that the church’s power and influence in Hollywood has waned significantly in recent years.


In response to the story, a Church of Scientology rep told the outlet, “We are a Church. Any influence we may have is in terms of the lives we save from scourges like drug addiction and the people we help worldwide. We are defined not by who are members are, but by what each one does each day to make for a better world. That is and has always been our only mission.


Northern Shewolf

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I just read that too. hehe

There is so much that it could be a trilogy.

Heavens knows there is a plethora of materials that cries out to be exposed for all the evil they represent. I crossed my fingers and hope, that thing that's supposed to spring eternal. :eyeroll:

eldritch cuckoo

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It's all about moneeeeeyyy... and the media have smelled blood, sorry I mean money. With "Going Clear" being such a $ucce$$ and the cult overwhelmed and the spell of Omerrrta broken, there is no doubt that this isn't the end of movies and serials about the chult of Spyin'trollogy.
Just like the lawyers that are allover Narconon by now, and advertising on TV...
There's a helluva load of paydirt waiting and they know it, because it's exactly the paydirt they didn't dare to harvest until now. If you listen closely to the SNL spoof you'll come in sync with the cosmic vibe and recognize there are no coincidences, ommmmm... Oh wait the mantra now is omnomnomnom. :yes: :giggle:

Where's "feeding frenzy" on the tone scale?



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