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What a Scientology World Would Be Like


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Ask the Scientologist: The Scientology World
Monday, April 12, 2010
The Scientology World

Someone, a while ago, asked me to expound on what a "Scientology World" would be like, and the story about Germany would be a good place to start.

In 2008, Germany, after an extensive investigation of the Church of Scientology, declined to ban the group (which is not recognized as a religion) in Germany. The church likes to tout this as a "win", but it was and is very, very far from the success that Scientology claims.

The German government did find that the Church of Scientology was anti-constitutional. This is very far from finding the church "innocent".

The German constitution guarantees basic human rights, and the Church of Scientology violates human rights every single day. The church works very, very hard to suppress free speech and freedom of religion all over the world. The church does not support a decent wage or adequate time off for its workers. The church runs secret prison camps where it sends its "dissidents" without due process and without recourse.

While it is true that the human rights record of the Church of Scientology is abysmal, that isn't actually what the problem is in Germany. The German constitution is quite special. In addition to many other good features, it also is carefully designed to safeguard the German people from fanatic, totalitarian groups bent on world domination.

And, yes, that is exactly what the Church of Scientology is.

However, the German government declined to ban Scientology. While the Church of Scientology intends to take over the world, suppress free speech, suppress freedom of religion and suppress basic human rights, it has, so far in Germany, been unable to make much headway in its goals. Therefore, the German government stated that they will keep monitoring the group because it is a potential threat but declined to ban it at this time.

Not banning the church may seem wrong to some, but it really is correct. Germany grants freedom of speech even to groups that work to suppress freedom of speech. Germany grants human rights even to groups that work to suppress human rights. As unfair as this may seem, it is the decent thing to do. It would only be if the Church of Scientology became an actual, realistic threat to the German people that the government would be forced to take action.

A Scientology world would be just as Germany found: a threat to all free people, a threat to democracy and the end of human rights.

Let's look at some specifics of Scientology's planned wonderful world, shall we?


Democracy would end. There would be no elections. The general public would have no voice in how, or by whom, they were governed. According to L. Ron Hubbard, the "ideal government" is a "benevolent monarchy", therefore that's what it would have to be -- and you know the leader, and all people of power, would have to be Scientologists.

You have to understand that "wogs" (meaning all non-Scientologists) are, according to Scientology, "aberrated" (meaning unable to think clearly), and so no wogs would be allowed to have any power or any say in matters of importance. Only Scientologists would be trusted in this Scientology World.

All the wog laws would be replaced with Scientology policies, because these were written by Hubbard and are the only rules the Scientology World would need.

Scientology "justice"

All wog justice would be replaced by Scientology justice. Let us review what that means.

There would be no judges. The most severe justice action would be the Committee of Evidence. The Scientologist in charge of that sector would, as "Convening Authority", assign three Scientologists (with no specified qualifications) to sit in judgement.
There would be no lawyers. The accused would not be able to bring anyone to advise them, speak for them or defend them.

All rules of evidence would be discarded. Under Scientology justice, any "evidence" presented has more-or-less equal validity. Nothing is excluded (as immaterial or prejudicial, for instance) but there would be no particular effort to be complete, or accurate. In practice, all Scientologists are assumed to be telling the absolute truth (because they were asked to) except for the accused. However, the "evidence" provided by the Convening Authority, no matter how vague or unproven, is assumed to be true and factual unless disproven.
The accused would no longer be permitted to confront or even know about his or her accusers. In fact, in a Committee of Evidence, the accused might not hear, read or see the evidence against him or her and might not even be allowed to attend at all.

While an appeal is "permitted", that means little, since it just involves more of the same.
Yes, justice, as you know it, would cease to exist in this Scientology World.

And there is more. Assuming that the Scientology world is run exactly like the Church of Scientology, then the leader or any Scientologist in a position of power, would be able to assign people to prison at any time and not necessarily for any specific crimes. Those assigned to prison would have no appeal, would have no specific sentence duration and could be held in prison forever without recourse.

Scientology prisons would undoubtedly be patterned after the church's RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) and would carefully treat all prisoners like scum, giving them table scraps, requiring all prisoners to engage in hard labor, and to run everywhere. Prisoners would not be allowed to communicate to anyone outside of prison at any time for any reason. And all prisoners would be required to study and practice Scientology every day.

Human rights

Under a Scientology-controlled world, there would be no human rights. Dissent or, indeed, even the mildest disagreement with Scientology would not be allowed. Period. Anyone who persisted in such disagreement would be declared "Suppressive" and would be cast out of society.

Likewise, anyone deemed "low-toned" would also not be tolerated. Homelessness, joblessness, depression, mental illness, and so on would not be allowed. If someone persisted in "being low-toned", they also could be "disposed of quietly and without regret". In Science of Survival, Hubbard spoke of an unnamed "Venezuelan dictator" who got rid of leprosy by the "simple expedient of collecting and destroying all the beggars in Venezuela." A good example of how this Scientology World would deal with such "low-toned" problems.

Other religions might be tolerated if they supported all the Scientology principles and beliefs -- since, according to Hubbard, all other religions are "false".

The idea of a living wage and decent working conditions would cease to exist. In the Scientology world, working to further Scientology's goals should be all the reward you need.

Marriage and children might be permitted, but not if one were deemed "low-toned".

Scientology Ideals

Mostly, the Scientology world would be dominated by Scientology's ideals. No, not the words they mouth, but the "ideals" as shown by their actions today.

The most important Scientology concept is that being "correct" (by Scientology definition) is much more important than truth, facts, evidence, honesty or dignity. In the Scientology World, you will listen and believe everything that Scientology tells you, and you will close your eyes to the truth you can see. In this world, you will always bow to their dictates rather than stand by what you know to be right.

The second concept is that approval, authorization, adherence is much, much more important that doing what actually works. Hubbard has created "solutions" to every single problem that plagues mankind. None of his solutions have been actually proven to solve anything, but they would be the only allowed solutions. Any other solutions, no matter how effective, would be outlawed and only the approved, authorized, Hubbard solutions would be permitted.

And how soon can we expect to enjoy this Scientology world?

Luckily for all of us, the Church of Scientology religiously follows all of Hubbard's policies and procedures in its quest for world domination. I say luckily, because the result of that is failure after failure after abysmal failure.

David Miscavige, while obviously having even greater desire for world domination, has expanded and improved on Hubbard's failure rate by orders of magnitude. He has made unworkable solutions even more unworkable.

The Scientology world was never going to happen.

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Did you read the comment by the German Anonymous after the post you quoted? It is informative and encouraging.

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