What exactly is an "illegl pre-clear"?

Just wondering if I ever should have been aloowed to do the purification rundown back in the day, given that I had taken 3 or 4 different anti-depressants in my medical history.

Panda Termint

Cabal Of One
It depends on which drugs they were and (probably) the extent of usage.

It also depends on where you did the Purif.

In scientology, all kinds of rules may be bent where money is involved.

Voltaire's Child

Fool on the Hill
It's not just money. I've seen people throw tons of moola at the cult, only to have petitions not OK'd. The cult looks for loyalty and time spent in the academy or on staff etc.

I am convinced that this is mainly an intel oriented thing.

Panda Termint

Cabal Of One
Right. I'm responding to the specific question asked in the text of the OP rather than the more general question asked in the title of the OP.