What Happens when *lots* of "SPs" get together in Ireland!


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It all started w/ a simple suggestion by one of my friends
on Facebook, John McGhee: "You should come to Ireland". As I think I've posted,
I said to him: "I should go to the moon, too, but I can't afford it". He said, "I'll
get you a ticked". The rest rolled from there.

His friend (now mine too) Pete Griffith decided "Let's create a Convention
here in Ireland". Turns out Pete had wanted to do this for 4 years or so, so this
was the time. He created a post here on ESMB about Dublin 2012 which I never
saw. Suddenly around and about the Net I was reading: "Congratulations Magoo..you're going to Ireland!"

Me? :wtf: is going on? Another friend on Facebook congratulated me,
Sam Damingo, so I sent her a private message saying: "I'm not sure what
is going on. Next I knew...John woke me up at 8 am. "MAGOO It's JOHN
McGhee! I'm getting your ticket RIGHT NOW. I just need your birthday".


Turns out they planned it right around my 65th b-day---and OH what a Birthday it was. Truly THE happiest one I've ever had.

As various people posted they too were coming, it REALLY got more and more
exciting! I'd name names....but then I KNOW me, and I'd leave s/one out.
Every single person mattered in this conference...and all of you here, while
we were gone, too.

LOOK WHAT HAPPENED???? As Davey boy said when the Berlin Wall went down: "The Berlin Wall went down because WE released OT 8"

So in Dublin I announced: Tom and Katie are getting a divorce BECAUSE
ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of these SPs got together in Ireland. :cheers: :bow:

We had a *********fantastic*********** time.
I only hope we have another one, soon, and more people come to IT!

My greatest thanks and love to John McGhee, Sam Domingo and Pete Griffith and ALL the SPs who went there, too!
What a wild ride this has been.
:bighug: To ALL

Lots of love and thanks to you ALL :cheers: :woohoo: :hug:



PS: During one week, not only did Katie leave Tom Cruise (suggestion to Tommy boy----leave the Cult and see if Katie will take you back. Only stipulation is you do NOT lie). Also, David Miscavige's Dad left Scientology as did Diana Hubbard's daughter (Hubbard's Granddaughter) leave, too. :woohoo:

Finally, if that is not enough, the entire Israeli Mission LEFT SCIENTOLOGY TOO!
Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh =D What a week.

These are my photos, or you can just go to ToryChristman on Facebook, click on "photos" and click on the Dublin2012 Ireland folder.

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Tory, today I watched some amazing videos of your Dublin Conference over on another ESMB thread. They are so much fun. I just loved the cover song everyone did of "We Stand Tall!"

I laughed and laughed!

What a cool group that looks like. And what a wonderful birthday you had. I'm so happy you had that happy adventure.