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What is expected from you as a Life Long Scientologist pt 1

Clay Pigeon

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To great extent I did so as I studied R-man.

I did a serious background study before I began and was well innoculated against kool-aid infection by what DeRopp termed "the seven syndromes". I recognized DMSMH as a hot air balloon inflated with hyperbole and exagerated promise (though it was yet an airworthy balloon) and red-lined the vision of "a society where only clears have rights" affirming our way of vesting the citizen's rights at birth and suspending them only by due process of law (yes, I know too well it doesn't always work like that). I did then and do now consider SOS to be the single most accessible and practical handbook of human psychology ever published but sirens, bells and flashing lights went off inside when I read the passage illuminated with dictator Gomez's address of Venezuelan leprosy.

And again...

I firmly maintained my personal integrity as regard's my universalist judeochristian ethos and my sworn (as a veteran of American armed forces) commit to our Constitution particularly it's Bill of Rights.

Away from CoS and interacting with the non-dianetic/scientology souls to be w/o the nomenclature and the meter and the model session still the essential virtues of Hubbard's work have been found by your humble penitent to be of excellent and effective value

And this goes against the hegemony and current of materialist and behaviourist "modern" psychology


Danielle Chamberlin
I must have reposted this essay 5 or 6 times already, but it is a gem, so I'm posting it again. It is perfect to show someone who is having doubts about their involvement in the CoS.

Warning - Very long but well worth it!
Thank you!