What is good about being out in the "Wog" World


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Just thought of something else that is fantastic about being out -- I don't ever have to go to another "briefing" (AKA reg or recruit event) or gawd-awful Int event as staff or as public.

I used to enjoy the events, unless I got roped in to sell things to people. Usually I got some minimalist post like usher. I didn't have to do event call-in either, so it made for a nice break. Plus you'd get to look at lots of the girls looking pretty. :)



I thought I would like to post something nice after the heaviness of the Sharone S. ban threads... whew!

When I was a child growing up in Scientology, up until I was twenty one, I had always been taught that the so called "Wog" world was a place that needed Clearing, and that we were the people to do it. That they needed saving in effect, and that it was not a good place to be. This meant that when I was thinking of leaving, I was absolutely terrified. It was David Gaiman who taught me to write a cheque at aged about 20, but until that point I hadn't a clue. I didn't know what it meant to own a bank account, deposit money, earn money, buy new clothes (when we were in the S.O. all our clothes came from jumble sales), drive or own my own car. So I started to reflect on all the plus points I found since leaving, and I have had an absolute blast:-

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I have had real jobs that pay real money
: I have learned to drive and own my own cars
: I have been to many countries, far and wide
: I have eaten in wonderful restaurants and tasted exotic and fabulous foods
: I have swum in oceans around the world, and tasted Arctic air and come close to Polar bears
: I have swum with dolphins and eaten lobster and oysters
: I have skiied in the Alps and eaten ripe French cheeses
: I have had Fondue in Austria
: I have had a Turkish massage in a Turkish bath (even though it nearly killed me)!
: I have met people from all walks of life from all around the globe and made some amazing friends
: I have had headaches and been allowed to take pain killers !!
: I have been drunk or giddy or tipsy and loved it and not felt guilty
: I have taken coffee breaks at work and not been scared about who is watching the clock behind me
: I have been able to lie in on a Saturday or Sunday morning and have breakfast in bed
: I have been to see Shakespeare in Stratford, and Anthony Hopkins at The National
: I have been to concerts and not had to worry about what time I got home
: I have been able to voice my opinion without fear of retribution
: I have had (and still do) been able to own my own pets/

What have your experiences been? :coolwink:

It's like you grew up Amish! :biggrin: I weep for that bunch..

They'd have one neat advantage coming out of that: they could always go to Germany and communicate without too much of a learning curve. That would really give them a taste of a secular society, too. America is much more full of religious weirdos. :no:


Picking up on this, does anyone know if an actual Policy was issued about not being allowed television and newspapers? When I left, the rule had just come in that TV was no longer going to be allowed in the SO houses, but I don't recall ever having seen a Policy on it? Paul?
It was not an SO Policy it was an SO Directive or advise??? somone needs to remind me of this one, I remember seeing it way back. they were advisory documents for the SO.

OSA had their own policy directives of sort they were not the Admin or Tech ones.... Anyway it says in ships you had entertainment but no TV. For the life of me cannot remember the reasoning. however if you went to some of the real execs offices, they had one.

This reminds me of a time that a friend and I went to see a movie in Leicester Square. There was a street guy on the pavement, dirty and smelly but quite uptone. My friend and I decided that rather than going into the movie we would sit and talk to the guy. My God what an amazing story. Sad that he ended up on the streets, but he was funny, witty and a brilliant story teller. He didn't beef about his fate and had had the most amazing life before. I remember thinking at the time how wrong the Scientology take was on these guys, and not at all compassionate.

I met two distinctly different people on the streets. The first, while I worked in Div 6, a man who was living on the streets, fairly clean but definitely homeless. His story was that he had a house and wife and she got murdered. Depression faded and time passed he eventually marries again and second wife gets murdered. House haunts him emotionally and he checks out for a couple of years living on the street with wads of money in his pocket. He showed it to me. The guys space was amazing.

Second one I met was a very small quiet man with beautiful long hair. In Vietnam he was used to go into small tunnels and spaces. It was too much for him. He rarely spoke and would write poetry and draw for solace.

Lastly, there was me...Scientology executive, who found a homeless shelter was a much calmer environment that an ideal org.

None of these homeless were true DBs, although I did find three in my division at the org...


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I now have TRUE freedom!

Freedom of to choose or not to choose
Freedom to grow and learn
Freedom to explore
Freedom to to live, to love, to laugh, to cry and know that it is all OK
Freedom without stupid ethics handling for things I am not responsible for in the first place
Freedom to know I am not responsible to carry the world on my shoulders
Freedom to know I can walk away from other people's issues
Freedom to know I can make mistakes and that half a million people around the world are just as human as I am and made the same mistakes ~ I am not alone!

Knowing others are entitled to the same freedoms I choose for myself
Knowing I have no right to impinge upon someone else in their life choices

Respecting others for the freedoms they choose for themselves

I have learned tolerance, acceptance and understanding to those whom may be or choose to be different from I.

There are many perspective from different points of views and the SCI-FI, LRH points of views isn't productive for all. There is no such thing to "get everyone aboard" for the purpose of saving mankind. The purppose to save mankind is the choice of an individual person to the allegiances he or she chooses and that by many "wogs" may not be the LRH's version to eternal salvation.

I love all the imperfections of myself, it makes me who I am, just the person I want to be. A person full of faults and imperfections. I am a "wog" but being a wog also means there's a lot to learn about everyone else and their perspective.

I can speak to whomever I choose to speak. I can watch any program on TV, I choose to watch and not feel guilty or evaluate, or criticize why the show is bad and why I shouldn't watch it.

Life outside Scientology is an education, an education about and of life.

Happy wogging! I sure am!

Honey Love,

Bee Sting

Although this world is so full of amazing experiences and people. What I still appreciate after 'being out' for many years is ... that it is considered a good trait to have an OPEN MIND, rather than being looked at with severe scrutiny becasue you may not agree with tech or P & P.



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My list is too long. But a shortened list would go something like this;
1. I can attend college and not be called a "dilettant".
2. I can get sick and not have to worry about being either routed to "ethics" or being called "pts".
3. I can talk about people and not be accused of "third partying".
4. I get paid for working.
5. I don't get bullied any more.
6. I am FREE!


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