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It's not a generalized rant. Most people here- including you- have seen these comments levelled at me on OCMB and a.r.s. It's been happening for years. And YOU have seen AND commented on it. Virtually everyone here including you is well aware of those posts and has read them. Almost everyone here is from OCMB and/or a.r.s.

So yesterday "Os Wilkes" fed me the same line of bullshit on OCMB. But he's just one of many in a looonng line of people who've been doing that. So it was fresh in my mind when I read Whitedove's comment (it's on either the previous page or the one before that.It's recent. It's the one to which I'm responding.)

As far as most indie Scn'ists, I mean most that I've met. Over time.

Over years.

There. That's enough.

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yes the check book rules and as sad as Co$ is .....they still out gross the FreeZone. does that make them better? hell no.

regarding "standard" ...as in tech....the HCOB and HCOPL violations abound. in the FZ. personally i do not care. sadly several FZ pros want to say they are standard in the face of these violations. i do care about that "my shit don't stink" attitude. pat krenik and a few others dare point the finger at other pros in the FZ and say "you are out tech" when they themselves are not in compliance with pounds and pounds of tech vols. the nerve.


Pat Krenik is a good friend of mine. I have found her to be far more loving and a lot less judgmental than a number of Freezoners I've met.

Perhaps you should give specifics if you're going to say that stuff about someone like that.

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