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What Maria Bustillos and The Awl got wrong about Marty Rathbun and Scientology


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What Maria Bustillos and The Awl got wrong about Marty Rathbun, Going Clear and Scientology.

Where to begin?

The Awl: Restoring L. Ron

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Going Clear and the shadow campaign to redeem the father of Scientology.

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But in the movie, little attention is paid to the fact that Rathbun is still a believer....

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"Still a believer," who openly declared almost two years ago that he was not a Scientologist.

"Still a believer," who recently called Independent Scientology "a failed experiment."


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Going Clear reads very credibly as a kind of campaign document supporting Rathbun’s candidacy as the successor to Miscavige.

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Right....... Rathbun is going to take over as a successor to Miscavige after recently explaining Scientology beliefs as follow:

In plain English, here are scientology’s core religious beliefs.

1. Scientology’s sophisticated mix of pop psychology and hypnotism are firmly believed to be the only workable ‘technology’ for curing mental issues, neurosis, psychosis, physical disease, increasing awareness and intelligence, and for creating OT’s (operating thetans, L. Ron Hubbard’s version of Nietzsche’s superman or Aleister Crowley’s magician).Note: Scientology is at first presented in secular, scientific terms promising and then false reporting 100% workability. In fact scientology never achieved even the scientifically recognized 20 to 30 percent placebo effect in terms of long-term satisfaction. In order to explain away that discrepancy the less-than-placebo percentage who stick with it are led to adopt the remaining listed beliefs. The ‘technology’ evolved being carefully designed and administered so as to lead scientologists to wholeheartedly accept and live according to these beliefs.

2. Planet Earth is a prison. The vast majority of human beings – and billions of invisible other beings – are its inmates.

3. Xenu is the name of scientology’s Satan who established Earth as a prison and transported billions of beings to serve as its inmates.

4. Our continued imprisonment is assured by ‘psychs.’ ‘Psychs’ are defined as psychiatrists, psychologists, psycho-therapists, priests, ministers, and anyone else practicing in the field of the mind and spirit. Psychs were sent here from a planet called ‘Farsec.’ They are a special breed of being created and invested with the sole purpose of keeping humankind mentally imprisoned.

5. Ron Hubbard is the first to discover the above ‘truths’, and the only one to have devised a means of escaping the prison planet.

6. Navigation through the only hole in the wall consists of closely emulating Hubbard and behaving as he did when he lived.

7. Enemies, including psychs as well as anyone expressing any doubt or reservation about these beliefs, must be destroyed by any means necessary by scientologists. Such means include lying, suing, cheating, harassing, intimidating, blackmailing, smearing and by physical violence.

8. When a scientologist has expended all of his best efforts in the vain pursuit of these beliefs he is expected to ‘discard’ his body so that he may continue to pursue them without such a physical ‘impediment’.

Whether the ultimate belief, number 8 above, constitutes suicide is a wholly subjective question of religious belief.

Oh yes, that sounds like a "believer."

[Bustillos might want to word clear "core religious beliefs."]

Part of Rathbun's campaign to go easy on Hubbard and replace Miscagive obviously includes his observation that:

However, after completing that final scientology level himself Hubbard went back to chasing down more of what he apparently found to be an endless hoard of demonic, parasitic personalities that he continued to harbor. Frustrated, he attempted to finally rid himself of the demons in one fell swoop and kill himself in the bargain through the application of electric shock. He dismally failed in the assisted attempt on his own life. Whether or not that attempt was the cause, at about the same time as his suicide mission Hubbard sustained a debilitating stroke. He was reduced to asking others whether they could hunt down his own parasitic demons personalities for him. (see Memoirs of a Scientology Warrior)

Yes, that sounds like that platform of somebody who wants to succeed Miscavige as the leader of Scientology.

Has Bustillos read any of Marty's posts within, say, the past year or two?

As for the idea that Alex Gibney goes too easy on L. Ron Hubbard - seriously?
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