What, Tommy Davis's divorce not worthy of a thread?

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I kind of doubt that what's going on with Jessica and Tom Davis is as simple as "Scientology breaking them up."

Tom Davis had a job where he was working for James Packer. He was the manager for Packer's Hollywood studio, RatPac entertainment.

In that capacity, he was undoubtedly reporting back to Scientology on everything and manipulating Packer into doing their bidding. Mariah Carey's reps insist that Scientology was behind breaking her and Packer up. Whether that was the whole reason or only part of it, they were obviously into his business via Tommy Davis.

Packer had some losses, sold his studio, and Tommy was out of a job. No more Tommy working for Scientology influencing Packer. He's back to working for a real estate investor his father knew.

It's quite possible DM blames Davis for Packer's business failings and for basically being kicked out of a position where he - and therefore Scientology - has any influence over him. And, in this case, he might actually hold some responsibility for failings in RatPac. He was the manager, after all.

Once again, Tommy Davis is on DM's shit list.

What any of this has to do with him and his wife breaking up I don't know. He may have taken an income cut when losing the job with Packer. That never helps when you're in a marriage with two small children. And maybe Scientology is involved. I don't know.

What I am sure of is that he is that none of this is a positive for him.

Quoting myself. :eyeroll:

Looks like this article agrees with me.


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I was just going to post this, yes you were right. :biggrin:
I love the headline!

Last scientologist quietly leaves the court of James Packer

Nearly a decade since PS first revealed James Packer had walked away from the Church of Scientology, the billionaire has expunged the last Scientologist from his inner circle.

PS has confirmed that former high-profile Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis, who was hired by Packer in May last year, has quietly parted ways from Packer's CPH investment company. Insiders have assured PS it was due to Packer's withdrawal from the US gaming market, having pulled out of his multibillion-dollar ambitions to build a giant casino in Las Vegas.

Davis was also enlisted to oversee Packer's investment in the RatPac film-making venture with Brett Ratner, which the billionaire gaming mogul sold out of two months ago, effectively killing off Davis' involvement.

More recently Packer's former fiancee, Mariah Carey, has reportedly accused Davis of being one of the main causes in their relationship breakdown, which led to the couple breaking off their engagement. Carey's "people" accused Davis of "poisoning" her relationship with Packer.

This is NOT OK !!!!

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from wiki

Scientology's epic contribution to modernizing 21st century religion is in its streamlining of indulgences--by eliminating the complex concept of awards in the afterlife.

Scientology's major discovery was that all matters of spiritual "exchange" could be fully resolved in the temporal (MEST) world, here and now, by simply handing devout and delighted donors a very large and shiny bowling trophy.


Is that you Hoaxie (I mean Craig)?

God, I remember you donating million after million and thinking of the terrible cost to you, your companies and your daughters.

Please don't tell me they're in the Sea Org! :omg:


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More possibly unsubstantiated Tommy gossip. Maybe not though. :whistling:

James Packer quietly severs business ties with the Church of Scientology
- after former fiancee Mariah Carey blamed the church for their split

There's also this from the New York Post, an older article from back last Oct, but has some details in it the other ones don't:

Mariah Carey is blaming Scientology for breakup with billionaire
Mariah Carey is blaming her breakup with James Packer on Scientology influences. Sources close to the superstar say she believes Packer’s business manager Tommy Davis, a former Church of Scientology spokesperson, has poisoned their relationship.

Insiders in Carey’s camp claim Davis has taken control of Packer’s finances, and even allege he has put the Australian billionaire on a detoxification program known at the church as a “Purification Rundown” and ordered Packer to “disconnect” from the diva. <snip>

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Is Tommy Davis still at Colony Capital [?] . . . which is
buying the distressed assets of the Weinstein Company
at a Hollywood fire sale?

Colony Capital possible new owner

I'm mistaken . . . Tommy started his own "PR & crisis management"
firm in June. Will be a lot of new business to pick up soon the way
things are going.

So smug Tommy Davis on Linkedin

Not that I care. Slow news day. :sleepy:
Tony Ortega wrote:

"Packer did indeed bail from RatPac, and we were told that in that chaos, Tommy left his job working for Packer. And now, it’s been reported at Bloomberg that Tommy is back working for Barrack (Colony Capital/Financial), this time as an independent contractor."


from Bloomberg:

“I err on the side of loyalty over top performance for sure,” Barrack said. “I’ve hired people from a reservoir of unusual places versus going to Wall Street and saying, ‘I’m going to go steal someone from Goldman Sachs.’”

That’s led to unorthodox hires such as Tommy Davis, a former spokesman and head of external relations for the Church of Scientology. Davis joined Colony in 2012 as a part of the rental-home business before eventually becoming Barrack’s chief of staff, coordinating media-related requests and bookings.

Barrack is the godfather of Davis’s brother, Davis said in a telephone interview. He is no longer employed by the firm but works for Barrack personally as an independent contractor.


from the Los Angeles Times:

The deal with Barrack, a close ally of President Trump, is a sign of how dire the situation is for Weinstein Co., outside bankers told The Times. The studio was already struggling because of the poor performance of its films, and the mounting allegations against its former co-chairman have further threatened its survival. The company has swiftly lost board members and valuable TV deals in the wake of the scandal.

“There's a desperation that is dense in the air coming from the Weinstein Co.'s headquarters,” said Eric Schiffer, chief executive of the Patriarch Organization, a private equity firm. “It’s like being on the Hindenburg when everyone’s jumping off.”

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More possibly unsubstantiated Tommy gossip. Maybe not though. :whistling:

James Packer quietly severs business ties with the Church of Scientology
- after former fiancee Mariah Carey blamed the church for their split

I doubt the cofs will be too happy with the latest James Packer development ...


snipped from the above article ...
James Packer at a crossroad as 'dark clouds' of mental illness circle
In the following years Packer become a keen follower of the controversial Church of Scientology, attributing it to helping with his mental wellbeing, under the tutelage of the church's most famous parishoner Tom Cruise.

James Packer quits Crown Resorts due to mental health issues
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But more recently, Scientology has played a lesser role in Packer's life. Last July PS revealed former high-profile Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis, who was hired by Packer in May the previous year, had quietly parted ways from Packer's CPH investment company.


:eek: OMG...DM lost another whale. :sing: :yay: :woohoo:

Doesn't look like Scientology helped Packer much, if it all, or maybe they just made life worse for him. I wish he'd come out publicly and talk about it, instead of keeping quiet about it.