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What Was Marty's Role in Trying to Stop the Australian Inquiry?


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Also let's not forget the contribution of Larry Brennan who made a submission to the inquiry by telephone/satellite which was taken in camera because of its reference to a 'particular group'. We will never know what impact this had.

Everyone involved had a major part to play. Carmel not the least.

Thanks to everyone who played a part.


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. . . Carmel provided evidence at the time of Marty being against the Inquiry. From my recall, it was a conversation MR had with Mike and MR was concerned that if the Inquiry went forward that NObody would be able to practice scn. MR also made some pretty demeaning comments about Australia and Australians and specifically put down Sen Xenophon. Marty apparently wiped it - and blamed it on his "website getting hacked" the next day. Convenient.

So yes, there's no evidence anymore. That happens when people revise their websites and take comments or conversations off of them . . .

Actually . . . and someone slap me for defending St Marty . . . a lot of the stuff is still there. Here's a slice from his "Noise" post:

. . . Inquiry of Oz. If Senator Xenophon’s speech is the template for the proposed Inquiry, the hate and falsehood within it will sink it out of sight ultimately. The snide references to “so called religion” and attacks on the efficacy of the tech are built in mannas for Miscavige. He can position the entire matter as an over zealous attack upon a recognized religion. And he’ll use the nature of the attack to raise many tens of millions more in IAS donations. The ass clowns have already declared victory with as much conviction and certainty as DM proclaims Scientology has attained “explosive” expansion. The perfect GPM. It is a shame Xenophon didn’t go in with a cooler head as certainly there are abuses in DM’s kingdom that would be prosecutable if approached with rationality. Some might argue that Xenophon can reframe it and try again. He can try, but as the proverb goes, “the toothpaste is out of the tube”, and his opening speech will forever be used against him to characterize whatever Inquiry ensues. I have tried to warn people from the dark side that their penchant for hype and overkill dooms otherwise potentially fruitful avenues for reform. But they listen to rational counsel about as closely as DM does . . .

There's other bits and pieces still around, including him calling what was happening in Australia a "kangaroo court" and so on.

. . . Regardless, MR changed his views on the subject shortly afterward and eventually became supportive of the Inquiry . . .

Really? DOX PLOX.

Actually, come to think of it, I DO know why this is coming up but can't say.

Sneaks, you can tell Marty that his condescending, "superior than thou" attitude toward Australians is NOT something that will ever go over well here. I didn't forget what he wrote and I stand with Carmel on this particular subject.

Who knows what Sneaky is up to over on WWP, but it does look like he's transferred his self-appointed ESMB OSA-hunter role over to there. That, plus a pile of PR work for the Indie Dependents. Why he should disinter this issue is odd, unless there's something coming up in Aussie. Maybe Jim Logan is over there working with the local Exes trying to get Sydney or Melbourne to do "a Haifa" and they need to rewrite a little bit of history to get various principals on side?? /tinfoil ; )

Then again, it could just be Sneaky being his usual self.


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. . . Carmel suffered from a Joan of Arch thing where she had to be seen to be fighting incredible opposition with very bad help, it was probably the only way she could explain her histrionics to herself.

How do I know? I was the "very bad help". When you have some deep need to be recognised as the 'true source' it doesn't matter how many people or projects get smeared by your stories of self grandeur . . .