What was the last straw for you?


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When my dad threw my diabetic aunt out of the house because she was having sex and pursuing online relationships after he had used scientology to convince her to divorce her husband. He thought her having sex was out.2D for some completely illogical reason and that she shouldn't be living with us because she is not an active scientologist (even though i'm not either).

He thought she would be better off dead and voiced that opinion frequently. She needed someone to take care of her and without that she did die.

When I saw how little my dad valued human life and his own flesh and blood and I looked around and realized that other scientologists are the same way, I knew this was a cult I was involved in. I have not been in a church since.
I thought I had posted on this thread, or maybe it was one similar to it.

I've never been "in", fortunately, so there was no getting out for me, but I did have someone close to me who was trying hard to get me into it. I read lots of books, listened to lots of lectures...trying to figure out if there was something useful or good there (wish I could get all that time back for more productive pursuits!:thumbsup:)

I can pinpoint the exact moment when I knew without a doubt that Scientology was evil, a Cult, and something that I would NEVER get into or support in any way...

...it was the moment that I found out that the RPF exists. I got onto the internet, started doing research, and haven't stopped to this day. I will remain an active Critic of Scientology for the rest of my life. :yes:


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Re: For me it was...

as there was no way I could get asked about thinking that thought in a sec check

that's exactly one of the ways that scn started fucking with my mind!
Looking at your own thoughts, and feeling guilty having had thoughts, and self-restraining your thoughts and even feeling guilty about thoughts you might have had.....
Drives you fucking nuts!!