what was your job in scn and job out?

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No, I was on this site looking for Lindy Jansen which you replied to. That hunt has been what got me reading everyone's interesting stories and made me curious to see what people are doing now. I think about it terms of my sister because if she was ever to get out she would be in that tough category of having been in for 35 yrs with a 11th grade education. That is why I am wondering how people have coped. I admire you all!

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I had never supported myself-got married after 1 year of college, and stayed home to raise babies - or so I thought. Got divorced and into Scientology (not really related incidents) and taught myself to type to support myself and 2 very small kids (no child support from papa). Worked as a typist for ASHO and then moved "up" to being a Letter Reg, until ASHO got rid of all non-SO staff. While on staff and later, I volunteered for GO-B1, where I discovered an ability to analyze. I'm now a litigation paralegal.

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Well I've had quite a few jobs since leaving the cult, however now, I valet cars. :yes: One thing I have noticed though out here in the real world is that people do tend to judge you on 'what you do'. It's like, 'what's your name, and what do you do'. :confused2:

Does it make a difference I wonder, if I have a degree, or am a professor of sorts, or if I sweep the streets, is this going to make me a better person? No, it's not. However for anyone to survive the cult and come out and be able to cope with ANY kind of job after that level of mindfuck has my admiration in spades... no matter what they do! :yes:

One of the jobs listed on my work history is "Transparent Wall Maintenance Engineer". It sounds much more impressive than it actually was.