What went on in the Cadet Org?


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We went to a public school twice for short periods and trust me we all were a bunch of rock heads. We went to a elementary school next to CC for a year or less when we were at the CEO and then 1 year or less in a middle school in Burbank.

When I was at the ceo (1984-1985). I got sent to public school as well, we got bussed to Studio City to go to Carpenter Avenue Elementary school. I was in 2nd grade there and had a Mrs. Rafkin I believe. I attended Los Feliz Elementary(Mrs. Fowler, was my teacher) as well I for the rest of 2nd(or 3rd) grade( Jeremy Prefontaine was the only other scientology kid I knew there). We got transfered to Baldwin hills elementary after we got family berthing finally, for 3rd grade. Mrs. Melekos was my teacher there.

It didnt feel very well thought of, going to public school( as opposed to the kids who were doing something else, some had acess to scientology based schools or did coursework and other "$cientology" stuff instead of going to public school. There weren't too many of us that went to public school. It seemed like punishment or a sign of being a lower person to have to go to public school.

I also went to Cheremoya Elementary( over on beachwood and franklin, like 2 blocks from the manor) after we got kicked out of the Sea Org( we lived at the shangri lodge across from the manor) 4th grade to 6th grade(I forget the fourth grade teacher, but I had Mrs. Brown for 5th grade and Mrs. Murata for 6th.

Being a $cientologist( or being to young and inexperienced with the world to recognize that scientology is insanity and trusting your parents wouldnt lead you astray) in public school was no fun at all. Hella questions get asked that you dont have answers to, and the ones you give are made fun of because, when I tried to explain scientology the way it was explained to me, it sure didnt make sense( even to me, and my questions got me in trouble).

I think being in public school when my parents where in the Sea Org helped( even though at the time it sure seemed hella crappy). I was at least for however long, outside the influence of the $cientology reality bubble and was exposed to real life and the contrast at how other kids lived( the "wog" kids, degraded ebings, whatever we called them) was hard to ignore.

We were the ethical beings but then why did they have so much more and seem so much happier and well adjusted. If $cientology was so great, why did we and other sea org memebers live hella poorly and were subjected to unfair and crazy punishments and why did everyone outside of the "church" think scientology was where you dont believe in medicine and that god will heal you( christian scientists lol ), or if they didnt mistake it for christian science, they called it tha crazy cult that believe in aliens( I wasnt aware at the time of $cientology even being in the news). It exposed me to a reality that directly contradicted $cientology, namely seeing that nonscientologists werent degraded beings and I wasnt inherently superior because "i knew"( ie knew "about scientology and the way out of the trap they were so blindly stuck in") and that the non scientology world was more consistent and what was taught in school created consistant result that didnt seem to happen in scientology( which was the supposed pinacle of civilization).
In $cientology theres a lot of confusion and misinformation and outright lies. Truth is subject to agreement and even when you have a valid arguement/viewpoint/question, if it forces the awareness that $cietology is flawed, then youve come to wrong conclusion and you must have done something bad to someone or to scientology. They try to make you wrong, when in reality, you are using sound logic and reasoning and you are making perfect sense( which has no place in scientology, instead of doubt strengthening faith, for scientology, doubt opens the door to thinking for yourself and doing your own research which shows the real truth). It was a very confusing, stressful time. I was made to believe I couldnt trust myself or my own perceptions because I was so degraded the wog world made sense to me and scientology didnt.I was lied to( and I remember lying to others too, to avoid flaps) and other people lied about things that were witnessed first hand. Either you tow the line or shut up, or you are an enemy.

There's still a lot I'm sorting out from my association with scientology. Slowly but surely the tangle is unraveling and the past is being sorted out, there are a lot of answers that probably will never be answered for me, but definitely I am able to heal and it's an ongoing process of self discovery( not the kind where someone else tells you who you are and you "discover" its true, but rather where you decide for yourself what's important to you and what values you hold and where you decide where you are going and dont have to be validated by a group for it to be valid). Still, its an ongoing process seperating everything from just one big overwhelming mess, into understanding(somewhat at least) why my mom and stepfather and other adults acted the way they did and why I got such strong reactions for questions and for demanding to be taken care of( public school and it's crazy wog ideas that children dont deserve to be neglected or abused in any way, even if they are little suppressive monsters lol). I started to reply about just the going to public school in the sea org and lots more came out, again,its an ongoing process and not always pleasant to face(and painful), but ultimately, healing and freeing( though in ones own time, not forced or on someone elses schedule). Sometimes looking back at things and remembering, and thinking about it, I remember other things and they remind me of other things, which sometimes bring me to a place where I remember thing I dont want to remember, but ultimately, being able to face them and accept them and heal is a good thing( not "flattening the effect" of those things, but rather being in a place where I no longer have to suffer from them and dont have to hide or be ashamed or "disconnect" myself from those experiences( and consequently learning from them). Ayway, I'm way off tangent eh, peace and blessings, have a hella good day.
Wow, Coyote! :happydance: Thanks for sharing that! :thumbsup:

Sounds to me like you are really getting some good insight into your whole being raised in Scientology experience, good for you! I know it's hard and sometimes painful to do this kind of inner work on oneself, but the end results are so worth the effort! More power to you!!! :hug: :flowers2:

I know that you are not alone in the feelings that you are sharing with us here. I hope that it encourages other SO kids to examine their own upbringing, too. :thumbsup:


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Who was minding the store? Does anyone have similar stories about the Cadet Org and how the children were managed?


Hi, Bernadette,

Here's a document that shows how Sea Org children were mistreated. It's a real eye-opener because it gives an inside view in their own words. Scientology admits that "criminals, DBs (degraded beings), and sex perverts" were in charge of the children.

I have tons of other documents about the Cadet Org.

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well lotta stuff happened in the cadet org nuthin really good on my account i was in the cadet org at pax flag and anzo. alot of mistreatments happened while i was there we didn't go to public schools anymore this was 89-jan 90 in pax us kids moved every where for "schooling"till an old school was purchased for school schooling i recieved if i remember correctly wasn't actual schooling being we had supervisors and doing pretty much full on scientology courses at that point.

what i do recall is us kids living at the annex building i believe huge remodel to dorms just for kids i remember when some of us didn't keep our stats up like for give my french but seriously you get punished for not looking up enough words?:angry: only so many words in a dictionary. they use to line up downstats up in front of everyone during our daily muster and pull our pants down and beat us with rulers. if that wasn't enough some of us would get placed in lockers and left there for hours at a time if we disobeyed not to mention some of the staff would do other things to scare the good into us. well here alittle tidbit of some of goings on.

flag well that was another ball game got good at picking locks. use to crawl up into the air vents late at night to access the kitchens when we weren't allowed to eat for couple days use to bring back food for us bad kids.

some of the older boys use to play touchy feely with some of the girls there happened a few times to me. seen some of the other kids get grabbed by the hair yanked around punched beaten for disobeying.

part of me knew what was going on was wrong deep inside but another part of me thought this stuff was normal behavior what we all went through thought way we were being treated was how life was and that was the way it was like it or not.

anzo was the starting point for me i remember one of my nannies use to force us kids to engage in sexual acts being 6 at the time i didn't know what was going on. i remember being forced to let a 14yr boy have sex with me then the boy was forced to have sex with the nanny afterwards i was 8 at the time sadly enough i wasn't the only victim of this kinda behavior we were also beaten if we didn't obey we as kids ranging from 1-16 years old did all the cooking cleaning taking care of the other kids on a full time basis.


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Re: Infants at melrose & Fountain 1977-1979

Does anyone here remember more about the Melrose building for SO kids? I would like to read anything someone remembers. My infant sister was in the Nursery ward and I used to sneak up to the nursery room and visit her when she was about 4 months old. The baby Nanny never seemed to mind but whenever I was caught by My own Nanny, I would get assigned lower conditions/mest work. I was 6 years old.

Thanks for anything anyone can provide.

The Melrose was a disaster and a dump that reeked of urine. It was illegally operating and should have been shut down.

The Melrose was the very first Sea Org facility I saw after I arrived in LA in October of 1975. Recruited on October 11, 1975 into the Sea Org by ASHO Day Recruiter, Steve Grant, I drove to LA from Austin in two days with my wife, our son, and a Sea Org member under Committee of Evidence at FOLO WUS for allegedly causing the collapse of Narconon New Orleans.

Upon arriving in LA, I stopped at a gas station on Vermont Avenue and called ASHO and spoke to Jack Dirmann, the HCO Area Secretary. He told me to go to the Melrose. Upon arriving there, I walked in to see 5 or 6 unattended, crying babies in the reception area. They were on the filthy linoleum floor which reeked of urine. There was no adult anywhere to be seen supervising the infants. I was horrified.