What would an all Scientology town be like?


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An all $cilon town would be a low budget urban version of lord of the flies. It would be an asylum run by the inmates. It would be insanity on a level rarely seen outside of Ceeorg enclaves. One would seriously pity the wayward traveler who ventured to enter therein. It would be a tone 40 place for all but the unfortunate 2.5% who would be disposed of quietly and without sorrow. It would be hell on Teegeeack. It would be an island of $cilon 'sanity' in an otherwise insane sector of the universe, this gaLAXy. It would be an upstat place, a very theta place. MEST would glow with command intention. The inhabitants would dress like a cross between orthodox Jews, Amish farmers, and Marcabian dandies. It would be a joke.


Idiot Bastardson
Chilling thoughts:

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Um, what would an all Scientology town be like?

Oh, who knows? Maybe--and this is just a wild guess--a desert compound housing a brainwashed cult where.......

-- a violent sociopathic guru terrorizes and beats cowed billion-year slaves because they didn't clear the planet fast enough?​
-- the compound is under prison lockdown conditions with pervasive surveillance, 24/7 guards, a vast network of snitches, massive prison walls and gates surrounded by inward facing barbed wire to prevent escape.​
-- non-stop attempts to escape, followed by entire crews of cult zombies sent across the country to stalk, chase down, capture, kidnap and return the "blown" staff member to the prison compound to face many years of "rehabilitation" and re-indoctrination punishment so they never will attempt to escape again and divulge insane cult abuse secrets and crimes.​
-- an entire "town" (inside the compound) consisting of adults who have no money, no bank account, no charge cards, no driver's license, no personal life, no possessions, no phones, no TVs, no radios, no computers and no Internet access. Instead, the inhabitants have sleep deprivation, no dental or medical care unless they are either in so much pain they cannot produce or so gravely ill they might create a "pr flap" by dying.​
--despite all the horrendous deprivations and psychological terrorism they are exposed to daily, the town's people are nonetheless required to put on a mega-happy face, never complain, only speak in glowing terms about their leader and to pretend they are "saving mankind" (on this planet) as well as "salvaging this sector" of the Galaxy. And for sacrificing all of the enjoyable parts of life they are mercilessly brow-beaten and punished for anything that happens in the physical world (rain too!) that their guru doesn't like. For this they are paid an average of 20 dollars a week (when they get paid) all of which is used to buy toiletries or donate to lavishly expensive gifts to their guru who already lives an multi-millionaire life style as the only signatory for the cult's multi-billion dollar bank accounts.​
-- when anyone inquires about the complete insanity of their compound, staff zombies begin chattering like demented LSD monkeys about their "IDEAL" org and "IDEAL" living conditions.​

Yeah, all the above is just what you can discover on your first day in the cult compound. It gets way worse after that!