Whats happening at Sunderland Org?


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A new development in the Cult's stalled attempt to [STRIKE]build[/STRIKE] extract the price of an Ideal Org.



Yet another fire in a Scientology-owned property. Good grief.


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Looks like a great photo to put on some Ideal Org promo. Links needed otherwise no-one will believe it.



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Links needed otherwise no-one will believe it.

The only source of information I have for this is what appeared on the Anons' forum, WWP. The link I posted above the picture is to the thread in which the news was first posted. There are other, older threads in which the Anons discussed the steady deterioration of this listed building.

Presumably there will be published council or court records to add to the store of information presently. It appears to me that the named owner, Richard Pickles, has failed to take the necessary steps to maintain the building.


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Re: Looking for Dave Watson

Does anyone know what happened to Dave? He was on staff in Sunderland 1986 to 1990 and had a brother John, I think he married a girl called Kerry.

Dave is doing fantasic! My husband and I went to England a couple months ago on a road trip and Dave and other friends joined us, we had a blast! We climb down Snowdonia and drove together all the way to Scotland.

Here we are outside the hotel in Wales


Here we are sitting on the edge of a mountaintop in Snodownia.


David in the middle, my husband waving...I took the picture :)