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What's this "Excalibur" thing? Will it give me OT powers?

Discussion in 'Freezone, Independents, and Other Flavors of Scien' started by RolandRB, Dec 10, 2007.


    PACRAT New Member

    As I understand it, the Excalibur manuscript was nothing more than a precursor of Dianetics. Perhaps that is just the "Church Line" but apparently, the contents of Excalibur is laid out in Dianetics. This was discussed a briefing which I just happened to see, years ago. I think it was delivered by DM. Don't recall exactly.
  2. screamer2

    screamer2 Idiot Bastardson

    If anything will get you OT powahs, Excalibur will. I could attest to that.
  3. ThetanExterior

    ThetanExterior Gold Meritorious Patron

    Anyone who looks into how Hubbard spent his final years should see that not only did he not have OT powers but he wasn't even as sane as the average human being. Excalibur was just another one of the bs things he talked about to make himself look special.
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  4. Iona

    Iona Patron

    I did Captain Bill's Excalibur with him as C/S in the eighties. At the least, I can say it was an exciting and fascinating experience. There's been an awful lot of nasty things said about Captain Bill, mostly by people who never met him, but he was a good friend to me, and never did me wrong. As for Excalibur, I'm glad I did it. It was an adventure all in itself.

    Oh and hello.
  5. PirateAndBum

    PirateAndBum Gold Meritorious Patron

    Welcome Iona, did you continue on up to OT 48?
  6. Iona

    Iona Patron

    I did his levels up to 14 and lost interest.
  7. Soul of Ginnungagab

    Soul of Ginnungagab Patron with Honors

    @Veda I have quoted the whole post as to give an overview of what you are saying, especially since it is long time ago you posted it (it is post #12 in this thread) but my reply is mostly inspired by this paragraph:

    You wrote:
    I had a paper copy of Filbert's 'Excalibur' when it was first being circulated around, many years ago. It was exciting and new then. Now it seems kind of silly. Those recently out of the "Church" of Scientology, but still under the influence of the "Scientology Bridge," have been known to become mesmerized by it. It's mostly regurgitated Scientology "Bridge" with an ample helping of Filbert's opining.

    Quite a while ago after reading your post I was inspired to write some of the impact Filbert's Excalibur had on me. So I started writing but found out that it would be a long post. I wrote something down in Notepad but never finished as other things in life was more interesting or more important or whatever. Now ESMB is about to close and I never finished the reply. Maybe I will post a reply in the new ESMB Redux and refer to this tread.

    Well, for now let me just say a few words. Yes, Filberts Excalibur was indeed exciting and new, and you certainly could be very mesmerized by it. Alongside the Scientology stuff Filbert had some really interesting twists.

    He pushes quite a few buttons, things that would be buttons for a scientologist. Pretty awesome when I think of it. He is critical of Hubbard, he has corrections to the tech, he recommends other technologies and he has a clear suggestion which I would word something like "get out of that cult-type-of-state-of-mind" underlined with a strong recomendation of the book "The True Believer" by Eric Hoffer.

    Another book he recommends is "Scripts People Live", by Claude M. Steiner. This recommendation is in relation to a chapter where he mentions Transactional Analysis. What is especially remarkable is that he claims that Transactional Analysis is 100% correct. That is quite something.

    Now @Veda, ESMB is soon closing but I have seen that you are very active on the board in these days so I guess you will se this post rather soon. Chances are that we will meet at ESMB Redux. Have a nice day.