When rabid Scientologists got into a fistfight with US marshals to protect L. Ron Hubbard

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When rabid Scientologists got into a fistfight with US marshals to protect L. Ron Hubbard

[Lancaster Dodd’s Philly arrest in ‘The Master’]

After we got a fun new look at the early days of Dianetics through the never-before-published letters of Don Rogers recently, it motivated us to dive back into some similar documents that our fearless researcher, R.M. Seibert, located for us.

If you remember, Seibert scored a treasure trove[.......]

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Master of Disaster
It got more hard-core in the Sea Org days.

See declaration of Andre Tabayoyon
LRH's security at Hemet was organized for the potential use of lethal force against a raid

28. In 1991 I had to prepare the base so that it could be defended
against the possibility of being taken over by the authorities in a time of crisis
. There are approx. 750 people at the base. I was in charge
of a project designing the base security system, the perimeter fence,
the ultra razor barriers, the lighting of the perimeter fence, the
electronic monitors, the concealed microphones, the ground sensors, the
motion sensors and hidden cameras which were installed and all over the
area -- even outside the base.

29. Church monies were used to purchase semi-automatic assault
rifles (HK 91 assault rifles capable of firing 300-350 rounds of
ammunition a minute, 45 caliber pistols, .380 automatic weapons and
twelve gauge shotguns were stockpiled. These weapons were not
registered. Church monies were also used to buy the ammunition.
30. Church monies were also used to purchase a large amount of
pounds of gunpowder for the construction of various types of explosive
devices to be used in the defense of the base.

31. The motorcycle guards were trained to carry loaded cocked 45
caliber pistols. The eagle scout, mounted high above the base, was
trained to carry a high powered rifle with a telescopic scope. There is
also a 1,000 millimeter telescope up with 'eagle'.

32. I developed three classifications of intruder and established
the level of deadly force to use for each. In addition to firearms, the
guards were taught how to effectively wield little batons. The basic
things like striking to the center of the heart, the center of the solar
plex and then to the side of the head, etc.

33. At church expense, I trained the security guards and other
base personnel in the use of these weapons and explosives. I also
trained them in the close quarter use of fatal force. We built a combat
range for training purposes and I instructed Scientologists on various
ways of shooting people. I also trained them in night vision and ambush
techniques. We used a ravine that was a natural round shield so the
noise would not cause any noisy inquiries.


Squirreling Dervish
I can just imagine the combined effect of hundreds of RPF zombies being suddenly turned loose upon Federal Agents sent in to take physical control of the base, it would be Hell on Earth!
Perhaps that's a part of the purpose of the RPF, to create a mad house army of madman zealots ready to sacrifice human lives at the snap of the finger of some psychotic clam execs.
Waco would pale in comparison.
Could be why the government just stays away from this group or it would have to be a full scale military operation when they are busy elsewhere.