Where is Shelly? Leah REALLY wants to know


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Hire Dog the Bounty Hunter to fetch her. Think what a reality TV show that would make - a live, unscripted assault, under cover of darkness, cutting through the fence and Dog and his commandos sneaking from tree to tree, approaching ever closer to her bunk house, all shot in those green phosphorescent night vision goggles.

Oooo. It sends shivers up my spine. Mimsey


Attractive idea but since Shelly isn't missing (according to local law enforcement), there shouldn't be any problem in serving her a subpoena, right? Now if she can't be found to serve the subpoena to,THEN she is officially missing and an investigation will be mandated. I'll be interested to know who goes on record as the last person to see her---and when, and where, and how long had she been there?

It occurs to me that someone doesn't even have to have known Shelly to file a suit: If someone heard her speak in public about benefits derived from processing, s/he could sue her for fraudulent claims, alleging it was only her influence that inspired him/her to spend for services. And if fact, what celebrity hasn't influenced many of the rank and file to keep spending after they would otherwise have stopped, or never started? Remember, I'm NOT advocating a "false" suit here, only one that could honestly be pursued but with near-zero chance to actually "win" in the legal sense. Just like the Scibots didn't have to "win" in court against the IRS employees, to win in the world outside the courts. Unfortunately for the Co$, they opened a can of worms---by showing the world how easy it is for a lot of little dedicated people to cause a big organization a lot of grief.

@Mr. Nobody: I see two possible scenarios. Perhaps you can speculate on others, but here's the two that come to mind for me:
(1) Shelly is actually secluding herself of her own free will, in which case she's still in collusion with the Church of Scientology, which by its actions has sanctioned the tactic I'm suggesting. If she's forced to come to court, where she has a chance to break free, and doesn't, then little to no harm is done--a very minor inconvenience, and many minds are relieved that she is okay. And it was damned rude of her not to be in touch with friends to let them KNOW she was okay.
(2) Shelly is being held against her will, in which case this is a perfectly legal tactic to give her a chance to ask for help/rescue. Nobody has to lie or be deceitful in order to file a lawsuit (or many lawsuits).
Yo! LAPD!De two weeks yas asked fo is up. Say Wha? You dink we gonna foggidabout it? Not on you life - youse coppers best give up da goods before we gets medieval on yo ass.


In Tony's blog today - the LAPD told Leah they weren't going to provide any information.

In scanning through the comments something occurred to me - the shear impossibility of the LAPD to ever see her in person. Let's assume the LAPD shows up at CST HQ in Arrowhead, drives up the main gate and asks to speak to her.

Do you think the church will A) let them enter the property or B) admit she's there? They will stonewall and refer the LAPD to the lawyers.

Their only course of action is to speak the the churches lawyers who will claim she is alive and doesn't want to be disturbed.

That, my friend is why they denied Leah's request. No evil cover up theories needed. They have "done their duty".

The only way to get them to pressure the C of S to produce Shelly is through strong legal pressure, such as a court order. No doubt the Church will stonewall (Oh, she's out of the country etc.) till Miscavage's dying day.

But can they do it on Leah's sayso? She's not a relative, so she will have to enlist Shelly's relative in the fight. Assuming the relative isn't compromised by the church.





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<suggestion that LAPD told Leah she does not have the rank to ask...>

I predict that this time she will spend $300,000.00 on something that is not a series of Scientology security checking.


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I predict that this time she will spend $300,000.00 on something that is not a series of Scientology security checking.

And this whole thing would make great subject material for a future episode of Scientology and the Aftermath, if there's a season 2. :thumbsup: