Where is Shelly Miscavige?


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I'd be impressed with a video made after she had been informed that she could probably make millions on book & movie contracts and speaking engagements.

LOL. Unless I am mistaken, Shelly would receive a full briefing on why having millions of expendable cash dollars is what L. Ron Hubbard was talking about when he advised Scientologists to "flourish & prosper". Because, that r-factor is included at no extra charge--as part of her 500 hour case handling package by cult mind control specialist Steve Hassan.

Without full case resolution, a "Loyal Officer" like Shelly is very likely to close the multi-dollar book deal and then promptly use the cash to "flow power uplines" by donating the money to the IAS, because "it guarantees the future of Scientology on this planet" and "in this sector".

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All they would have to do, to dead agent this, would be to do a video of Shelly talking about the latest "Ideal Org" opening and Scientology expansion, and post it to their youtube channel and Facebook page.

That they don't, is troubling for what it implies about Shelly.

They don't even have to do that. Dragon Breath here is right;

All they have to do is setup a press conference where no one can get up on to the stage unintended.

She walks out on stage and sits down.

A lawyer walks up to the mic and reads a statement. If she’s on stage, they do not even need to say that the statement is from her, but it would be easy if it went like this.

“There will be no questions. Mrs Miscavige wants all of those concerned for her well-being to know that she is alive and happy. She asks that everyone respect her privacy and leave her alone and stop the absurd rumors that she is dead or missing.”

The lawyer turns, she stands, and they both walk off stage behind a curtain.

Done, it all goes away.



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Sorry to have to be so crude, but if DM isn't around what's she doin' for a bit of 'ows yer father'? An attractive woman like that must've caught somebody's eye. But who'd risk it?